Save money and save Mother Earth by saving energy with Sharp

The rising cost of living these days demands that we look for ways to consume less energy to save up on electric bills. Global warming, a concern on a much bigger scale, implores us to use energy-efficient technology to lessen our carbon footprint. There are several things in our lifestyles that we can change to save energy – and all of them are quite simple and easy to implement.

One tried and tested way to save energy is to unplug all electronic device when not in use. Turning them off but keeping them plugged consumes “phantom load” which means these devices still consume energy even when you’re not using them. 

Another energy-saving tactic is to change your light bulbs with more energy-efficient kinds like LED. They may cost more to buy, but they last at least ten times longer and consume about 75% less energy compared to usual light bulbs. Simple habits like making sure your refrigerator door can save you loads of energy. 

Placing your refrigerator and air conditioner in strategic areas in the room – away from heat-generating devices at all costs – can also save your appliances from working too hard and therefore consuming more electricity than normal.

Upgrading your old appliances to energy-efficient ones is also a fantastic way to save energy. Old appliances always consume a lot of energy compared to their newer counterparts. If you’re looking to upgrade to save on energy, reduce electricity consumption, and save the environment, look no further than Sharp Philippines’ lineup of J-Tech Inverter Refrigerator and Split-Type Air Conditioner.
With its 32-step Smart Inverter Technology, J-Tech Inverter Refrigerator provides energy savings by up to 40 percent, with a precise temperature control to help protect stored food and preserve it for longer periods. With its non-CFC refrigerant, Sharp J-Tech Inverter refrigerators also help protect the ozone layer against harmful emissions. Aside from its J-Tech Inverter technology, this refrigerator also offers other convenient features like the Ag+ Nano deodorizer for a nearly odor-free interior, powerful freezing capability for efficient ice-making, a 2-Way Fresh Room with 29-liter capacity and Rapid Cooling Room, a huge 17-liter Vegetable Room, big door pockets to store more beverage bottles, and a low-vibration compressor for quiet operation.
The Sharp J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner, on the other hand, provides convenient and energy-efficient operation with up to 60 percent in energy savings. J-Tech Inverter temperature control technology maintains room temperature and saves energy by switching compressor operation between high and low modes once the room achieves optimal temperature levels. It also achieves even more energy savings when you put it on Eco Mode.

J-Tech Aircon also ensures better comfort with its different modes such as Best Sleep Mode and Baby Mode for utmost comfortable coolness for adults or babies, and a Self-Cleaning function that helps prevent the growth of molds on the heat exchanger. It is also equipped with Plasmacluster Ion Technology which purifies the air by up to 99% with positive and negative ions that attack airborne threats such as viruses and allergens. Sharp, always conscientious when it comes to its products’ environmental impact, uses the R410A, a new type of refrigerant with low environmental effects.

Sharp’s J-Tech Inverter refrigerators and air-conditioners are all engineered to provide superior Sharp technology and sincere Japanese hospitality, each made with the vision of providing more comfort and convenience to make the lives of modern households of today much easier. This is all in keeping with Sharp’s commitment to the country, under its “Our Brand, Our Pride” philosophy, a pledge to uplift the quality of Filipinos’ lives through exceptional products.

For more about Sharp J-Tech Inverter refrigerators, air-conditioners and other products of Sharp (Philippines) Corporation, visit or

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