Robinsons Selections celebrates wine and liquor festival to kick-off the holiday season

I have been wondering about gift ideas lately. With Christmas bazaars and special deals in different malls here and there, I guess we all are. I was able to start buying presents for the kids, but getting the adults their presents is quite challenging. I would always consider their sizes, preferences and what they already have before I could decide on what to give them. 
When I got invited to attend Robinsons Selections’ Wine and Liquor Festival 2016 at McKinley Hill, it was like one of those “light bulb” moments as I knew the perfect gift idea was just right in front of me. 

This holiday season, festivities can be made more special by having bottles of premium wines and top-of-the-class liquors in our celebrations. There are various selections available – from red, white and sweet wines to champagne and specially-flavored beers. 
Robinsons Marketing Manager, Ms. Aja Totanes  talked about what they have in store this season to excite our taste buds - high quality and affordable drinks. 
The Wine and Spirits selection will not disappoint because you’ll find the world’s favorite spirit brands such as Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Moet & Chandon, Belvedere, and many more. 
The wine and liquor festival was a collective effort of Robinsons Selections, Philippine Wine Merchants, and sponsors Absolut, Ginebra, Booze Online, Emperador, and Heineken. 
So, don’t think that, when you get a bottle from this Christmas, you already know what it is. I’m pretty sure you will still be surprised and definitely feel the warmth in every sip. 
Robinsons Selections made us experience how festive and sumptuous our meal can be when there is fine cocktail or wine with it. 
I learned a lot about the science behind food and wine pairing from Jorge Joseph, a certified Wine and Spirit Education Trust graduate. 
Joseph, Philippine Wine Merchants area sales and marketing manager and Stolichnaya Vodka Philippines country manager, treated us to an insightful Wine 101 session.
SWEET PASSION (Romantic Cocktail drink) 
There was this test to identified what best suits our personality, if we fit the natural, the city chic, the creative, or the romantic categories.  
We were served cocktail mixes and were given a list of the sparkly ingredients in our cocktail glasses. 

According to the list: 
You’re a ROMANTIC – A sensitive listener. You’re passionate about everything you do. You have a rich interior life of thoughts and feelings. You often explore both the dark and bright sides of a situation and often see life with an ironic twist. You searchfor deeper emotions and encourage others to get in touch with what is important to them. You like discovering new things.
Triple sec
Passion fruit syrup 
Pineapple juice 

You’re a NATURAL - Confident but not self-centered. Doesn’t dwell on problems but rather driven towards positive outcomes.

Grapefruit juice
Lemon lime soda

You’re a CITY-CHIC - Sophisticated and elegant. You stand out in a crowd. Your distinct look and enthusiasm makes you unique.

Triple sec 
Ripe Mango 
Basil leaf 
Margarita mix

You’re a CREATIVE – Goal oriented. Innovative. Imaginative. Playful. Can handle difficult situations and different aspects of issues and can come up with optimal solutions. Resists rules and conventions.


Strawberry puree 
Tabasco sauce 
Mint leaves
Fresh lime 
Margarita mix 

I, along with my friends, definitely enjoyed the excellent gourmet food, great music and unlimited drinks. It was amazing! 
Go to the nearest Robinsons Selections and look for the #1 drink Tiger Singapore. 
I’m sure my words will not justice, so you have to taste it for yourself. 
Hoegardeen, this one’s my favorite!  
Also, I love the premium beer Sapporo Japan! 

I am even more excited now knowing every holiday dinner will be more special with the bottles I got from Robinsons Selections’ Wine and Liquor Festival 2016.

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  1. Grabe! andaming pagpipilian! gustong gusto un ung mga gift packs na halo2 na panghanda like spaghetti! Sa looks pa lang parang malinamnam na mga inumin ko yung Strawberry Chilli Mojito :D

  2. If I could only taste all these liquor. ������ But I prefer to taste wine. ������ 😆😆😆

  3. Madam parang ang sarap tumambay jan! 😂 ang daming pagpipilian na pwedeng ipartner sa masasarap na handa ngayong Holiday at ipang gift sa relatives and friends. Haaay 🍷🍷🍷

  4. Hi miss rochelle natry ko na po yung tanduay ice. heheh kaso yung ibang mga drinks na nandito hndi ko pa naitry due to expensive prices. :)))

  5. Ang dami wine madam! Baka malaking ka. Hehe,Joke! For sure very expensive. Pang kayamanan :-)


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