My Best Red Ribbon Cake to send the sweetest message!

I've been buying cakes for every occasions because for me a celebration is never complete without a cake on the table. Be it a birthday, anniversary or just any event of happiness everyone loves to have a cake to kick off the celebration. Kids always look forward to singing, lighting the candles and blowing them out. 

Red Ribbon Bakeshop has been my go to place for cakes because of its affordability and their unparalleled taste. It has been a part of our family and friends birthdays and celebrations for years!

All of the flavors at Red Ribbon are so good, but the Chocolate Dedication Cake is my favorite because of it's amazing Rich Chocolate flavor with fudgy chocolate icing and topped with colorful sugar confetti. 

The best thing about it is that you can personalized it with your own special message and just simply the best gift option to send the message that you are happy for your dear ones. It makes the happy moments unforgettable with the touching message you can put.

If my favorite Red Ribbon cake was a person, it would be my kids because  Nikolas, Ethan and Elijah are always going to be my favorite and because I always dedicate everything I do for them and they always make my day special just like the Chocolate Dedication Cake. 

For every occasions we always have a Red Ribbon moment because I always make sure that my kid's Birthdays are more meaningful with Red Ribbon Delicious Cakes! 

Make any celebrations more special and Visit your nearest Red Ribbon store or call 8-7777 for delivery. 


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THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. we also buy red ribbon cakes. Masarap and affordable, and maraming malapit na branches. :)


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