Shinagawa’s Premium Services Launch

For over 25 years, Shinagawa has become the number 1 Aesthetic center in Japan. 

Since opening in Manila five years ago, Shinagawa has steadily risen in the field of Aesthetic medicine providing premium services that are safe, effective but at a reasonable price. Leading the way in Japan-Filipino technology and techniques, Shinagawa continues to grow in renown and credibility as one of the most sought after Aesthetic centers in the country.
Aside from being the leading LASIK Center, Shinagawa is also making its mark in the field of Aesthetics. 

During the launch held at Hotel Celeste, Shinagawa introduced their most in-demand Premium services promise effective, non-invasive skin rejuvenation, renewal and anti-aging solutions.

3D Angel Lift is a non-invasive thread lift which contours the face, reverses signs of aging by lifting sagging skin. 

The Dermlift PRP (platelet-rich plasma) Treatment, or what is also known as the Vampire Facelift, is an all-natural Premium skin rejuvenation which reverses signs of aging such as wrinkles and skin sagging.

For flawless skin without the need for waxing or shaving, Shinagawa offers what they call Premium Hair Removal, makes use of an intensely safe and effective laser which inhibits hair growth and smoothes skin on various parts of the body. This is newest and highly advanced treatment is faster and more effective than Ultima and IPL combined.

As for stubborn scars, the Premium service called Fractional CO2 Laser is recommended. It also functions as an anti-wrinkle solution and skin pigmentation treatment. It works deeply to achieve intense skin renewal.

Synchroderm Plus is a Premium anti-wrinkle laser treatment for facial rejuvenation which minimizes pores and reduces skin wrinkles. It also stimulates a rosy glow.

Shrinkage Premium is an anti-aging Solution which works as a non-invasive Skin tightening procedure.

At Shinagawa, the Premium services are provided by a growing family of expert healthcare professionals (trained in both the Philippines and Japan). 

Singer/Songwriter/Model and Shinagawa's Celebrity Endorser, Mica Javier also graced the event.  
Mica uses Derma CELESTY Luxe Age-defying Exfoliating Gel which exfoliate dead skin cell to keep skin mild and soft. 

Derma CELESTY: Your Best Line of Defense to Win Your Best Skin
Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics’ Derma CELESTY line of beauty products has been carefully developed by an expert team of Japanese dermatologists to fight skin aging. Formulated from all natural ingredients, Derma CELESTY is proven to be safe and effective in resolving skin problems such as skin sagging, dark pigmentation, wrinkles, rough skin texture, uneven skin tone, and dryness.
The newest addition to this line is the revolutionary Acne Care Series. It consists of 3 products which fight acne in 3 easy steps: 
  • Step 1: CLEANSE with  DermaCelesty Acne Facial Wash - washes off dirt and deeply cleanses skin.
  • Step 2: MOISTURIZE with  DermaCelesty Acne Care Lotion which makes skin lighter, smoother and spotless.
  • Step 3: MAINTAIN WITH DermaCelesty Whitening Acne Gel Cream which prevents further acne growth and inflammation.
Other bestsellers part of this line is are:
  • BB Cream – which not only hides spots and blemishes effectively but it also stimulates collagen production to fight those wrinkles.
  • Nano Elixial Cream – with EGF (epidermal growth factor) which promotes skin renewal and it also firms the skin.
  • Perfect Nude Concealer - A lightweight concealer and a natural makeup base that expertly covers all skin imperfections.
  • Jewelry Gel - This gel-type serum penetrates deep into the skin tissues and binds its natural moisture, helping you get healthier, younger-looking skin.
  • Cogent- C Cream - Facial cream with Vitamin C derivative for total facial care. Whitens, firms and moisturizes your skin while addressing pimples and skin blemishes.

Celesty’s growing line of beauty products are 100 % Made in Japan. They are available at: House of Celesty, Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics , Landmark, Trinoma,  PureBeauty, Trinoma, Cinderella, Glorietta 3, Cinderella, Alabang Town Center, Lazada, Cinderella Robinson's Ermita.

Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics is located at 
Mezzanine, Tower 2, The Enterprise Center, 6766 Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines 

For inquiries, call 491-0000/ 846-3197

Twitter: @Shinagawa_PH
Instagram: @shinagawaclinic 

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  1. Since I already work in Makati, I can drop by their place na. Will check out the Celesty products soon :)


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