Have a Jolly Father's Day! #BeedaSiTatay

As I grow older, I felt like I never really needed anyone else as long as I have these people with me.

No distance is greater than love; that a strong bond will bridge any gap, no matter how wide it may seem, and that a thousand miles can never conquer a strong bond. 

My Brother, Kuya Robert  
  Growing up together, I really never thought that he would be the father that he is right now. Not at all. Though his relationship with his wife was not that good as he would wish to but that does not stop him for loving his three children and be the best father he could be. We are all perfectly aware that there’s no such thing as an absolutely perfect relationship between people. Yup, fights will never leave your side and will always give you headaches but that can never be a completely good excuse to forget your role and responsibility to your children. That’s just what he proved to me. No force in heaven or earth can get him to stop loving his wonderful kids. It’s somehow an inevitable truth, or an expertly good curse, that parents bear the moment they first laid eyes on us. And that they own that curse, to love us, and protect us.
My Brother-in-Law, Kuya Adrian  
 He is the most inspiring father I've ever known. He is an officer in the US Navy. We all do realize that to serve the country is no easy task. But serving the country and being a father at the same time, that’s another thing. Up to now it’s still a mystery on how someone can be completely capable of doing such extraordinary feats. Maybe that’s what love can make a person do. Although things may be imperfect at times, it can never be a reason for any anomalies. Responsibility demands sacrifice. It does pay off, for nothing bad can ever come out from something purely good. Sometimes I feel like being a soldier is being selfish not only to your family but also to yourself. It feels like depriving yourselves of the comfort of your family. But that is what Kuya Adrian had to endure during his time of service for himself but most of all for his family.
He was the one who walk with me in the aisle, and hand me over at the altar. 
Thank you Kuya Adrian for being a wonderful person. I salute you for being so hardworking and for your sacrifices you give to your family and the country. I am blessed to have you as my brother-in-law. 
My Husband, Euryd  
 The best husband to me and of course father to my children. I think he even vowed before we were even together that no matter what happens, nothing will come between him and the most important thing in his life: our family. He always think of my children above all else. 

My Mommy ♥ 
  I am including my mom on the list because she served as my Nanay and my Tatay=NayTay.  Growing up, I don’t know what it feels to have a father. I don’t even know how it feels to be loved by one but my mother never let me felt that I was less fortunate that any other children. I saw how she woke up early in the morning to go to work and go home tired but still have time to be a mother to me and my siblings. All I ever want is to make her proud in whatever I do and I hope. You know what I’ve learned? That a mother’s love is the best love you will ever receive in this world. It knows no limits nor bounds and that it never comes with a price. No matter how much you’ll reject her sometimes, she will always be there for you. A mother never stops loving her children. Yes indeed, forever does exist.

My Uncle, Tatay Poce ♥ 
   A famous person once said that you will truly know someone if that someone will love you even though you have nothing to give back except your love and respect. I will never forget Tatay Poce for he took care of me when I was still an innocent sickly child. Though I said earlier that I never felt being loved by a father when I was young, still, maybe I was wrong.

  Tatay Poce carried me in his arm when I was still 8 months old (yup, too young to remember) until I was 2 years old. Faced with the fear of unknown struggles that may occur but still love conquered the feeling of fear. Took care, fed and cradled me as if I was his own flesh and blood. Maybe the only thing I regret is I wasn’t able to feel the same way that he was feeling that time and until now we were not in constant communication as much as I would love to. But as our great hero Jose Rizal wrote in his final letter to his brother Paciano, “hindi na kailangang mag-usap upang magkaunawaan sapagkat lubos tayong nagkakilanlan.” Yup my friends that is how #BeedasiTatay.

Life indeed has its way of showing how truly important the role of one’s family in providing the greatest needs you won’t just find elsewhere. It’s also significant that you all help one another in a time of need, what joy is there when one is in trouble, or in suffering or in complete sadness. Our family makes us feel that we are never alone in this life, and that no struggle is too hard with them at your side. 
 Indeed love knows no boundaries, knows no names nor blood ties. This coming June 20, my husband and I are celebrating our anniversary and running for more. Nice timing indeed because the next day will be Father’s day and I think this time dapat naman ang #BeedaSiTatay

Do you also have any idea why we celebrate Father’s day and Mother’s day, but never son’s or daughter’s day? Here’s a particularly good reason why. As a normal functioning person, we constantly tend to forget things. We forget our time, our schedules, meetings we should’ve attended, dates we’ve missed, the people we shunned. We can be naturally be forgetful about many things, including our own parents. But this is the catch, our parents never forget about our welfare whether we may be too old already, or too bright to be lectured. And that at the end of the day, we will always come back to them, for they always know what to say. Which is why we celebrate a day for our loving mothers, and of course for our darling man of steel, our Tatay.

 Never forget, though Father’s day is once a year, our love to our Tatay or NayTay must never stop as much as they never stop loving us. 
With Father's Day coming up this Sunday, here is one nice video of Jollibee celebrating #BeedaSiTatay  that made me remember all of the people I mentioned above and made me share this story for all of you. 

So if you also want to remember someone today, maybe you're forgetting to thank that someone who you love most then watch the funny and heartwarming video and share it to all your friends and family so they as well can be touched and inspired. 

Whether he goes by Tatay, Itay, Daddy, Dad, Papa, Grandpa, Granddad, Lolo or another name your #BeedaSiTatay is definitely someone to honor and celebrate on Jolly Father's Day! 
What better way to celebrate #BeedaSiTatay Day than to treat them to Jollibee where we can let our Tatay, Papa, Kuya, NayTay know na sila naman ang beeda

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Para sa pinakamamahal at pinakamatapang kong Kuya, Nay-tay at Tatay

Maraming Salamat! 

Have a Jolly Father's Day! 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. So many tatay! Haha! I'm not really close with my dad since I grew up working abroad. He is an electrical engineer at Saudi Arabia. My #beedasitatay moment was when I got a failing mark when I studied BSN year 2014. I never knew that I'll fail that subject since I've tried my best on that subject. I was very ashamed and at the same time I am crying since it was my first time to fail a subject. My mom was not there when I got home from school, when the phone rang, and it was my dad. I honestly say that I fail on that subject. I thought he would get mad, pero hindi siya nagalit. Sabi nya "okay lang yan anak." Pagkatapos ng tawag na yun sa telephone, nasundan pa ng 1, then 2, then 3 calls, para lang itanong kung okay lang ako pagkatapos nung nangyari na yun.

    Mabait na tao ang tatay ko. Hindi rin niya nakalimutan yung mga kapatid nya. Nagbibigay pa rin siya ng tulong pinansyal, emosyonal, spiritwal sa kanyang mga kapatid kais hanggang ngayon hirap pa rin talaga sila sa buhay.

    Mapalad nga ako kasi kung hindi dahil sa kanyang pagsisikap msa abroad hindi ako nakapagtapos ng pag-aaral. Alam ko hindi pinupulot ang pera sa abroad, kaya naman sobra ang p[asasalamat ko talaga sa kanya. :)

  2. I will always treasure the moments na hinahatid at sundo kami ng tatay ko sa school or kahit saan ang lakad. Kahit na pagod sya, go pa rin basta maihatid at sundo. Hanggang ngayon na may sarili na akong pamilya, hindi sya magdadalawang isip kung kailangan ipagdrive kami,;)

  3. Hindi naman dapat father's day lang magthank you.. Kung maaari araw-araw natin sabihin ang thank u tatay or nanay dahil hindi natin alam kung hanggang saan ang buhay ng tao. Kaya


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