Great Night Out: GRAVITY MODERN BAR Blue Wave, Pasay City ♥

After sumptuous buffet dinner, We walk a couple of minutes across the street from The Food Club to a bar called Gravity Modern Bar.

The Gravity Modern Bar was recently opened last December 6, 2013. 

The bar offers its customers exceptional cocktails and who have a real passion for quality drinks that are the real highlight on any modern experience. 

Relax and Unwind at the Gravity Modern Bar

 This is also the perfect place to held a special event, gatherings, private parties or birthday celebrations! 
The live music truly makes for a memorable and distinctive evening at the Gravity Modern Bar with DJ Ian in a Perfect Ambiance!

I love a good cocktail because I enjoy the way it tastes and feels.

*Always remember to drink moderately and NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE! 
Miami Vice 
 Gravity Mojito 
 Mudslide Vodka Cocktail 
 Strawberry Frozen Margarita 
 Sex on the Beach 
The Best Selling Delicious and Colorful Cocktails 
Pick your drink!

My Favorite are Mudslide Vodka and Sex on the Beach.

They also have shooters with intriguing names like Extreme Orgasm, Blow Job, Slippery Nipple and Dirty Nipple.

They also offer a wide selection of Sizzling, Grilled and Finger Foods for pulutans or pica pica.
You can also order Platter, Noodles and Pizza and Set Menu are also available for groups. 

This is a superb bar with an excellent range of drinks. The bar staff are friendly. If cocktails are not your thing, order a bottle of beer. 

Bucket of 6's
PROMO: Get six bottles of beer including choice of peanuts, nachos or crackers for only Php 300. This is inclusive of the 10% service charge. 

Fantastic Fun Night with Blogger Friends  

This very special place is not very large so booking is a good idea. 

Visit Gravity Modern Bar
Blue Wave Macapagal Boulevard, 
Corner EDSA Extension, Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City
For Inquiries, contact 0927-7921537

Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday 5PM-2AM
Wednesday-Friday-Saturday 6PM-3AM

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Oh my ! What a great party ! For sure great night talaga yan Ms. Rochelle with great drinks ! I love mud slide so much. May bartending class kasi ako since HRM ang course ko and I really love Mixology ! Kung titignan ay parang super ganda ng ambiance ng bar. That would be a perfect place to party with my friends . Thanks Ms. Rochelle. I will tell my friends about this hahah :) ♥

  2. Cool! This bar seems to be a nice place to hangout with siblings and friends which is also good for gatherings and parties. The place looks great and the drinks seems to be so refreshing. And they have this promos too. Nice photos too! :)

  3. It looks fun and very very nice place to hang out with your frinds. Ang cute ng drinks nila, nakakauhaw tuloy. Ahaha. Hindi pa ko nakakatikim ng ganyan. Maybe soon pag napadpad ako ng Manila, iisang bagsak ko lahat ng nafeature sa blog mo Ms. Rochelle <3
    Ang mura ng bucket nila. Mahal kasi dito sa CC pag nakakita ako ng promo. Yay! I will tell my friends about this. Were planning to have some good time after ng thesis, kaloka ang peg. Ahahah. It really looks a very very nice place, at mukang super happy mo talaga Ms. Rochelle bout your experience at the bar. :)) Yay! Thank you! Anyways, you look like a celebrity at the picture. :) Hope to meet you soon gorgeous blogger :*

  4. I like the Miami Vice and Mudslide Vodka. I miss bar hopping na tuloy, I hope to have a get together with my previous colleagues and I will suggest to this place while I am in Manila. I have three days remaining pa, hehe :) I wanna compliment your hair ms.rochelle, nag istand out pa rin kahit gabi na, love it <3

  5. Ganda mag party-party dito oh, the place is awesome! And though I don't drink, I like them.. so colorful and looked very refreshing. ♥ they are so creative~ ;) I hope I can go to this bar too with my friends.. I'm sure mag eenjoy sila ;) You really had a great night with your blogger friends huh ^_^ ♥

  6. Looks really fun! hindi ako mahilig mag bar, I prefer comedy bar than this ones.. or probably yung may acoustic live band.. I never tried bars like this. But the drinks presentation looks really awesome. I feel dizzy with different kind of dancing lights, but their ambiance looks great naman, Hopefully matry ko din :D ♥


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