How can you let Kids be Kids with Mom's loving Protection? + NIDO 3+ refreshed “You’re My Number One” music video!

What a great year to start with my first event for this year with the 2014 campaign of Laking Nido 3+, Protektado! Media Round Table Discussion held at Chef Jessie, Rockwell Club today, January 15. 

It was a discussion about Letting Kids Be Kids with Mom's Loving Protection.

Representing the younger generation of moms, new NIDO 3+ brand ambassador Barbie Almalbis-Honasan attended the event alongside child expert and Associate Professor at the Family Life and Child Development Department of the College of Home Economics of UP Diliman, Dr. Lilian Leynes-Juadiong

Celebrity Mom Barbie Almalbis-Honasan and Child Expert Dr. Lilian Leynes-Juadiong team up to share how moms can extend their loving protection to their kids with NIDO®3+ with Ms. Tin Libarnes, Assistant Vice President for Consumer Marketing-NIDO and Raymond Lagdameo, Consumer Marketing Manager at Nestlé Philippines Inc.

We were among the first to hear the parenting experiences and expert insights on the different factors first-time moms worry about, including what can help moms in building their child’s body defenses while allowing them to explore the world on their own.

Kids will be kids and as they become older, they become increasingly curious, explorative, and impulsive. Outdoor plays entail more interaction with people, animals and other things, exposing them to possible sicknesses.

 This causes so much anxiety among young moms, who always want their kids protected but who also know that they cannot always be there for that. 
This is where NIDO® 3+, developed with the best of Nestlé Research, comes in.
“Mothers are very keen on what they give their kids and they mainly worry about three things during the growing up years. First is if they are getting real value for their money. Second is the acceptability of these purchases, which may be food or drinks, to their kids. 
Does it appeal to their kid’s palate? Is this something that their kids can appreciate daily? Does it protect them as they explore new things? And, third, is ease of preparation which is something first-time, and often working moms consider,” shared Dr. Juadiong during the media event. “Given these factors, good and high-quality sources of nourishment and nutrients become mommy’s little helpers to help lessen the things they worry about. 

Special ingredients such as Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, a unique combination of live active good microorganisms, play an important role in strengthening your child’s body defenses. 
With this, first-time moms can have peace of mind while allowing their kids to play and be healthy without adverse effects.”

Singer-songwriter, wife, and mother of two growing kids – Stina, 6 and Liam, 3 – Barbie proudly shared with us her parenting experiences. 
“They say that having a child is like having your heart walk around outside your body. That's exactly how I feel about my kids, and when Stina was very young, I used to always panic whenever she fell down or hurt herself, and she would always cry.  We later realized that it was actually my reaction that caused her to fear and cry.  When I learned to be calm and just quietly help her up, she also learned to just rub her small 'boo-boo' and go right back to playing. When Liam was born, we already learned to apply the 'keep-calm' attitude with him, and like his sister, he's confident at play and knows how to pick himself up when he falls,” shared Barbie. 
“This is when young moms like me start to get a grip on motherhood and gain more assurance. I'm thankful for the things that help me equip and protect my kids every day,” Barbie added.

During the event, the attendees also had an exclusive screening of the refreshed version of the well-loved NIDO 3+ “You’re My Number One” music video. 

Barbie closely worked with fellow NIDO 3+ brand ambassador Sharon Cuneta who last revived the song back in 2009. “It was an honor to work alongside Sharon and her son, Miguel, for this project. I am equally thrilled that I got to do this with both Stina and Liam who also enjoy NIDO 3+ very much,” said Barbie.

Nestlé Philippines also gave a sneak-peek on the various initiatives of NIDO 3+ for this year, maximizing online platforms to reach and support first-time moms. According to a study on digital behaviour among women, mothers go online to gather relevant information and reach out for opinions. 

NIDO 3+ responds to this need of first-time moms in a creative way by optimizing social media.

A unique feature on the NIDO 3+ Facebook to watch at 
is the “You’re My Number One” Sing-Along Tab. 
With everybody’s favourite NIDO 3+ song’s fresh new beat, moms and their kids get to sing along with Barbie for fostering bonds between mother and child.
Other exciting apps include a digital meter which gauges what worries mothers during the kid’s growing up years and a special promotion for moms and their little ones to capture the protection and enjoyment kids experience with NIDO 3+.

With NIDO 3+’s new campaign underway, first-time moms can let their kids be kids with their love coupled with the protection of Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, Prebio 3, and other essential nutrients.

Despite the challenges of raising kids, the world of parenting can definitely be magical while enabling kids to be exposed, exploring and experiencing the world for them to grow into the best they can possibly be.

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. That words of Barbie is soooo inspirational. And the video, very touching. Naalala ko yung first commercial ni Sharon at nung daughters nya. Eventhough I have no kids pa, I remember how my mom raise us. Batang Nido din kami ng kapatid ko. :) And my little sissy also drinks this. Eto yung hinahanap nya lagi at hiyang nya. Lusog lusog nun. :D Dapat nagmodel ka din ng Nido pati yung son mo Ms. Rochelle. Pede diba? Looks a celebrity mom and child. :)

    1. Thanks Aegeane!
      Yes super inspiring yung words ni Barbie about her kids. Usually kase ako nga I was like her too and sobra dami ko din natutunan sa event nato. :-)

      My kids super love nila yung Nido, Ang sarap daw and maganda din naman talaga madami great benefits drinking NIDO!

