Being active is an important part of staying healthy, regardless of your age!

As a mother of three I take my kids’ health a serious matter. I think all parents share my sentiments that keeping our children healthy is probably the hardest job to do. In fact, the truth of the matter is that even us adults have a hard time keeping a healthy lifestyle. 
That is why I am amazed by Brayden Del Rosario, a six years old MMA competitor. Seriously, his lifestyle would put anyone else’s to shame.

At a very young age he already learned Full Contact Karate and Muay Thai. Not only does he keep his body fit but also his mind, he is an honor student and a proud outreach volunteer.  
His story further inspired me as a parent because Brayden was raised alone by his father, Empire Boxing’s owner Rob Del Rosario, who taught him that living healthy was his key to success.

1.) What got you interested in MMA?

        My Daddy does it, and I am at the gym after school every day so I get to have fun.  I also take drum and cooking lessons but I love MMA the best because it makes you not want to bully and take care of yourself.

2.) Do you just do it for fun?

It's always fun!  When I play in competition I always have fun and my Dad said never to forget to have fun. It’s like MMA is my playtime but instead of playing with toys I have fun while staying healthy.

3.) Despite your age, do you ever think about the importance of a healthy lifestyle? In what way?

All I know is to not eat too much sugar, I only drink water and milk but have ice cream when I like. I think nobody should be unhealthy.  I wish adults and kids all remember it's good to be healthy.

4.) Aside from training, what do you do to be physically fit?

I like to walk and we walk a lot and climb stairs instead of elevators.  I love swimming and drums make my arms strong I think. (Laughs) we might go mountain climbing soon and I'm excited.  My dad taught me to eat healthy so I can perform better. Me and my dad’s favorite healthy treat is the Walter Bread High Fiber and Sugar Free Bread. It's yummy and tasty and soft and it's really healthy food!  I love this with peanut butter and peanut butter is healthy too.

5.) What is the most significant thing that your dad taught you about healthy living?

That it should always be fun!  Super fun and you get a lot of energy. For us it’s more fun because we do it together. We eat healthy as a family and that makes it more fun. He also taught me that anyone can do it. No matter what age or size you are, living healthy is something everyone should be happy about.

6.) What is the best thing about MMA?

All sports are nice but MMA is doing boxing, kicking, takedowns, and submissions and it's like a lot of subjects at school that you have to learn to do in one class.  And it's fun.

Rob Del Rosario is a fighter, coach, pinoy entrepreneur and a long time Walter Bread Sugar Free Fan but most importantly he is a father. And like any other parent he wishes nothing but wellness for his son. So Empire Boxing together with Walter Bread aims to promote healthy living not just for adults but for the whole family because anyone regardless of age can start a healthy lifestyle. 
And I am nothing but grateful to Walter Bread for creating not only delicious but also healthy products. Products that made it possible for all ages to consume healthy food. 

A gratitude shared by me and Rob.

"Thank you Walter Bread for teaming up with Empire Boxing.  I've been relying on your Sugar Free brand for years to maintain my overall health.  I'm hyperthyroid and with your products, I maintain ideal weight and muscle, and keep lean.  I don't feel my age, I don't look it.  Thank you for such an incredible partnership.  My son and I and the entire Team Empire know the value of a true brand because we also have the same passion for keeping people in the best form of their lives.  Thank you again!

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  1. karate is one of the things that my daughter wants to learn in the future, right now we just can't afford to enroll her....


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