PRODUCT REVIEW: Antibacterial Soap Showdown ♥


I got two different brands of soap, I put them to the test to see which one is best suited for my family. 
Find out which one I chose.

First up, the Leading Brand, with three different scents to choose from.
and Shield, also, three different ones to choose from.
(Cleansing White, Blooming Pink and Calming Beige) 

I put both brands to the test, Leading Brand (White variant) and Shield (Cleansing White). 


IDEAL FOR: Family/Bath soap


It is important to use antibacterial soap after a long day out in the sun or working out at the gym. It helps reduce the appearance of breakouts and helps eliminate body odor.

All my children enjoy playing out in the playground. However, germs and bacteria tend to stick on to the equipment that they use, which can later induce sickness. It is good to know that there is an antibacterial soap that has a key ingredient of Triclocarban to protect from illness caused by what they may pick up whenever they’re out playing. It also makes them smell fresh, too!

Let’s take a look at the Leading Brand.

60g-Php 14.75  
90g- Php 25.00

It has a fresh clean scent that is pleasant and not overpowering. 

The Leading Brand has an ergonomic shape. I like that it has a curved underside that you can actually hold onto the soap easier without it sliding out of your hands. It’s also great when placed on a soap dish. My kids usually leave water on the dish, causing other bar soaps to melt. Thanks to this design, the bar actually lasts longer and saves you money in the long run.

I actually love the Leading Brand. Not only that it’s antibacterial, it also has a clean scent. It helps remove oil and dirt from your skin but it’s gentle enough to keep your skin moisturized. I remember when I was in elementary school when I used to suffer from bad case of acne. I tried shower gels and other brands of soap but didn’t really help me with my problem. Someone suggested that I should try the Leading Brand and within a few weeks, my zits were gone!

This is a great product to cleanse your skin for a blemish-free body. It also controls body odor and has no sticky residue. Since all my children are boys, they tend to be very active and perspire easily. I use the Leading Brand when giving them a bath. It helps me protect them from getting body odor and get rid off the germs on their bodies that they accrue throughout the day. It is very economical and we are very satisfied. This is truly made for the family. 

Now, let’s talk about Shield Bath Soap by ACS Manufacturing Corporation that is approved by the Philippine Nurses Association, Inc.  

This is actually the first time I used and heard about Shield but I have seen the TVC recently. As a proud nurse, I really enjoyed the advertisement they did and I was convinced with what has been said: 

"Hindi biro maging nurse, dapat marunong sa sakit at marunong din mag alaga yung bang may malasakit, kaya pag dating sa bath soap, hanap ko tulad ko lalo't may pamilya ako kaya ang gamit ko Shield Bath Soap galit eto sa sakit na tulad ng germs, may antibacterial na pareho ng sa leading brand, may malasakit sa skin dahil may shea butter moisturizer may malasakit din sa budget dahil super affordable! "
Shield Antibacterial Soap (Cleansing White)

Shield Cleansing White is an all in one bath soap. It is mild to the skin at the same time giving you maximum protection against germs and bacteria.

Shield is your all-in-one bath soap giving you maximum protection against germs and bacteria at the same time leaving your skin nice and smooth.

Shield Bath Soap has Anti-Bacterial ingredients giving your skin long-lasting protection against germs and bacteria that may cause disease and body odor. Shield is infused with Active Skin Moisturizer (Shea Butter) that helps maintain the skin's moisture while cleansing. 

60 grams- Php 11.25 
90 grams- Php 19.75 

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Tapioca Starch, Palm Kernel Acid, Water, Fragrance, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Sodium Lactate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Triclocarban, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Chloride, Disodium Etidronate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Disodium Distyrylbiphenyl Disulfonate, BHA
It smells fresh and natural but not overpowering.
The Shield has rounded corners and smooth surface! 

♥ I love that it is moisturizing. It has shea butter, a particularly effective moisturizer that contains fatty acids that is used to retain skin moisture and elasticity. The soap however, is not as economical as the Leading Brand. It melts the soap when it’s put on a soap dish.
Lathers well, I really love the bubbles that Shield Bath Soap creates when you lather it.
Has a good clean refreshing scent that is not too strong or too soft. It has a nice fragrance that will guarantee compliments on how good you will smell. It made my skin feel very clean. It has no sticky residue that makes skin feeling dry and itchy. The soap provides moisturizing effect along with the antibacterial and deodorant benefits. It has fresh all day feeling and has a reasonable price. I would recommend this soap to anyone. 

