Beauty Product Review: Herbal Hollywood Style Whitening Lotion ♥

Herbal Hollywood Style Whitening Lotion ♥ 
For Knees, Elbows & Body ♥ 
 WHERE TO BUY: Hollywood Style products are now widely distributed in Watson's, Shopwise, Rustan's Landmark and other specialty stores near you!
PRICE: P200 
 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Herbal Hollywood Style Whitening Lotion For Knees, Elbows & Body 
 Minimizes freckles, reduces darkening & makes skin fairer and brighter.
 This extra strength lotion is especially made for body parts that are darker than the rest of the body and need extra care. It is made with high concentrations of bleaching actives, such as papaya, arbutin, and glycolic acid to brighten and whiten skin around neck, knees, elbows, feet and other darker parts. Use daily all over body to achieve a glowing, radiant, soft and beautiful look.
 Purified water, mineral oil, safflower extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Papaya fruit extract, Licorice extract, mulberry extract, lemon fruit extract, orange flower extract, chamomile flower extract, grapefruit extract, and gooseberry extract.
 DIRECTIONS: Apply as needed, using additional lotion on areas that require extra attention. For best results use daily. 
 I love that all Herbal Hollywood Style Products are sealed for protection.  
  • Absorbs quickly and leaves no sticky residue
  • Contains natural skin whitening ingredients like Licorice, Kojic Acid & Arbutin.
  • Protects against age & environmental damage
  • With Papaya Juice & Enzymes for instant brightening.
  • It helps whiten dark spots, 
  • I get compliment with the scent of the lotion that it smells fruity, minty and sweet  
  • The Convenience of the Packaging
  • Very Affordable for the amount you are getting.
  • It does not have a SPF so I only use the lotion before bedtime.


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**Complimentary Product**

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  1. With all the whitening products available in the market today, somethings I go "loco" in selecting which is best for me without fishing out a lot of money. There was a time in my childhood years (when the basis of beauty is how fair you are) that I was really dark and get ridiculed as "whitney tyson", "negra" etc... but as time goes by, I learned to accept that this is who I am and that I am exotic..hahaha...although, I still wish I get to have an even skintone all over the body including those "dark" secret areas :D
    Going back (I get sidetracked most of the time)... I actually have a small notebook where I keep tabs of all things interesting and I will add this in the list. May not be able to try this out yet, but will be used for my future reference.
    Thanks a lot :)

    1. Hahaha.. I do that too, I have a notebook where I have all my list of products to try.

      Me too, I was once had a tan skin because of the sun and air in Hawaii that just fry and gave me a dark skin but with the help of whitening products that surely helped me achieve and return back my natural color. I think nowadays a lot of people are obsessed with whitening that even glutathione is out in the market and so many other ingredients known to lighten the skin.

  2. no sticky feeling (check)
    reasonable price (check)
    locally available (check)

    yay! a must try product! =) thanks ms chelle for the reco =)

  3. Hi Ms. Rochelle kahapon I went at Mercury Drug to buy Hollywood Style Anti Scar kasi di available sa branch na napuntahan ko gusto ko kasi try.. C & B Marikina Mall

  4. I've been wanting to try this one ever since I saw it sa Watsons :D I will get a tube of this next grocery day ko. Thanks for the review! :)

    1. You are welcome :-) yes, let me know and I also would like to read your review about it!

  5. I haven't used any of their products except the peel off mask and I love it! Their lotion sounds like an awesome product! ^^

    1. Yes it is! :-) I love the peel off mask too and scrub. I will do a product review on that too soon!

  6. I also don't like the lotions that leaves sticky residue.. parang ang init with No SPF. lakas makaitim.

    1. Yes, eto wala sticky residue pero wala nga lang SPF kaya siguro you can apply SPF after applying din this lotion kase it is a great whitening lotion that I would recommend :-)

  7. Herbal Hollywood comes up with a lot of great stuff. I got to try their summer lotion (cucumber) and whooooa. It smelled so nice and felt so lightweight, a true summer lotion :P

  8. hi ms.rochelle.Do u know an online shop selling this

    1. You can message and ask. I think there are online stores that sells them.

  9. It can be use in any other parts? it's safe? no side effects po? I've been looking for a whitening for dark spots. I think I must try this one. thanks!

    1. I think there are no side effects since it is herbal :-)
      yes it is a must try!

  10. I never heard or seen this one before. Sounds to be a promising one. I wonder how long do I need to wait to see the results:)

    1. Jo-an yes definitely a recommended product. It is one of my favorite now.


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