ULTRAFLESH Shinebox Highlight and Shimmer Collection ♥

StrawberryNet Beauty Fusion Kit Review

Last month I received an email to try Beauty Fusion Kit from StrawberryNet.com
It took about a month for me to received the product probably due to the holidays and because it is from Hong Kong but I was so impressed with how well it was packaged. It was packed in a cardboard box and wrapped with a purple strawberry design wrapper and packed securely in a bubble wrap so I received the product in a perfect condition.  

I don't use and clueless about how to use highlighter but with this kit, highlighter has been like a cosmetic best friend that I trust and can count on. 

My Daily Makeup Routine: BB Cream+ Loose Powder + Blush on + Lipstick and Mascara occasionally.

10 reasons on Why you should use a Highlighter:

1. Highlighter will make you look younger
2. Open up your eyes
3. Smaller nose
4. Make your forehead look polished 
5. To give you a lift
6. Plump your lips
7. Hide dark circles around the eyes
8. For radiant look
9. Create Bones and Muscles
10. Look well rested

 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Fusion Beauty Ultraflesh Shine Box Highlight & Shimmer Collection
PRICE: Php 1464.00 or $39
♥ It does not contain Parabens and Sulfates
The palette's packaging is very beautiful and elegant 

Each of the five colors can be used all over the face.

ULTRAFLESH Shinebox Highlight and Shimmer Collection- this multipurpose Highlight and Shimmer Collection compact is for the eyes, lips and cheeks. Formulated with an emollient cream to powder formulation, they hold up for maximum wear without ever creasing.  
All Over Enhancer
 All Over Highlighter
 All Over Shimmer
ULTRAFLESH secret shimmer 
ULTRAFLESH nude shimmer

Do you often use a highlighter?
Do you use it during the day or only for a night out?

I will create a look using ULTRAFLESH Shinebox Highlight and Shimmer Collection kit soon!  

Shine Everywhere, Shine Always! 

ORDER AT: StrawberryNET.com


ABOUT StrawberryNET.com
The world's largest online retailer of discount makeup, perfume, skincare and haircare; stocking over 30,000 products from 600+ leading brands- up to 60% OFF. Offer FREE shipping on all orders. 

Like fresh strawberries, all products are fresh and genuine brand items and all special offers are simply, irresistibly sweet. 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Oooh ! This was my first time hearing about highlighter. Hahhah wala talaga akong idea kung para saan yung product so I'll be waiting po talaga sa paggamit niyo nung highlighter. When I saw the price talagang nanlaki yung mata ko .. huhu So expensive Ms. Rochelle. Pero mukhang effective siya at talagang kering keri niya yung purpose niya :)
    Hope to see your photo with the highlighter Ms. Rochelle :)
    God Bless po ! ♥

  2. Hi Ms. Rochelle! I am also using highlighter, I love how it makes my look very radiant and glowy looking. :) The one I currently using is the high beam ng benefit. Cream form sya pero maganda yung effect sa skin. Very ntural. What I dont like is that medyo mahal para sa small bottle, and hindi sya nalalagay sa may cupid ng lips at forehead. :( Sa cheeks lang talaga.
    I am searching for a good highlighter, yung hindi na cream form. Sumakto na naman tong review mo Ms. Rochelle! <3 It seems to be a very nice product, hongkong pa galing. <3 Medyo pricey nga lang. Pero mukhang magada ilagay. Are you using na po ba itong highlighter na to? Kasi sa mga pics mo Ms. Rochelle your skin looks dewy and glowing. :) If yes, then pag iipunan ko to para maachieve ko ang skin like yours. <3 Hihi. I am excited for the look you would create using this product. Tons of tips and inspiration na naman galing sayo. More powers Ms. Rochelle! Stay pretty! <3.<3

  3. Hi, Ms. Rochelle! I Love your Review. It seems a very nice product. At ang ganda ng lalagyan. Pwede syang pangtravel. Love it! :) More power to your blog!

  4. oww,too pricey.. A compliment about the packaging, it looks classy. What i dont like about it though, it doesnt have mirror. I hope its longevity gives justice to its price. I usually use highlighters whenever I go out pero for everday makeup, i seldom use highlighters. I am sorry for being very ignorant pero its actually my first time to hear about this brand. I cant wait for the look using this set.

  5. Ang ganda...I want this. Last time, I just recently splurged on makeup when I visited Snoe. It was something of a stress reliever. I needed something to uplift my mood. I was actually looking also for a concealer and a good highlighter. I saw one but expensive too...but I promise to buy me one. Might read on reviews on this one frst before I decide.

  6. I don't think that's something I buy 'cos I don't use a highlighter that often. Only on special occasions where I need to look made up. :) I'm not closing my doors to new things in the makeup world, though, so let's see.


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