Manjaru footwear in Tutuban Center


(L-R: Jayson Aguirre, Leasing Associate; Sylvia Tecson, Tutuban Center VP for Leasing and Marketing;  Sherlyn Ramos, Junior Sales Coordinator for Manjaru Slippers; Anne Yap, Leasing Associate)

Footwear company Manjaru Slippers signed as Tutuban Center’s newest tenant last June 30, 2015. 

The brand, which sells other outdoor items like shoes, shorts, and bags, is just one of the many tenants who will open shop in the recently rebranded shopping complex. 

According to Sherlyn Ramos, Junior Sales Coordinator for Manjaru Slippers, “We chose Tutuban because of the promise of the area. We like how it is the center of the shopping district and gets good buyer traffic.” 

Manjaru Footwear currently has more than a hundred outlet stores all over the country. 

The brand is constantly looking for expansion opportunities and Tutuban Center was chosen for its heavy foot traffic and active day and night markets. 

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  1. haven't been to tutuban center for a while. :) Would love to check the store


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