Special Bonding Time with #MyMamonMinion #MamonItYourself

It's been a month since school has started and we have to admit that it could get a little stressing for the kids. I am relieved that me and my boys got to spend our Saturday with lots of fun to take their heads off school even just for a while.

We went and see the ever so cute movie prequel of Despicable Me entitled Minions. It was a special screening brought to us by Monde.

They also set up a booth that offers free monde goods to all movie goers.

We had a despicably special time with the new MONDE Muffin and Crispy Waffle they giveaway before watching the movie.

We were also given a gift pack which includes Monde's Special Mamon with a FREE Mamon Minion Maker Kit.

It enables you to create yourself a mamon minion that my kids' really loved and I myself was taken a back for the cuteness and of course the delicious piece of pastry that we were able to come up with.

 It was an activity that we were able to bond and enjoy with not just because we loved minions but also for the reason that we got to express our creative side. It was such a pleasant experience to get to see your kids have fun while doing something that could actually help enhance their skills. The activity came with an instruction making it easy for us to keep up.

They had a blast and got really hooked with it that they  make minion mamons.

Everyone loved it! I mean who wouldn't want these freshly baked special mamon made into adorable minions, right?

Monde has always been interactive with their consumers. I am in love with the way they level up the enjoyment and fun upon consuming their products.

Speaking of products, they have a new wide variety of bakeshop-quality package goods namely Monde Belgian Waffle (Classic and Cinnamon), Monde Crispy Waffle (Butter and Blueberry), and Monde Muffins (Chocolate and Strawberry).

I can't wait to try these recently introduced goodies.  It's going to be magnificent for sure 'cause Monde has never let me down in terms of fine quality and exquisite taste.

Be sure to get a FREE Mamon Minion Maker Kit with every Monde Special Mamon pack of six.

Have fun making your own Mamon Minion and please do tag @MondePH your #MamonItYourself creation on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #MyMamonMinion

I wish you all a happy day and please treat yourself a 
delicious Monde goodie because you deserve it!

 Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. So cute! And ang saya naman ng panonood niyo ng minions. Watched minions already too and it's super funny. :) Will check out the other monde products

  2. This is so cute, I'll absolutely get this for my minion loving girl!

  3. This is so cute, I'll absolutely get this for my minion loving girl!

  4. Very interesting. The kids will be immediately addicted to the minion and the way we serve food. Nice suggestion as usual through your web.

  5. Your children look like so happy and cute

  6. Thanks for making this blog post. It's very interesting to read about the amazing cooking experience you guys have out there. Thanks a lot for sharing

  7. My family love minion. We'll go to there when we have chance. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh the Minions! My daughters favorite. Thanks for giving me such a great idea on how to spend quality time with her. Will cook this recipe with my love this weekend. Thanks for sharing.


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