Starmobile Launches PH's First Line of Digital TV Phones

I always wanted to have a phone that I can do all I want- watch free, cable-quality TV, play, and surf and to be able to do it anytime and anywhere! 

Recently, I attended the launch of Starmobile's first ever line of digital TV phones. It has everything I want on a mobile gadget because these mobile hybrids allow you to watch Digital TV (DTV) channels for FREE anytime and anywhere DTV services are available. Gamers will also love the responsiveness of the system as well as the HD screen, something people who download a lot of videos will get a kick out of, too, apart from the huge memory available for use. 

You can share photos or videos on Instagram or Facebook instantly with capture moments using the great camera these come equipped with. 
You can choose from the three Mobile TV-Hybrids of Starmobile's Digital TV Phones:

KNIGHT Vision (P9,990). Available in Color White ♥ Watch TV, Shoot Photos and Videos, and Share Moments like never before. ♥ 

It comes with a quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM, an HD screen in-plane switching, which means that images look great from any angle, making it perfect for watching videos. It comes with real-time recording technology so you never have to miss a moment in your favorite sport or drama. 

Camera is equipped with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology, which keeps your photos blur-free and sharp. A physical anti-shake mechanism will allow you to take better videos, which are sure to be great with a 13MP rear camera with Sony EXMOR technology as well as an 8MP front camera for selfie. 

The phone has an internal memory capacity of 16GB, though a Micro SD card slot ensures you can add up to 64GB to that. Meanwhile, there's no need to worry that your TV viewing will result in a dead phone as the 2450mAh Lithium Polymer battery gives you up to four hours TV time, 15 hours talk time, and up to 15 days on standby mode. 
The UP Vision (P5,990) Available in Color Dark Blue and Gold. Enjoy cable-quality television without the cables- Your portable entertainment center. 

It has more streamlined power, but it still packs quite a punch. This digital TV phone is the slimmest and lightest phone of the bunch, which means it'll fit like a dream into most pocket and just about any purse. It features 1800-mAh battery that comes with up to 9 hours talk time and about 10 and a half days on standby mode. Its got a 13MP rear camera that sports an AF Sony BSI lens with a Blue Glass Filter and an 8MP front camera for Samsung. 
The UP Max (P7,490) Available in Color White and Gray. Non-Stop fun for the People on-the-go

It is built to outlast its older siblings thanks to its ultra-amped up 5000mAH battery, which is the largest on any smartphone currently on the market. With it you can enjoy up to 10 hours DTV time, 24 hours talk time, and a whooping 41.25 days on standby mode. 

At 9.6mm- the slimmest for a phone- its design remains sleek and ergonomically perfect in the palm. Plus, it comes with a DTV antenna dongle which you can simple remove when you're not watching TV. 

This Android Lollipop-powered phone also comes with an enhanced user interface, better app compatibility, and improved security features, including mobile anti theft technology and data protection. 

Last but not the least, the UP Max also comes with a 13MP Sony IMX 135 with EXMOR RS sensor, which means you can snap photos in low-light and have them come out like a dream. 

The UP Vision and the KNIGHT Vision are now available in Starmobile Stores and Kiosks nationwide while the UP Max will be available beginning of the second week of June. 

To learn more, visit the Starmobile website at

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