The Newlywed Gift Guide from Electrolux

Stumped for wedding gift ideas for friends? Appliances actually make a great and practical wedding present for couples of any age, especially for those looking to set up their own household. Here are some practical gift ideas for the home that would help any bride or groom start their wedded life together in bliss.

Gifts for cooking

Electrolux Smart Hob EGT7526CK

For the couple who loves to cook, the Electrolux Smart Hob EGT7526CK is a great gift choice. This 2 gas burner cooking hob combines an elegant design with smart safety features. It has a large heating area and high heat efficiency, plus a cast iron pan support with an integrated wok stand for stable wok support. It also has a safety glass cooktop that resists hard knocks, high heat and is easy to clean with a stainless steel frame to prevent chipping. The Safety Flame Device feature cuts of gas if the flame fails and a Smart Detector to prevent fire hazards. 

For the couple moving into a smaller space like a condo unit, a microwave oven is an ideal gift that will help them cook delicious meals in a limited space. 
Electrolux EMS2348X Microwave Oven with Grill

The Electrolux EMS2348X Microwave Oven with Grill comes with eight auto-cook programs to cook a wide variety of dishes giving newlyweds the convenience of different appliances.

Gifts for cleaning


           Electrolux Flexio II Z931 

Electrolux ErgoClean ZVE4110FL

It's the most spotless time of the year. For friends who are obsessed with keeping everything clean, we recommend the gift of vacuum cleaners. Electrolux ErgoClean ZVE4110FL has a compact body that ensures easy storage and its 4G cyclonic technology provides powerful suctioning for optimal cleaning. In addition to bringing cleaning performance to every corner of your home, the Electrolux Flexio II Z931 wet and dry vacuum cleaner ensures superior suction power for excellent dust pick-up with its large drum capacity.

Gifts for great looking clothes

Electrolux Time Manager Washer EWF10744

For the fashionista couple, the Electrolux Time Manager Washer EWF10744 is a good choice as it not only washes clothes but also protects and maintains the quality of fabric. It has a Vapour Action feature that reduces allergens in clothes by up to 99% while softening the fabric for better comfort. The special shaped perforations on the washer’s Hive Drum reduces wear and tear on your clothes.

Recognizing that the lifestyle of today’s customer has also become even busier, the Time Manager feature of the washer also helps customers make more efficient use of their laundry time. With up to 2 selectable time options, the Timer Manager lets customers wash based on how much and how dirty their clothes are while maintaining wash quality.

Electrolux EWT8541

If they prefer a top-loading washing machine, the Electrolux EWT8541 is another option. It offers superior cleaning through the T-Drive System which has a unique agitating action that removes detergent residues and also has Anti-Tangle feature that gently separates clothes. This eco-friendly washing machine is perfect for newlyweds who want to live sustainably as it has an ECO Rinse function that conserves up to 50% of the water used. 

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