Trip to Japan 2015 Day 5- Sanrio Puroland

Your Japan adventure will not be complete without visiting the illustrious Sanrio Puroland. It’s that one place I will never forget even though the last that I’ve been there was when I was still a little kid. It’s not a secret that I love Hello Kitty and I was overjoyed seeing all the wonderful things in Puroland. My heart melted. Time machines must be real because it seemed I travelled back to my childhood. I knew Day 5 is going to be extraordinary!

Sanrio Puroland is the most wanted theme park of over a million guests in Japan every year. Hosted by Sanrio, you can expect rides, musical performances, gift shops, and a whole lot of different attractions featuring popular Sanrio characters. You will not be disappointed.

I have never been that ecstatic! I even wore my special Hello Kitty top to show my fondness, and I also bought a very cute headband to match. Wait until you see Kitty’s house, and you’ll understand why I feel this way. So adorable!

We strolled around Puro Village, and it brought back a lot of childhood memories, nothing much has changed from 18 years ago except that it became more interesting to me than before.
As a kid, I perceived everything there as toys. Now, it felt like I’m in a completely different world because of the life-size displays. I don’t know which one is more childish. Hahaha! But either way, it was super fun and so cool!
My Melody Ride 
Our smiles during the photo session on the ride were priceless.
Cute selection of Sanrio paper toys. Everything is so cute that I wanted to take them all home! 
Oh, especially this pair!

We had lunch at the character food court. Check out the adorable Sanrio-themed dishes we ordered in the images below. 
Soy Sauce Broth Ramen
Munchy Munchy Kitty Curry
My Melody Strawberry Heaven Pancake

We went to see more exhibits and took pictures with the mascots. There was this huge blown-up play pen where a lot little ones were gathered. I could tell they’re having the time of their lives, too.

Photo with Bonbon Ribbon Mascot 

Hello Kitty House Inflatable Playground
My Melody Inflatable Playground
Hello Kitty Inflatable Playground
Meanwhile, I was already animated to be in Kitty’s house and meet the entire gang.
Hello Kitty in kimono was perfect! There were also paintings of different things and places that symbolize Japan, and other artworks to adore.

Including this giant make-up set… Whoa! That was fabulous!

My eyes couldn’t believe what I was seeing at that time. It’s like a dream, a very sweet and pleasant dream. It was the most unforgettable Hello Kitty encounter ever. Not only because of the old reminiscences that surfaced, but most of all the new remembrances I will treasure forever.

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