EzFlow TruGel Nail Polish ♥

I was invited to a Intimate Spa Party launching of EZFlow TruGel Polish at The Nail Lounge Manila in Makati Golf Club that I will be blogging more about my experience on my next post. Here are just some information of my highly recommended, I was very much in love and that I would definitely want to do it every time I go get my nails done.  

EzFlow TruGel Nail Polish  

Ezflow is a product that was created by nail techs for nail techs, for over twenty years EzFlow® has been an industry innovator. Ezflow was the first to manufacture and distribute the French White Tip and the first to develop and market Glitter and Colored Acrylics. EzFlow® is known worldwide as a competition brand, pushing the envelope of technology and research. EzFlow® is committed to global education and professional development. Ezflow acrylic products will offer you the foundation for artistic expression and business success. 100 percent gel delivers mega-shine and long-lasting color.

EzFlow Nail Systems is committed to providing Nail Technicians with the latest cutting edge products, quality education and reliable customer service.

EzFlow is a professional only multi-line company of nail products. The range consists of an award winning liquid and powder system, coloured acrylic powders, unique glitter collections, fibre and silk system and the  TruGel, EzFlow's 100% gel formula gel polish. Using our range of EzFlow Nail Systems creates long-lasting, flexible, strong and fashionable nail enhancements.

EzFlow TruGel

TruGel is a 100% gel formula in a bottle that strengthens nails with mega-shine and color that lasts and lasts. TruGel is strong like a traditional gel and brushes on easily like a polish. As an added bonus, it protects natural nails leaving them healthier and stronger. A quick cure under either LED or UV lamps gives you and your clients the gift of time. It also takes little time to remove the gel without drilling or filing - a 10-minute soak-off does the trick.

EzFlow TruGel:

TruGel introduces 100% gel polish in a bottle
Strengthens nails with mega-shine and long-lasting  color
Safe for natural nails
Protective gel formula leaves nails healthier and stronger 
Brushes on like polish for easier application
Formulated to cure under both LED and UV lights
Soaks off easily in 10 minutes - no drilling or filing needed

EZFlow TruGel Base Coat

EZFlow #42258 TruGel Base Coat.
TruGel Base Coat is an adhesion base for all EZFlow TruGel polish.
Primes natural nails for polish.
Avoids color bleeding from polish.
Made from 100 percent pure gel & solvent free.
Creates a long wearing, chip free finish.
Protective gel formula leaves nails healthier & stronger.
Brushes on like polish for easier application.
Formulated to cure under both LED & UV lights in seconds.
Will not cause damage to the natural nail plate.
Soaks off easily in 10 minutes.
1/2 fl. oz. bottle.

EzFlow TruGel is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by 
Main Showroom is at Unit 625, 6th Floor, 
168 Mall Phase 5, 
Soler Wing Binondo Manila. 
Tel nos. 02-7083913

NEXT POST: The Nail Lounge Manila Intimate Spa Party/Launching of EZFLOW TRU GEL POLISH  

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes pretty ng mga colors. I find it difficult to choose the colors to apply on my nails.

  2. is it also available in local drugstores or in department stores Ms.Rochelle?

  3. wow..the product looks promising!! love their shades as well.. :)

  4. I can't wait to give it a try. I really trying new products , I love those colors. I hope you'll have a trugel nail polish giveaway soon ^^.

    1. Hi Jo-an,

      Yes I will try to have a giveaway soon! ♥ I still have a long line up of giveaways :-)

  5. i love the shape and colors of the product, It's the first time i've heard of that brand..

    1. Yes loving all the colors too, I also just heard it for the first time when I was invited to a Spa Party but to introduce it was the best! It was a really great product.

  6. I already met the supplier or the owner of Beauty Kingdom when I was supposed to open a nail salon however my sister suddenly backed out with all my stocks :( The reason for my nail art passion...
    As for the gel polish it is recommended to use LED rather than UV since the latter may have an effect on your skin with constant or prolonged use. Just a suggestion :)

    1. Yes I been hearing that UV can be harmful to the health and skin. Thanks!

      Awww. sayang naman, I guess you can still pursue your own nail salon :-) Good luck!

  7. I already forgot if I commented in this post.

    Anyways, I saw your review when the ezflow trugel nail polish was launch. I can say that I love how polished and really good these nail polished. Hopefully, I can try them soon.

    1. Hi Jo-an the best talaga, I am still amazed na no chipping and talaga it is still kept intact and parang fresh pa din. :-)

  8. Great post and a beautiful work!! You should try to post some tips and tricks to us.

  9. hi everyone.. i've already tried that gel brand for almost 3 mos na and it's really good. you buy it at beautykingdom 6th flr. 168 mall. that's the sole distributor of ezflow trugel in the philippines or you can order in this via phone. 7083913

  10. the products are available at beauty kingdom in 6th floor 168 mall, we also have a UV & LED LAMP to choose from.



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