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Christmas has always been my most-awaited time of the year ever since I was kid. I can’t help but be euphoric now that it is definitely in the air. I’m looking forward to family and friends gathering together in merriment. Yes, this is one of the busiest season, but also the most wonderful for so many reasons.
My favorite part, and I guess everybody’s much loved, is the feast our family prepares every Christmas Eve. I set aside whatever special dietary plan I have to enjoy this occasion we have been waiting for the whole year. The previous preparations we’ve had seemed like a showcase of our cooking skills, not to mention our eating capacity as well. I wonder what will consist our menu this year. I’m already checking out some recipes.
I used to worry whenever we have such occasions as Christmas. I couldn’t seem to enjoy the food because of my sensitive teeth. While meal preparation is important, especially to us who love to eat, having a great set of teeth is also vital. “Pangingilo” has ruined a lot of Christmases and other events in the past. It held me back from enjoying my cold desserts and even hot soup.

Unlike toothache that usually lasts longer, “pangingilo” is almost instantaneous. The discomfort would make me shut my eyes tightly for a few seconds, while the throbbing travels from the very root of my teeth to the top of my head. It started to happen often so I decided to consult my dentist.

You should avoid eating or drinking something hot, and then immediately followed by something cold, or vice versa. This is just one of the advice I got from my dentist. On top of it all, the best practice to avoid sensitivity or “pangingilo”, is to use the right toothpaste and toothbrush. Yes, it helps that your toothpaste makes your teeth stronger and less sensitive. However, it is absolutely favorable to get instant relief when in pain.
Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Repair and Prevent helps you having a “ngilo”-free Christmas. More so, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief (CSPR) offers an effective team perfect for our holistic dental care - CSPR Repair and Prevent, CSPR original, and Colgate Sensitive Sensifoam.

I’m super ready for a #NgiloFreeChristmaswithColgate! #ColgateRepairandPrevent has been helping me enjoy our family Noche Buena for years now, I can’t even remember the last time I had “pangingilo”.
To know more about the benefits of #ColgateSensitiveProRelief, you may visit the Colgate Page or Colgate Philippines Facebook page To purchase toothpaste online, check out

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  1. Always use colgate sensitive pro relief before eating desserts.
    Allan Reyes

  2. I had sensitive teeth since HS and my tips are use toothpaste made for sensitive teeth.. Avoid acidic food and drinks especially red wine, pop, fruit juices and acidic foods-such as oranges and pickles-can put your enamel under constant attack...

    Riyalyn Gatdula

  3. Using the right toothpaste is the most effective way to have a ngilo free Christmas. :)

    Ma. Clarice Lao

  4. Fruit Salad is our favorite dessert during holiday seasons.i always tell to my kids that everytime they will eat something sweets,laging sasabayan ng paginom ng tubig and wag na wag matutulog ng hindi nasisipilyo para maiwasan ang cavities na unting-unti sumisira sa ating mga ngipin. At syempre,para maiwasan ang ngilo,siguraduhin na hindi nagyeyelo ang kinakain o sobrang init ang kinakain lalo na kung may sira ang ngipin.

    #NgiloFreeChristmaswithColgate #ColgateRepairandPrevent #ColgateSensitiveProRelief

    Ann Margot Gabris

  5. Always brush your teeth with Colgate there are variety to choose.
    Name: Jobanie Macatangay
    Email add:

  6. To avoid "pangingilo"this Christmas, Start using Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Repair and avoid eating hot-cold pattern.Make your mouth and teeth rest for a while to avoid "ngilo" and also use right toothbrush and toothpaste use only the Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Repair.

    Almaira Casanguan

  7. Oh m! I will be joining. What food should I post? Lol can't decide. XD

  8. Eat nutritious food contains calcium, brush your teeth properly as in very well in a morning, afternoon and evening and use Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief as always.


