Feel Christmas with FAVORI Scents

While many of us don't really pay attention to how our surroundings smell like, scent can be a very powerful emotional trigger. A certain kind of scent can bring back a certain emotion, remind us of a certain memory, or even create a certain feeling. 

This Christmas, #FeelChristmasWithFavori and #CreateYourFavoriteFeeling with an array of passionately handcrafted scents and aromas for living well. 

Watch FAVORI's holiday video with Angel Aquino here.

Are you cooking for Noche Buena this coming Christmas? For sure, your kitchen can get really busy with all the needed cooking. One thing I really don't like when cooking is the smell it leaves on my kitchen! Good thing, FAVORI Scents has this Cooking Smell Deodorizing Air Spray which eliminates those odors. 
Is getting fit part of your New Year's Resolution (yet again)? If you're gonna try yoga in 2017, make sure you have a gentle rub of Favori Scents Yoga & Meditation Salve to help you concentrate on your exercise. Of course, it's important to keep your yoga mat clean with FAVORI's Yoga Mat Deodorizing Spray, so you won't get distracted with those awful odors! FAVORI offers an array of scents and aromas to help you #CreateYourFavoriteFeeling. 
With all that's happened this 2016, isn't it just fitting to share peace and love this Christmas? With FAVORI Scents New Premium Reed Diffusers as gifts to my friends, their home will surely be filled with warmth this Yuletide season.
Want to be remembered for the gifts you give this Christmas? Why not fill your friends and loved ones' homes with soothing scents and aromas from FAVORI Scents? They also have a special Christmas aroma line perfect for the season! (Berry Kiss is my personal fave!)

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  1. Angel Aquino is really so stunning! ������

    Btw, this product is not familiar to me. Hehe. Nakadiscover na naman ng baging products dito. ������

  2. Wow! Ang dami pwedeng pag gamitan �� perfect na perfect na Christmas gifts for Kumares and Kumpares �� Merry Christmas madam Rochelle! ����

  3. I tried yoga po last month and it really helps me alot to concentrate at sobrang nakakarelax ang feeling. If ever ito ang magiging gift ko sa friends ko kasi i know they need it lalo na sobrang stressful last week dahil sa mga exams nmin.. :)

  4. Ang ganda lang ng model. Ms. Angel Aquino in the house. :-) but Ms. Rochelle more prettier.


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