Smart Tips for Taking Care of your Child's Skin in the Sun!

My kids had a great summer and spent most of the day swimming, playing outdoors and made the most out of every moment under the sun with the help of the special NIVEA SUN Care and Protection Kit that I received from Nivea Philippines
While it's important that kids enjoy outdoor activities, It's also important for me to protect my child's skin from harmful UV rays, so I make sure that I always slather on Nivea Kids Caring Sun Protection to prevent them from getting sunburn that can increase their risk of skin cancer later in life. 

What I love about NIVEA SUN care for kids: 

- Long-lasting and water resistant 
- Combines advanced protection expertise with all the mild care of NIVEA to protect children's delicate skin
- A safe and highly effective UVA/UVB filter system  immediately protects against sunburn
-Reduces the risk of UV-related skin allergies 
- It has Vitamin E that helps protect the skin against free radicals 
- Reinforces skin's own natural UV defenses. 
- Non-sticky formula 
- Keeps skin smooth and supple

Here are some Smart Tips on How To Take Care of your child's skin:  

Be Sun Safe Yourself

Don't forget: Be a good role model by consistently using sunscreen of SPF 30 or greater, wearing sunglasses, and limiting your time in the sun. Doing so not only reduces your risk of sun damage — it also teaches your kids good sun sense.
  • Don't use sunscreens with PABA, which can cause skin allergies.
  • For sensitive skin, look for products with the active ingredient titanium dioxide.
For sunscreen to do its job, it must be applied correctly. So be sure to:
  • Apply sunscreen whenever your kids will be in the sun. For best results, apply it about 15 to 30 minutes before kids go outside.
  • Don't forget about ears, hands, feet, shoulders, and behind the neck. Lift up bathing suit straps and apply sunscreen underneath them (in case the straps shift as a child moves). Protect lips with an SPF 30 lip balm.
  • Apply sunscreen generously — dermatologists recommend using 1 ounce (enough to fill a shot glass) to cover the exposed areas of the body.
  • Reapply sunscreen often, about every 2 hours. Reapply after a child has been sweating or swimming.
  • Apply a water-resistant sunscreen if kids will be around water or swimming. Water reflects and intensifies the sun's rays, so kids need protection that lasts. Water-resistant sunscreens may last up to 80 minutes in the water, and some are also sweat-resistant. But regardless of the water-resistant label, be sure to reapply sunscreen when kids come out of the water.
  • Don't worry about making a bottle of sunscreen last. Stock up, and throw out any sunscreen that is past its expiration date or that you have had for 3 years or longer.

Thank you so much Nivea Philippines!

I am inviting everyone to also share your Sun Skin Smarts by uploading a photo of you and your friends/family while enjoying your sunny moments then share your personal Sun Care tip(s) and tag @NIVEAPhils, and #NIVEASunCare in Twitter or Instagram. 

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THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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