Mutya Top Winner Koreen Medina Shares about her Life, Beliefs and Beauty Essentials ♥

Mutya Top Winner Koreen Medina Shares about her Life, Beliefs, and Beauty Essentials. ♥ 

Who is Koreen Medina? 
Aina Koreen Medina
18 years old from beauty of Quezon City, The country's bet to the Miss Intercontinental Pageant beauty tilt to be held in Egypt in November, bagged several awards as Mutya's Best in Talent, and was also voted by the pageant's sponsors as Mutya Zen Institute. 
Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013
Asia Pacific International, also awarded Ms. Zen Institute. 
This amiable former Mass Communication student of St. Paul University believes in the value of education, which she considers “the most important preparation the youth can have for their future,” despite the fact that her win and her twin talents of singing and acting—not to mention, the prizes she won not only in the pageant but in the previous competitions she earlier joined—may all well be her passport to a comfortable future.


“Values learned at home while growing up serve as a good foundation later on in life—values are very important,” she blurted out. Normally, it’s the parents who teach a child the values he grows up with, but not so with Koreen.

I love Beauty Pageants, not only that they have beauty but also brains that it is also for a good cause and I was so interested as Mutya ng Pilipinas Grand Winner Koreen Medina bared in a recent interview what stuff she's made of and shared some of her admirable beliefs, practices, upbringing details, and useful tips, all of which confirm her branding as "The New Generation's Perfect Role Model."


How  Mutya ng Pilipinas Grand Winner Koreen Medina cares for herself:

She never go to sleep without her simple beauty regimen, She was with baby soap and moisturize. She has been doing this since as early as high school. For her body, she uses lotion. Koreen doesn't go for applying a bagful of skin care products. She knows she doesn't need to do much to just keep her face clean and moisturized does the trick. Great tips! Using less is always better for your skin

To maintain her svelte figure:
No, she’s not a gym person, but she plays volleyball and basketball—these serving as her off-and-on exercise. She’s open, however, to possibilities that the Zen Institute will recommend for her as regimen. She acknowledges that having a suitable regimen means being able to exercise discipline.

“I heard Zen goes most for the natural, and I like things natural.” Koreen’s statement truly epitomizes the Zen Institute, which has taken on the route towards the natural, guided by the acumen and rich experience of a medical doctor who’s a wellness advocate, 
Dr. Mary Jane “MJ” Torres. 

If Dr. MJ is perpetually the “The Hands and the Face Behind Zen,” indeed beauty titlist Koreen Medina is “The Face of Zen” this 2013.

Positive attitude. Healthy lifestyle. Balance between mind and body. All these are very much Koreen Medina. And this makes her a true example of a woman living in Zen’s guiding philosophy. She is a beauty “perfected from within”.

True beauty comes from within and Koreen is glad to have known The Zen Institute. Being part of the Zen Institute and carrying the title “Ambassador” gives her more confident in showing to the world true Filipina beauty is inside and out.

(PHOTO: Aina Koreen Medina (middle) Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013-Asia Pacific International winner and also awarded Ms. Zen Institute. 
Posing with Medina 
(from left) are fellow winners Angeli Dione Gomez - Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 - Tourism International, Kristian Aubrey Nolasco - Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 - 2nd runner up and 
 Maureen Ann Montagne - Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 - 1st runner up)

The Zen Institute is located at the 

Ground Floor, Bonifacio Technology Center,
 31st Street corner 2nd Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 

With branches at
69 Scout Rallos St.
Tomas Morato, 
Quezon City 
(441-1712; 412-2528), 

St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center, 
Maharlika Highway, Barangay 2, 
Sto. Tomas, Batangas
 (+43) 778-4811).

For more about The Zen Institute, visit

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  1. It's good to know about Ms. Koreen Medina. I admire her for being a beauty and brains but what catch my attention was that she values education. I really admire those people who value education and for me it gives her a plus factor. She's not only beauty outside but also inside.

    1. Yes Flor Ann I agree :-) I admire her as well. ♥ Filipinas are made to be a beauty queen because of our beauty and brains! Lol! Chos. Proud Pinay!

  2. ang pretty naman niya.. hayy. kelan kaya ko magiging kasing pretty niya.. *chos* I hope she gonna take home the crown.. ^_^

    1. Hi Jocris, uu nga e ako din naging inspiration talaga mga beauty queens nowadays and nakatuwa ang dami din year taking home the crown. ♥

  3. so gorgeous lady and brain.

  4. ang ganda ganda nya ha :D congrats pala po ! !

  5. Very impressive! Congratulations! :D Pinay beauty really stands out!!!

  6. Pretty! Good luck! :) Pinays are really beautiful.

  7. Super pretty! Less is enough, I agree to that.
    Its really good to moisturizes our skin, and of course, we should not forget to remove out makeup :) I've read that if you didn't remove your makeup before sleeping, it can make your skin 7x older..

    1. Hi Jo-an yes it is true, that is why no matter how tired we are, we should make it to the point that we double cleanse our face to remove makeup and moisturizing is a must!

  8. Goodluck Ms. Aina Koreen Medina, hope you bring the crown too!
    Matry nga din po ang Zen Institute pag may time!

  9. wow! very pretty!! I hope she will win. ;) I like her being simple and values education. Pageant needs not only beauty but brains also.. its more important. Miss Koreen has it all! Goodluck to her :3

  10. wow! very pretty!! I hope she will win. ;) I like her being simple and values education. Pageant needs not only beauty but brains also.. its more important. Miss Koreen has it all! Goodluck to her :3

  11. With the current victories by our beauty candidates, I think she has every grace and factor to win. I once commented that this year must be the season for Philippine beauties :D
    All she needs is enough confidence for her to deliver..and no second thoughts about doing something..

  12. ang ganda ganda nya,. hindi nakakasawang tignan ang mukha nya,. khit wla yta syang make-up, natural tlga ang beauty nya,.


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