Delicious Dutch Mill Delight, For a Healthy Tummy

I am constantly in search for ways to improve my family’s health, especially my kids’. Nutritious food, plenty of water, fruits and veggies, enough sleep and clean surroundings are, of course, a must. More so, we have to keep our tummies in good shape. Mom, here’s  delightful way to do it…

Dutch Mill Delight is a probiotic drink that contains both Pro and Prebiotic fiber that helps in better digestion. Prebiotic fiber nourishes good bacteria inside the tummy. 
This active combination makes the tummy absorb nutrients faster. Imagine how a 100ml bottle of Dutch Mill Delight can create a big difference when it comes to producing longer living good bacteria to protect our kids’ gastrointestinal system.
Well, my kids really like its delicious taste. Puts my mind at ease that, while I know I make sure I only give them what’s best, good bacteria are taking care of them from the inside. To make it more fun, I tried making my own version of Dutch Mill Delight Smoothie. They loved it so much! Aside from drinking it every morning before leaving home to school, they’re going to ask me make smoothies during weekends. 

Check out this Strawberry Banana Smoothie Delight Recipe and feel free to share other creative ways for our little one to enjoy Dutch Mill Delight.

1 Banana
100ml bottle of Dutch Mill Delight
Crushed Ice 
Place the banana, strawberries, Dutch Mill Delight, crushed ice and blend in a blender. Blend until smooth. 
Strawberry Banana Smoothie Delight ♥ Enjoy!

Available in major supermarkets in the country, you can buy five (5) 100ml bottles for P40.00 only. 

If you are in Manila, Rizal, Taguig and Quezon City, you can also purchase Dutch Mill Delight from the delight ladies. 

Visit Dutch Mill pages to more about the most delicious way to increase Prebiotic Fiber intake:
@dutchmilldelight_ph on Instagram

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  1. WOW!! yummylicious naman nyan! gagawin rin po ako niyan! I love shakes!!

  2. Yay! Glad you like them too ms. Rochelle 😊 my baby boy and I love Dutch Mill Delight too 😍 super yummy. Kaya di pwede wala sya every morning pag ka breakfast nmin. Tsaka thank you sa recipe 😊

  3. I haven't tried Dutch Mill delight. But I like that smoothie. Haha. So in love with strawberries :)))

  4. Wow, in wow..thank you for the recipe that you'd shared,..It's a big help tlga ung blog nio Ms. Rochelle,.kasi d ko sukat akalain na mapapainum ko yung baby ko gamit ung recipe mo,.haha instant hit sa knya,..maselan kasi xa,.mapili sa pagkain tas inumin,..Again,.thank you so much,..No. 1 fan mu na ko ngayon,Hehe..God bless you,..

  5. Hindi ko pa natry ang Dutch Mill Ms. Rochelle. Pero nung nabasa ko yung review mo. I want to try it na. Before I drink Yakult but now I will try the dutch delight. Cause it also comes from the big size hndi na ako mabibitin. ������

  6. Yummy! I always take probiotic drink dahil nga sa indigestion ko... I will try that Ms. Rochelle :)

  7. Yay! Paborito Ito ng mga anak ko. Very good sa bagets for proper digestion. Kaya love na love yan ng mga kiddos ko. When we go on malling Dutch mill delight is on our budget. Try ko din yan shake, subrang yummy.

  8. Is it safe to take 400 ml 0f delight probiotics daily with one bottoms up? :)

  9. Is it safe to take 400 ml 0f delight probiotics daily with one bottoms up? :)

  10. Hi po,di po ba mamamatay yung good bacteria kapag blinend? Salamat po sa makakasagot.


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