King Sue Kaiser Deli that are always good, whenever and wherever ♥

I was recently sent a gift bag full of delicious King Sue products ♥ 
 Thank you so much KING SUE

Introducing the newest offerings of King Sue is the Kaiser Deli Products that are available in S&R membership shopping. 
For any inquiries you may call: 364-8575, 364-8548, 364-8689.

Sausages are always good, whenever and wherever you eat it, Kaiser Deli Gourmet Sausages elevates this experience by its High-End, High-Quality European sausages; Each sausage is delicately made with all-natural, all-imported spices from Europe. 

Kaiser Deli Gourmet Sausages is made with absolutely no artificial preservatives and uses all-imported casing for each of its sausages. What makes Kaiser Deli Gourmet Sausages superior? Simple, its commitment to maximize quality for a reasonable price. Sausages that is both high in value, more delicious and healthier. 
Chicken Sausage
Smoke-flavored chicken sausages is perfect for kids, it is made with all-natural quality sheep casings that gives it a distinct bite and flavor. Made from choice cuts of chicken meat, smoked and cured to perfection, Kaiser Deli Chicken Sausages exalts a symphony of flavors that burst on your mouth. 

Perfect for every kind of meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Chicken Sausages will certainly compliment and complete any meal at any time of the day. Plus it is a healthy option too!
A Sausage with an Eastern Europe cuisine in origin, the Kielbasa is mostly associated with a touch of chili, flavorful grilled onions, smoked and cured to perfection.
Made with a combination of prime imported beef and pork, the distinct flavors of Kielbasa is surely delectable whether it is eaten hot or cold, in a grilled bun, combined with soups or entree, or eaten as it is over grilled. It is also excellently paired with fruity white wines like sauvignon blanc.
If you hunger for high quality European sausages, you will never go wrong with a Kaiser Deli smoked Kielbasa. 
A combination of prime imported beef and pork is the main ingredient of Bockwurst. It is one of the most popular kinds of sausages in Germany, It is smoked and cooked using imported woodchips to add a distinct flavor and is cured in a very traditional way. 
What makes Kaiser Deli Bockwurst apart is that is has a distinct paprika flavor which can only be found and imported from Europe. 
It is usually grilled to release its flavor and aroma and is a perfect complement for buns or pretzels. This sausage is just right for people with big appetites and to those who gander at what real high-quality European Sausages has to offer. Best paired with authentic German wheat beer. 
 My all time favorite Sweet Ham  
 King Sue Hawaiian Sliced Ham  
 King Sue Sliced Bacon   

Watch out some recipes I will share using my favorite King Sue products  

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direct line: (632) 364-5430

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THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. I am trying to eat more vegies than meat today BUT! hahaha. I was really captivated by this post! King Sue is our family's best friend when it comes to frozen delies. Super sarap kasi and the meat parang laging fresh! I love how they make packaging in their products, super nakatight kase unlike others na parang basta na lang pinackage. I think that's one of the advantage of King Sue that's why they are still in business up to now. I love to try the bacon and sausages! Yummy yummy! :)) Sana makapag share kayo ng recipe nyo Ms. Rochelle using this. We will surely love that :)

  2. Wow... A lot huh.. they are really generous..!

  3. I really don't know about this brand before then you post about it. I tried their products especially their ham, I never expect that it would be really good brand for ham. I want to try their other products, too. Honestly, you shown us frozen goods pero nagugutom na ko haha what more if you post it cooked and not frozen. lol. Can't want to try the other ones. For now, I can say that I can't really buy grocery without purchasing anything from King Sue.! thanks for sharing us about this brand! Its already on my favorite list, hehe.

  4. i only know about king sue as ham lang.. tapos iba iba pa pronunciation may king soo --- king swe.. hehe. pero nung makatikim ako ng german franks, bacon, ham.. wow naamaze talaga ako kasi masarap lahat. :)
    napakagenerous talaga ng king sue ham sa bloggers and their customer through promos and events. more power to King Sue Ham!

  5. Hopefully, you'll be able to share us recipes using King Sue products. I even use their ham for my pizzaroll and carbonara. It tastes really good hehe :D I feel like I am already a good cook ♥

  6. Honestly Sis,i am only dreaming someday na makatikim din ako nito,kasi when i pass by sa meat section,i only touching this yummy foods but because i cant afford to have it.Makakatikim lang ako nito when there is bonus hehe,kasi if pang araw araw na budget hindi pasok sa wallet ko... Hoping someday mabigyan ako ng ginhawa sa budget at mabigyan ko rin ng masasarap na food ang kids ko.. And i hope na this will be posible sa mga nanay na nangangarap mabigyan ng healthy at yummy foods ang pamilya...

  7. my kids love the sausage we prefer it steamed. While my mommy loves the king sue ham most especially for breakfast, ilalagay nya sa loafbread kasbay ng coffee, super solved na sya. haha.

  8. your so lucky they sent you a bag full of their products.. my kids love eating that kind of food sometimes fish naman. but never sila kumain ng veggies.. i dont know why, i love eating veggies nman. maybe di nila like ang taste ng mga ganun. cant wait for the recipes you made with that products. pls share it to us para naman may bago kming alam na recipe. :)


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