Brew-tiful Gift For the Tea Enthusiast: Basilur Tea

Tea makes a perfect gift for everyone on your list, even if they don't regularly drink tea. That's right-everyone could use some tea. And not just because of the delicious taste but its benefits go far beyond refreshment. There is plenty of research showing that drinking tea can actually improve your health.

Here are the top 10 health benefits of tea:

1. It contains antioxidants 
2. It has less caffeine than coffee
3. May reduce your heart attack and stroke
4. May help with weight loss 
5. May help protect your bones
6. May keep your smile bright
7. May boost the immune system
8. May help battle cancer
9. Soothe the digestive system
10. Lowered cholesterol 
Personally I love my perfect cup of tea. It’s how I like to begin my day—not to help me wake up, but rather I like to enjoy a tasteful cup of bliss first thing in the morning. 

Introducing Basilur Tea 

Basilur creates unique blends of tea with the most exotic ingredients such as a variety of flavours, natural fruits and herbs, making every tea drinking experience more unique and joyful.

Basilur tea was born in the land of Sri Lanka which produces the world's finest tea. So, what's so special about tea from Sri Lanka?

  • Ethnically produced. Formerly known as Ceylon, it possesses the perfect climatic and soil conditions to grow this noble herb, which boasts of a 5000 year old history. 
  • Ozone-friendly tea
  • All tea leaves are handpicked
  • Orthodox method of manufacturing teas,  which takes time and better teas are produced in the process.

Basilur carries the Lion-Logo- Symbol of quality teas produced and packed in Sri Lanka. 

It carries the Ceylon Lion Logo-symbol of quality; Quality Certified by the Government- The name 'Ceylon Tea' and the famous lion logo that goes with it indicates the tea grown, manufactured and packed entirely in Sri Lanka conforming to strict quality standards laid down and administered by the Sri Lanka Tea Board. 

Basilur is available in over 67 countries and is sold in some of the most high-end tea boutiques, hypermarkets, specialty shops and A-grade supermarkets. Basilur continues its journey to be the most unique and versatile brand in the tea industry. 

Over 90 different blends of tea, over 200 delectable products, Basilur! A new beginning of a luxurious lifestyle with the unique experience of the art of drinking Ceylon’s finest tea.

BASILUR Teas are very unique – it’s packed and shipped within a matter of days of harvesting, leaving all the goodness and freshness in teaBasilur Teas are sourced and blended by master tea specialists with vast experience in fine teas.The finest quality of Basilur Tea is blended with a stunning variety of flavors, natural fruits and herbs, to provide a delightful and refreshing tea drinking experience. The exquisite packaging and unique flavours of Basilur Tea makes a perfect gift for any occasion.
Basilur Tea Book Collection P550

Basilur Tea Book Collection
An assortment of four Bouquet teas - 'Sencha' green tea, 'Cream Fantasy', 'Green Freshness', and 'White  (32 teas)

An assortment of two black fruit teas and two green fruit teas - 'Strawberry & Kiwi', 'Raspberry & Rosehip', and 'Green Freshness' and 'White Magic
An assortment of two black fruit teas and two green fruit teas - 'Strawberry & Kiwi', 'Raspberry & Rosehip', and 'Green Freshness' and 'White Magic

Basilur is an expression of the art of drinking tea. Each range of Basilur depicts its own story related to the rich Sri Lankan heritage. Each product is a unique tea drinking experience which transports its discerning tea drinkers to another time and place. Basilur tea takes you through this long journey of tea, with innovative blends and packaging yet, keeping the 5000 year old traditions intact. This Tea Book is a gift from Basilur tea family to the connoisseurs of tea.

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  1. Tea is indeed has a many benefits for us. Perfect for this cold holiday season. Very delectable packaging!

  2. I am more of a coffee-lover. Hahaha. The first time I tasted tea, pwe lasang kahoy. But, according to you Ms. Rochelle, this tea is different kasi masarap sya. Plus, the benefits, sobrang oh my! Kelangan ko pala to dahil yung bones ko I think is medyo weak na. Huhu.

    Btw, I love the way it is packaged. Inside a "BOOK". Wooooahhh! Nice idea. Basilur rocks. ☕☕☕

  3. I love tea... I have a problem with my digestion... and it helped me a lot...

  4. I love tea! di ko pa po yan natry...mahal po ba yan? maganda po yan sa katawan ah..imported tea!

  5. Hindi po ako mahilig sa tea. Pero ngayon alam ko na ang mga benefits nito sa katawan natin, gusto ko na siya e try. Lalo ako hindi madali sa digestion, maganda Ito para sa akin. Pero, baka mahal naman. :-)

  6. i found some stuff packed like this at lol so cool, very good for gift giving


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