Starbucks Planner 2014 ♥

Finally! Yehey! I redeemed my 18 stickers that I collected drinking extra calories everyday, I love coffee and whipped cream so it was really not a big deal for me. I was just making fun or it was a joke that I was having stomachache and that I cannot sleep anymore due to drinking too much coffee, that is so not true! Hahaha!!!   

But honestly I really do not have any plans on availing the Starbucks planner this year because I have been trying to do it every year but they just ended on the waste.

When I bought frappuccino and saw that completing the stickers to get the Starbucks planner are extended until January 17, something just made me decided that I want it! Back then I still have 8 stickers needed to complete to get the planner so everyday I went to Starbucks, so just last January 14th, I completed the 18 stickers needed to get the Starbucks planner but it was unavailable so luckily when I went to Rockwell Mall yesterday, I was able to redeemed it but with only the available color which is brown. 

I had so much fun unboxing it! It felt like it was a gift but actually a reward for letting myself gained weight with all the calories and forgetting my diet for a few days. My first plan that I would write down on my planner would be how to lose weight. 
This year's theme is "Coffee Perfection"
Magnetic clip on the side! 
Each comes with a coffee icon bookmark and with the color brown it has the House Blend Icon.  

I was curious about these QR Codes that I found at a corner and I learned that if you scan that with a scanning app and if you are online, you will redirected to a Starbucks Video that explain on what the printed story is all about! It was awesome! 

Take a peek of what's inside! 
I love that there was no lines that making it easier to jot down your daily notes and schedule and as for me I would put pictures on it or drawings and stickers to make things more fun and interesting. 

It has stickers and coupons at the back of the page and it also has fourteen (14) coupons with different Starbucks treats.  
I was so happy with the stickers! I love stickers ♥ 

What do you think of the Starbucks Planner 2014?
Did you also avail one? In what color? 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Congrats for getting your SB Planner.. :) Ako kaya kelan makakacomplete ng stickers at makakakuha ng ganyan hihihi. Ang ganda ng planner nila ngayon eh. <3

    1. Thank you Istin! :)
      Dapat nga ginawa ko nag hang out na lang ako sa Starbucks and nanghingi stickers sa mga bumibili hindi kinukuha yung stickers nila :-)

  2. I got the fuchsia one and I love it. <3 I've been getting a Starbucks planner since I was in high school and I just love the quality plus the freebies/discounts included. :)

    1. I want that too! I think it's Magenta but it is already sold out! I will try to collect again every year. :-)

  3. Hala! May prob ata cp ko, hindi ko nakita 'tong review mo ng Starbucks Planner. Kung hindi pa ko gumamit ng pc. tsk. Anyways, nice review. Love the stickers. :) Ang cute.

  4. Yay! Congrats Ms. Rochelle! I remember one of your status before that you still need stickers to complete the card, that you can't sleep at night because of drinking a lot of coffee. hehe. Finally! Yey! My sister got her planner last january 6, and the color is somewaht yellowish brown too. Parang puro ganun na lang yung natitira. Maganda sana yung magenta nila, para lucky color of the year. Sayang. Maybe next year. :D Anyways, enjoy your planner ms. rochelle! :)

    1. Thank you! Uu nga e, Yun sana bet ko color pero okay din naman yung brown lucky color for the year of the horse din :-)
      Hahaha! Joke lang na status yun :))

  5. How cute! Congrats ms. Rochelle for availing your ever desired planner and for surpassing your sacrifices just to avail one. hehe! This planner is great, and really a must have. Specially if you are having a hectic daily schedule like you. A helpful task reminder for important things to do.
    Love it for having the Magnetic clip, cute stickers and of course the coupons. Really nice to have one too! :)

  6. My dream Planner ! Huhu ! I really LOVE STARBUCKS po. Napakachallenging nung pagcocollect ng stickers nila and ang kapalit ay ang planner. Ang fierce naman po ng color kahit yan nalang ang natira tsaka ang cool po tignan nung color :)
    Nakakatuwa yung mga stickers ! You can put it anywhere you want but for me , I'll put it dun sa date kung saan napakamemorable ng moment ^__^
    Nakakatuwa rin na may coupons pa na kasama, hindi po talaga nasayang yung paghihirap mo sa pagcollect ng stickers for that planner. They are also updated about dun sa mga Codes na trending ngayon para mapadali ang pagdadownload ng mga apps about something. So cool talaga !
    I really love the Bookmark with that House blend icon ang cute cute niya gamitin at tignan haha.
    I hope na mapuno mo po ng fun and unforgettable moments, activities, seminars and invitations ang planner na yan. I hope this year will be full of enjoying moments for you as well as sakin din po hehe .

    Do more Ms. Rochelle :)
    God Bless po !

    1. Yes okay din yung Brown naisip ko nga LUCKY COLOR OF THE YEAR din pala :-)
      Buti at naisipan ko din collect sana lang this time hindi na siya matapon lang, talaga I will jot down fun memories and mga plans.

      God Bless din :-)

  7. Wow, you have SB planner! I have here 10 stickers, way to go before I could complete the 18. Pero i dont have any plans to get the planner talaga, nagcollect lang ako sticker because i was influenced by my friend, sya nakacomplete, ako hindi :D. Its okay,

    1. Sayang naman 8 na lang. You can gift or sell it :-)
      Pede sana gawin pala just hang out at Starbucks and yung mga hindi kinukuha yung stickers just ask for it. Hahaha! I wish I did that pero kinulangan din kapalan ng fez.

    2. Haha, my friend's brother offered me 400 for my 8 stickers. Pwede na rin. hehe di man ako nakakuha ng planner, may pangdagdag pangshopping :D

  8. Got mine last December. Got the magenta one--good thing because that color ran out of stock first in the local SB. Love the color, but not too crazy about the vinta bookmark. It won't stay put inside the bag--the edges keep snagging since the vinta's wider than the planner's thickness.

  9. Yay! Congrats you completed the stickers! ♥ Kahit mas bet ko din yung magenta.. nice din naman ang brown. :) Amaaaazing talaga ang QR codes! gusto ko talaga niyan! XD and i love stickers too! Then maganda by the end of the year.. you'll share the summary sa mga nangyari at nakasulat sa SB planner niyo po.. *hehe* suggest lang po ;)))) Enjoy your planner ♥

  10. Awww...same here...sobrang kape yung ininom ko just to collect the stickers, however for the sister company naman which you know na siguro by now :D
    I was actually about to collect the stickers here din kaya lang I already bought the BDJ Planner, so I declined kasi they are bounded by dates, if it were more on notes sana, thi is my choice for my secod planner sana which I am going to use sa office.
    Well at least we all found the perfect planners for all of us :D and I think you got a lot of planners as well..hahaha... I suggest you keep the nes that are versatile so you can use them despite if the year ended and use the ones that are bounded by dates such as this one :)

  11. Wow, nice planner. I didn't know that they have such a nice design for their planner. So lucky you Ms Chelle hehe. thanks shinare mo yung sayo. I am not someone who loves having a planner, but seeing yours hehe bakit I feel jealous and I want to have one too. Ang cute ng details nya lalo na yung magnetic clip.. I love it. ehehehe Hindi halatang mahilig ka nga sa kape Ms Chelle. Good antioxidant wag lang sosobra. Hayyy I am craving for their frappes hehehe.


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