URC Flour showcases celebrity chef creations at 2015 Bakery Fair

Universal Robina Corporation (URC) Flour Division delighted visitors at the Bakery Fair 2015 held at the World Trade Center by featuring baked creations and recipes from some of the country’s leading celebrity chefs. 
(From left) URC Flour HR manager Evelyn Eglesias, Supply Chain manager Jasper Munji, Technical Services group manager Manny Lasala, Executive Assistant Maan Francisco, BUGM VP Ellison Dean Lee, Marketing manager Chinkee Andres, Technology manager Nic Ines and Manufacturing director Gerry Magadia.

The annual event, organized by the Filipino Chinese Bakery Association (FCBA), featured the biggest names in the world of pastry and confectionaries as they showed off their creations and shared recipes with baking enthusiasts from all over the country.

Three popular chefs shared special recipes that they developed using URC Flour. 
Center for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS) instructor Chef Junjun de Guzman wowed the audience with his trio of tempting sweet treats: chocolate madeleines, soft and spongy cake donuts, and the all-time Filipino favorite, cheesy ensaymada. 
Celebrity chef Janice De Belen with the URC Flour Technology Team led by (from left) baking analyst Derren Riego, product development and services manager Carol Bonifacio, technical services associate Beverly Maranan and baking technician Wilfredo Roxas.

Celebrity Chef Janice de Belen drew large crowds by whipping up her family’s favorite fruit scones, chewy chocolate chip cookies, and cranberry orange muffins. 
CACS instructor Chef Elena Rivera gave an interesting and relevant demo on preparing uncomplicated and beginner-friendly dishes such as peanut butter whoopie pies, Chinese soft milk bread, and fried mantau bread—with the last one not even requiring an oven.
Chinese Sausage Scones

Demo and recipe sharing with a powerhouse team
The Bakery Fair opened in grand style, with a traditional dragon dance welcoming visitors to URC Flour Division’s ancient Chinese pagoda-inspired booth, complete with an arched entrance that opened up into the reception area and a large baking demonstration area.

Sausage Volcano Bread

During the three-day event, visitors also flocked to the URC booth to see the baking demos of the URC Technology Team who developed special Bakery Fair treats using URC’s Continental All-Purpose Flour, Universal First Class Flour, Globe First Class Flour, My Rose Soft Flour, Sampaguita Soft Flour, Daisy Cake Flour, Blend 100 Flour, FibrA+ Whole Wheat Flour, and Noodelicious Noodle Flour.
The baked goodies included Ham Chim Peng, Chinese Fan Cookies, Toasted Siopao, and Mung Bean Bread. The URC Technology Team also prepared more unusual fare such as the Tofu and Broccoli Quiche 
and the Choco Mandarin Fruit Tart that demonstrated how each flour variant’s unique characteristics can be used to make more delectable treats.

Long-standing tradition of quality and service
The URC Flour Division booth was constantly packed with visitors even in between baking demonstrations. The brand has long been known for maintaining the quality and characteristics of its flour variants, leading to perfectly-uniform baked goods. Most of URC’s clients are commercial establishments, which means flour quality and consistency should translate into a product that can be reproduced perfectly with minimum time and materials wastage. The URC Flour Technology Team also constantly develops new recipes with their clients in mind, taking into consideration their requests such as coming up with recipes for unique, great-tasting baked goodies that can still be affordable for end consumers.

This commitment and hard work to create high-quality products which pastry chefs and bakers can rely on and supported by a technology team that understands their clients’ needs, have enabled URC to become one of the pioneering and most established commercial flour brands in the industry.

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  1. i love bread so much lalo pag me flavor like these, it'll be an honor to watch these known chef.....


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