Enjoy the Jolliest playtime with Jollibee Kids Meal’s Jollitown Fun House

Kids can have the jolliest time with their favorite Jollitown friends anywhere they go with the Jollitown Fun House sets that come with every Jollibee Kids Meal. The Jollibee Fun House doubles as fun games for little ones while stirring their creativity and imagination with their well-loved Jollitown pals.

Little pals will have fun taking turns playing Jollibee’s Tic-Tac-Checkers. 

It comes with Jollibee stickers to decorate the tokens and the scoreboard. Play with a friend and take turns inserting the tokens into the house to play tic-tac-toe. Whoever gets 3-in-a-row wins. Flip the toy and insert the different activity card to play checkers with a friend. Take turns moving the chips one space diagonally forward and capture as much tokens as you can. Whoever captures the most tokens will win the game. 

For kids who enjoy solving puzzles, Hetty’s Thrill Maze definitely excites. The house opens and splits into two maze games. Choose between the pinball maze and the balancing maze and challenge your friends to see who can solve or finish each maze the fastest.

It’s all about slam-dunking it with Popo’s All-Star Slam. Push down the lever to play the roof basketball game. Shoot as many basketballs in the ring as you can. Open to reveal the secret sticker compartment.

One toy comes with every Jollibee Kids Meal. 

Choose from: 

Yumburger Meal (P80), 

Spaghetti Meal (P83), 

and the 1-piece Chickenjoy Meal (P100) 

which all come with a regular pineapple juice.

Hurry and complete you Jollitown Fun House toys now, available until July 31, 2015 only. 

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