Leading Brand VS. Shield

For some reasons when I asked my son which soap he prefers he replied "Shield 


EFFECTIVENESS- I think both the Leading Brand and Shield Antibacterial soaps are both effective in removing and giving maximum protection against germs and bacteria, preventing body odors and diseases. If I was to pick one, I find the Leading Brand to be more effective. Maybe it’s because it’s what we are accustomed to.

FRAGRANCE/SCENT- I personally love the smell of Shield. I find the fragrance very refreshing.

SKIN FEEL/TEXTURE - I prefer the moisturizing power of Shield, it leaves skin soft and smooth feeling. 

LONGEVITY OF FRESHNESS FEELING: After a long day and intense sweaty workout, the Leading Brand and Shield has the same longevity of freshness but I prefer the Leading Brand

AVAILABILITY- The Leading Brand is available almost everywhere while Shield has been a bit difficult to find due to it being a new product.

AFFORDABILITY- They are both very affordable but Shield is almost P5 cheaper than the Leading Brand for the 90 grams bar of soap.

How about you?
Which one would you prefer? 
The Leading Brand or Shield?

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. I am also a shield user.for some reason, first It's not expensive compare to the leading brand.It has a shea butter that really helps to moisturize.I even like its smell as well.. ^^

  2. I love this post very detailed. Parang nagbabasa lang ako ng Ads sa isang magazine o newspaper. <3 it. If i were to chose, i prefer The leading Brand. Kaunti lang naman yung pagkakaiba ng price eh. Pero sa tingin ko mas effective yung The Leading Brand. Makahanap nga ng ganyan. :)

  3. Hi, Ms.Rochelle. What a comprehensive review! I like how detailed you compare the two different products. I also conduct a road test whenever i try new products for my family. I always want the best for my family so I make sure that every product we use is safe. I also consider the price and availability somehow. Mahirap rin kasi yung di agad available. If you prefer Shield, its advisable na bumili na ng marami at di yung paisa-isa. Practicality, ika nga. Pero when it comes to family soap, I prefer to use something na di agad magaamoy pawis agad mga bata.. I am curious about this Shield soap. I like to try, bakasakaling hiyang ng pamilya. I like that it has moisturizer para di nakakadry sa skin nila. Some soaps dba super makapang dry ngbalat although it gives long lasting protection,.

  4. What a nice review. This was my first time to read a review about body soap na parati namang parte ng pang-araw-araw na buhay natin. It is really nice of you na magbigay po ng mga ganitong review for our hygiene for us to know ano nga ba talaga ang mas kapaki-pakinabang at mas karapat-dapat na gamitin. Yung iba kasi they really stick dun sa kung magkano ang price hindi na nila pa inaalala kung ano nga ba ang epekto at naitutulong nun sa katawan nila. I was really amazed po kasi sa ibang tao ang simple-simple lang ng usaping ito pero para talaga 'to sa safety and health natin :)
    Honestly, hindi ko pa po natatry yung Shield pero dahil sa review na ito , I gotta try. Maganda din naman po yung result about dun sa Shield and mukang quality trust din po siya. This is really helpful. Nagising ako sa importance ng mga products na dapat nating gamitin for our hygiene :)

    Thanks for this po !
    God Bless Ms. Rochelle. ♥

  5. Very detailed ang post na ito. <3 I love how you compare the two brands. Kung ako papapiliin, I wanted the "shield" more. Mas mura kase yet it gives the same feeling as the leading brand. Pero hindi ko pa nakikita yung brand na shield sa market. Hope to see it soon. Nareccomend ko na din sa mom ko to ngayon gayon lang. She loves your post about this too. :) Thank you for informing us Ms. Rochelle. :) And oh by the way, I thought your also a model of the gym in the picture above. Sexy mommy. Very maputi and pretty kahit na nagwowork out. <3 <3

  6. Thanks for sharing the review. I want try shield but the hubby insisted to use the "leading brand" instead. Based on your comparison, there's a small difference on the rating so I guess Shield is also worth the price. Will buy this on my next trip to the supermarket.

