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My hair is damaged, over-processed hair because I been coloring my hair since I was 10 years old, that leave with a mane that looks and feels like straw and is difficult to style. To add insult to injury. It's prone to breaking and splitting. Fortunately I was given a solution Cynos Inside Hair Care Argan Oil thairapy that will improve its manageability, look and feel. 

Cynos is an international brand which has a complete range for the professional salon. From color to treatments, styling and basin stock as well as straightening and perming. You will love the quality and the results of the complete cynos range. 

The most scientific approach to precision hair coloring and hair care today. Today's Colorist demands exceptional results every time. And with Cynos you will experience a high degree of product performance, and a system of products which helps create virtually any Color and style result imaginable-easily and predictably. 
Created to give the professional Colorist everything necessary to succeed. 

Cynos Inside Hair Care Body & thairapy Morocco Argan Oil 
Cynos Inside Hair Care Argan Oil thairapy Moisture Vitality Shampoo
Cynos Inside Hair Care Argan Oil thairapy Moisture Vitality Conditioner
When I used these product I could not believe how beautiful my hair looked and I received a lot of compliment that my hair smells really good! I wash my hair with the shampoo first, then I used the conditioner, it detangle my hair, it was very easy to comb. The treament it made my hair feel like it never did before. I strongly recommend that get all three. Morroco Argan Oil is amazing too. I just put a drop in my hair and it gave me shiny and frizz free hair. I really love these product! 
MORROCO ARGAN OIL "Liquid Gold" from Morocco, nourishes and moisturizes. 
(information from
Argan oil is pressed from the nut of the fruit of the Argan Tree, which is only found in Morocco. The argan tree lives to be about 150 to 200 years old and does not start producing the fruit until it is 30 to 50 years old. Because the tree is found only in a limited area, the oil itself is quite rare. 

Argan Oil Beauty Benefits

We're about ready to declare argan oil as the best beauty ingredient, period. We've been using argan oil for some time and have yet to be let down. Here are some easy ways to include argan oil in your beauty regimen.
  • Hair: Argan oil is a great product to calm frizzy ends, add moisture to dry hair as well as add a little shine. Apply to your hair while it is still damp for an all over treatment or apply just to your dry ends after your hair is dry.
  • Scalp: If you're dealing with dry scalp, apply some argan oil to a cotton ball and dab your scalp with the oil. If you do this before bed, you'll give the oil plenty of time to moisturize your scalp before you wash your hair in the morning.
  • Face: It might seem scary to apply a pure oil to your face, especially if you have finicky skin, but we have been doing just that and our skin is completely turning around. It's smooth, clear and radiant, all thanks to using argan oil as our daily morning moisturizer.
  • Body: You can use argan oil for a full body moisturizer, applying just as you would a body lotion or cream. Apply the oil right after you get out of your shower for best moisturizing results.
  • Hands: Argan oil is a great oil to use on your hands, especially on your cuticles and on your nails if they are prone to cracking and peeling.

Cynos Inside Hair Care Argan Oil thairapy Moisture Vitality Shampoo

Cynos Inside Hair Care Argan Oil thairapy Moisture Vitality Conditioner

The prices maybe kind of steep as it is a salon price but the quality and results are amazing like you just came out of the salon. Available in salons like Louis Philip Kee, Studio Fix, Tinette & Co and many other more Salons. 

Look for Cynos Inside Hair Care on Professionals Salons now and it's really worth it! 

If you are fond of hair coloring like me, Cynos Inside Hair Care is the perfect product for you, I highly recommend to make your hair soft and manageable. 



Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. I want to try this product parang makakatulong ito sa buhok kung dry. Nagdry po yung buhok ko kasi ipinarelax ko po tapos ngaun marami na din po akong split ends. Try ko po itong product.

    1. Yes super ganda and lambot nito Cynos Inside Hair Care Argan Oil thairapy ♥ Let me know what you think pag natry mo na :-)

  2. When it comes to skincare and hair care - oils are for me! ^_^ Where else can we buy this? And for how much? Thanks!


    1. Hi Angel, I think it is about P800 I am not sure because prices may vary depending on the salon. Louis Philip Kee, Bench Fix Salon and Many other leading salons nationwide. Just Look for Cynos Inside Hair Care. It is the best! Made my hair really soft and smelling great!

  3. Heard good things about Cynos. Looking forward to try. Where can we get it?

    1. Hi Clarice, Yes Cynos are really great. I am not sure about where it is available but Available at salons around Metro Manila, and provincial Areas esp. Major chains

  4. I want to try that too.. I sometime have a dry hair kasi eh,, so it might can help to my quite damage hair.. =)

  5. Hope i can try it too because my hair look dry and unhealthy,lot of split ends and lastly hair fall one of my problem..

    1. Yes you should definitely look for it. :-) ♥ Cynos Inside Hair Care are really great!

  6. gusto q mag try ! kac hair q dry na! sana meron dito sa amin :D layu kac sa amin ang CITY :D BTW po ! tnx for this review :D god bless !

  7. I haven't tried Argan oil, but I'd been reading a lot about it. I am hoping to also try this out especially its from Cynos inside. I hope before the year ended, I will able to try out their treatments. :D Like their kerasilk treatment..

  8. Does some salon are using it? Idk if it's available here. hm, I want to try it. my hair is becoming dry na. :(

  9. Wow... if its really that good...might look for it too ... my hair is kind of dry from coloring and perming. I am actually letting it grow out first before I have another salon fix... this might help while waiting for that to happen.
    Thanks for the review :) Hopefully, it would do wonders to my hair too..

  10. Hi, Rochelle!
    What about shampoo and conditioner?
    They are with SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) (((

  11. Hi, Rochelle!
    What about shampoo and conditioner?
    They are with SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) :((((


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