    Joseph Banghal

  9. Im experiencing this bcoz im so hilig to cold foods. Tpos bgla kkain ng mainit. Ay sus,kgaling ko nmn db! My tips to prevent this ngilo,im just brushing my teeth. Using toothpaste that will cure to this. Just like this Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief. Super big help at tlga nmng effectiv. Cmula nun bwas bwas n me s mlamig. Ung sobra b. Msma kc tlga nmn ang sobra at ung myat mya b. Mhirap pgbgyn ng pgbgyn ang srili. Dpt ttgnn dn ntin kung ok p b tau. Wag mamihsa s nksnyan. Sobrng lesson learned po ito pra skin kc hndi biro iting ngilo h. Msakit kya at nkkwala ng gnang kumain. At kya dn kc ito nngyyri kc gwa ng bulok n ipin. So better go n visit to ur dentist din pg my time....! Hope nkatulong po. Merry Christmas mam Rochelle.

    Margarita Lanot

  10. Avoid drinking cold drinks to avoid pangingilo.
    Cecilia Berbano

  11. Using a soft toothbrush is very important with @ColgatePH Sensitive Pro-Relief Repair toothpaste that will help remove or at least lessen the sensitivity of your teeth.
    Merry Christmas Ms Rochelle! 😊
    Thelma Romo

  12. Brush your teeth after every meal and use dental floss to get rid of food stuck in between teeth that can lead to weak and receding gums which cause pangigilo.

    Abigail sy

  13. ice cream we love eating everyday . just make sure to brush your teeth atleast 2x a day and use colgate pro relief so you wont get ngilo after:)
    baby jane magsaysay
    NgiloFreeChristmaswithColgate #ColgateRepairandPrevent #ColgateSensitiveProRelief

  14. Liza Parafina

    How to ngilo free this christmas.
    1. Lagi magtoothbrush ng teeth at gumamit ng Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief.
    2. Gumamit ng softer toothbrush
    3. Wag kalimutan magdental floss
    4. Umiwas sa mga pagkain o drinks na maaasim, mamantika at maaalat.
    5. Regular na bumisita sa dentista.
    #NgiloFreeChristmaswithColgate #ColgateRepairandPrevent #ColgateSensitiveProRelief

  15. For a Ngilo Free this Holiday, dont forget to use Colgate Pro Relief Toothpaste so that happy eating wont be spoil..
    No worries for Ngilo this Holiday and No Teeth Guilt..
    Have a Happy Holidays!! #NgiloFreeChristmaswithColgate #ColgateRepairandPrevent #ColgateSensitiveProRelief
    @colgateph @rochellemiko

  16. For a Ngilo Free Holiday, dont forget to use Colgate Pro Relief Toothpaste so that happy eating wont be spoil.. No worries for Ngilo this Holiday and No Teeth Guilt..
    Have a Happy Holidays!!

    Rona Villanueva
    IG: @iammajikz
    #NgiloFreeChristmaswithColgate #ColgateRepairandPrevent #ColgateSensitiveProRelief
    @colgateph @rochellemiko

  17. Mahilig ako sa ice cream madali ako magcrave sa mga sweets kaya nman palagi ko rin problem ang pangingilo hndi ko na naeenjoy ang aking favorite food kaya nman irerecommend ko na gumamit ng Colgate sensitive pro relief to reduce the pain due to pangingilo.. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  18. I always love to drink frappe especially this holiday season so if anyone here is like me, make sure that you always brush your teeth using a trusted toothpaste like Colgate Pro-relief to prevent "ngilo" happening to you.

    Eiram Mandril

  19. How to "ngilo" free this Christmas?
    As much as possible control the intake of sugary and acidic foods. Use a soft bristled toothbrush and ensure to use Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste to help in removing the sensitivity of the teeth.
    Merry Jane Punla

  20. Hindi ako sumali.:-( But congratulations sa maging winner. It's a good way to start this 2017. Good luck guys!

  21. Wow!! Just read this. Thank You so Much Ms Rochelle!! My 2nd win this 2017! #blessings


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