  7. Thank you for sharing this review. I want to try this brand but the hubby insisted to buy the "leading brand" instead. Based on your comparison, there's only a small difference on the rating. I guess will have to try this out on our next grocery shopping.

  8. Now this I gotta say something..
    I actually have an idea what the leading brand is and I must say that I am not fond of it mainly because it is really a bit drying. It isn't also recommended for people with severe skin asthma such as my daughter and sister and even me. even our dermatologist told us not to use this. HOwever, I found a similar brand but is not manufactured here in the Philippines. It has a luxurious amount of Aloe. I usually buy this leading brand in SNR (where most item is imported). You can actually see the difference between the locally manufactured leading brand soap to the imported one plus the shape is similar to Dove.

    As for melting, one thing I learned is that organic and moisturizig soaps really tend to melt faster, so what I do is to chop or slice them into smaller pieces for use so that when wet, it doesn't melt the whole soap and I put it on a special soap dish away from the shower area to avoind from frequently getting soaked accidentally.

    If shield does really moisturize then it is understandable that it will melt faster than the leading brand. The harder the soap, the less the moisturizing capabilities. I actually like the leading brand that I bought from SNR but for the locally manufactured one, might decline (I know..Pro Filipino, but a skin care is a skin care and we are not "hiyang" with this one)
    Now this "Shield" I gotta see... it ain't expensive naman, so I just might give it a try..hehehe
    Nice review and comparison by the way...

  9. Nice review! I like how you compared it ;) Antibacterial soap is important.. you can use it together with another soap I think like gluta and also mas okay if you cut the soap so that it can fit your palm and mas matagal pa magamit. *hehe* These antibacterial soap (Leading brand and shield) are both good and effective but I like how the shield can moisturize though I also like the longevity of the leading brand. They are both very affordable! Soooo, both are okay for me ♥ haha

  10. Thanks for the review Ms Chelle, I just dont like the packaging of shield parang cheap kasi tingnan. Most of the time, I look at the products packaging. Naiisip ko kasi kung d nila kayang pagandahin yung labas how much more sa content, sa isip isip ko lang naman. I really love soap that isn't drying, ayaw ko rin naman ng sobrang dulas lang sa balat.. parang di kasi malinis pag ganon. feeling ko lang.
    I think its a nice product naman, will try it since its affordable :D

  11. wow such a great post. very detailed when comparing two products.konti lang naman ang difference between the leading brand and the Shield. but i prefer to the leading brand.tho its quite expensive compare to shield. us moms wants to give nothing but the best for our family. di pa ko nakakakita nito sa supermarket dito samen. i wanna give it a try :) sana lang maging available din sila sa mga sari-sari stores para lahat ma try ang product nilang ito. i love reading this kind of post. so informative. than ks for sharing ur thoughts about this soap :)

  12. At first, I wasn't interested in trying Shield because I thought it was just another imitation of the leading brand and honestly, I didn't like its name. :) Later on, I gave it a try and was so happy that I did! The three main reasons why I really liked it the first time are:
    1) the assurance that my skin is protected because of its antibacterial properties,
    2) its mild fragrance (the beige variant), and
    3) when stored properly, HINDI SIYA MADALING MATUNAW!!! :))
    Haha! Clearly, you can see how important firmness and longevity are to me.
    After prolonged use, I noticed that it dried my skin, but the leading brand tends to cause skin dryness as well. However, I know I will buy Shield again because of the positive aspects I mentioned.

    1. Facebook PM sent. Thanks a lot for making my day, Miss Rochelle! <3

  13. I want to try this Shield soap the 3 variants when I read your reviews I think It will be best than the leading brand...It will be best also for my family to use it daily for their active life!

  14. Woow miss rocheele i try this soap and it so very refreshing... specially the pink one..^_^

  15. Shield antibacterial soap is love, much more affordable than any other antibacterial soap! I love the blooming pink! Not that because pink is my fave color but because of the scent

  16. Where can I find the audio file of the jingle? Maganda yun eh. Cannot seem to find it. Puro TVC lang. Please help.


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