How to Get Rosy Smooth White Skin! ♥

More than a great outfit or a beautiful make-up, glowing skin turns heads. 

I love it when people compliment me on my skin and that I've been getting a lot of people asking me to share my skin care routine and how to get rosy white skin? what is the most effective acne treatment?  

I will try my best to make a video soon about my step-by-step skin care routine and here are some tips for natural ways to get rosy smooth white skin. 


Protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun by applying a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF of 30 on a daily basis, even on overcast days. 


Drinking plenty of water is an essential beauty product. Not only does it enhance your skin, hair and nails but it also gives you an inner glow thanks to all its benefits for your body. 


A balanced diet is an essential prescription for healthy and vibrant skin. Fill your diet with power foods like dark leafy green vegetables, dark chocolate, citrus- can help beat chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes and can also work wonders on your skin. 


Exfoliation should be part of your routine, especially as you age. Exfoliate once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells to expose younger-looking skin underneath that will make your skin healthy and radiant. 


Exercising your body can also keep your skin healthy and vibrant. 


Improve your skin tone and get a natural rosy complexion by taking supplements. 

Beautiful skin doesn't just come from what you put on your skin. It also comes from what you take within. That's why, if you want rosy white smooth skin, take Rosy Peel

I've been a long-time user of Rosy Peel, an herbal oral supplement that makes your skin rosy smooth as well as clears up acne, lightens melasma, scars, pockmarks, freckles and fight early signs of aging. There is something about this amazing supplement that will help you lose weight if you take it before eating. I'm convinced of its efficacy. You can read more about my review here:

Rosy Peel is BFAD approved and is safe to use alongside other pills and whitening skincare. 

They are currently having a promo for the pack of 30's get it for only Php630 from its original price of Php660.00. Visit any Mercury Drug Store Nationwide and save as much as Php30.00.

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