  2. Thanks for this Blog Ms. Rochelle I will definitely tell my auntie's to read this. Kapaki-pakinabang talaga ang blog na ito dahil sa panahon po natin ngayon marami na rin ang nagiging mommy at the young age not knowing kung ano at paano ba nila maalagaan ang babies nila. Sana marami pa ring Moms ang umaattend sa mga ganitong activities or seminar because this is a big help po para sa growth and development ng mga bata. Moms will not be always at their babies sides so kailangan talaga ng mga kids nang sapat na nutrition while their exploring their environment.
    I feel envious whenever my Mom told us na my eldest brother is the only one who drink NIDO during his childhood. Kasi we allknow naman po na sa tingin ng mga tao NIDO ang pinaksikat at mahal sa lahat pero hindi nila nakikita ang mga nutritional facts na naiibibigay nito at yun po ang most important :)

    I hope maraming Moms ang makabasa ng Blog na ito . In order for them to give their kids the quality and trusted milk :)
    Thanks once again and God Bless po !

    1. Yes dami ko din talaga natutunan when I attended this event :-)
      Thanks for your wonderful comments and God Bless!

  3. nothing beats the experience of being a mother. iba iba talaga un mararanasan mo with every child. minsan maiirita ka sa kakulitan pero walang katumbas na halaga naman un saya na nabibigay nila with every actions and words we see and hear from them. never ending ung amazement.

    1. Yes being a mother is the best experience and there is a lot of learning that everyday you will learned from you child as well. Let them be a kid and have fun to learn how to explore.:-)

  4. i love this post. i agree with other commenter's. being a mom is like a lifetime job or commitment for me.i became mom when i was 19. before i was clueless kung pano mag-alaga ng new born. thanks to my mom who's always there to teach me how to properly take care of my son.. and now that tatlo na sila. hahahaha windang ang world ko. but i loved it! i am also worried kasi yung panganay ko eh tamad ng kumain it's because puro computer games and watching movies ang hilig..THANKS for this post so informative to a mom like me. i will buy this Nido 3+ and give it a try for my son.. sana magustuhan niya para worry free na ko :)

    1. Aiko sobra parehas pala tayo I became a Mom din when I was 19 and same here thanks to my mom and I have 3 kids as well and sobra hilig nila sa ipad.
      My kids love the taste of Nido :)

  5. Indeed a must read post! This phrase is so true “that having a child is like having your heart walk around outside your body..", it simply explain a mom's feeling of having a child on her own. Have to share this specially to moms like me, who wishes nothing but only the best for our kid. So glad to be informed bout this, coz' even if I haven't been there for the discussion, it feels like I've already known what's the best for my baby. I've been browsing the net as early as now too, in preparation of my baby's future milk which I can trust and lean on which has all my baby's nutrition needs, that's I won't be worrying about the next day. thanks again for this post.;) God bless!

    My baby is too young for this product but eventually I'm gonna let her have the best for her. :)

    1. Breastmilk is always best for your baby but when your child is old enough then NIDO is a trusted brand that is good for them :-)

      I love what she said too and I could not agree more that having a child is like having your heart walk around outside your body. Your whole heart just belongs to our child :)

    2. True! I'll be giving this milk to her as soon as she reached 3..:)

  6. wow what a great event Ms.Rochelle. I like events for moms like this, it helps us out and feed us info and ideas about raising our kids. It is indeed very helpful not only for young moms. I like that Barbie shared how a parent should calm herself whenever our kids fall. I agree with her, when my son fall or got hurt my initial reaction is to panic. which was very wrong. I have learned to calm myself and that has made my kids calm and pick themselves when they fall like nothing happened. Thanks so much for this post Ms.Rochelle. I have so much to share sana if I could attend events like this. I will try to switch my son's milk to NIDO na rin :D

    1. I wish you lived in Manila and definitely there is a lot of events you can attend :-)
      NIDO was one of the best event I attended because I learned so much about parenting and how to raise my kids.
      There was one that I forgot to mention but that is NEVER FORCE YOUR CHILD TO SAY SORRY! When you make them say SORRY it should be coming from the HEART and let them reflect on what they did wrong and it should be sincere when they say the WORD SORRY that should help them how to be true to themselves. :-)

    2. Thanks for sharing that Ms.Rochelle. with my eldest, talagang inuutusan ko syang mag Sorry if he made a mistake. Now, I have a new and most effective approach. Parenting is a learning process, dami nating di pa alam, so events like this is really a HUGE help.
      OO nga Ms.Rochelle andami kong namimissed na events haha lilipat na ata ako ng Manila.

  7. Being a mother really makes your life different. You just think about your daughter/Son,You want them to be healthy and all. That's why Nido is there to help us to help them grow strong and even healthy. ^^

  8. Nice event! Really helpful for moms. :) I know being a mother is hard but fun at the same time. A mother choose the best for her child including the milk. Breastmilk is still the best, but for a working mom and when the child is getting older.. he/she still needs a supplementary milk like NIDO for a complete nutrition. Just like barbie, I also get panic when a child fell down or being hurt though I'm still not a mom pa. and yeah, it's good to stay calm and also the child learns something from that.. kaya nga paminsan, sinsabi nila na.. "hayaan lang, para matuto ang bata."
    P.S. I always like the NIDO commercials. :)

  9. awww... at my age, I can definitely say na batang NIDO ako. They used to come in BIG Cans before and part ng Balikbayan box from Saudi ng Papa ko. DI pa kasi ganun karami noon nung Kid pako...but everything now is readily available. I remember when I was a Kid, inuulam ko in. I just put the powder on top my rice and that's it...pinapapak ko pa yung powder...Those were the days.
    Now, yung Kid ko is actually a NIDO user na din for ages above 3 ang gamit niya. I am actually not that paranoid pag nadadapa siya or nauuntog...I learned kasi na the more you baby her, the more she would cry so we would just laugh about it and she just lets me kiss it...until now. May pagkapahiya factor din kasi if you would shout out about her condition leadign her to self pity and crying. Although I could not say the same to my mother...sya unang nagpapanic...hahaha..I guess that is normal for grandmothers.


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