Best-Selling Sparkle Contact Lens in Barbie Doll in Brown ♥

Best-Selling Sparkle Contact Lens in Barbie Doll  Product Review 
Model Photo can be very deceiving. 
Dolly 17mm EFFECT
LIFE SPAN: 1 year 
♥DESIGN:  It looks like a Star Burst.
♥COLOR: I like my contact lens to change my eye color to brown, I want it noticeably but with Barbie Doll in Brown it just looks like the same color of my eyes. 
♥ENLARGEMENT: My eyes does looked enlarged and doll like eyes. 
♥COMFORT: These lenses are very soft and I love that it is so comfortable and felt like I am not wearing any contact lenses. No problem at all with 4-6 hours wear. No Blurriness or irritation for me.

Barbie Doll in Brown when worn ♥ 

OVERALL: The Model Photo can be very deceiving and I actually thought that it will look the same when I put it on me but it is always good to be true. Haha! 
I like my contact lenses to change my eye color since that is the only reason I would wear cosmetic contact lenses on special occasions only or if I am attending events. With these Barbie Doll in Brown it just makes my eyes look enlarged. To be honest, I do not like it that much but I would still wear it though just not to let it gone to waste since it is very comfortable anyway but I would not repurchased the same again. 

PRICE: This is one of my Birthday Haul and I bought it for 3 pairs for Php 1,000 and it comes with FREE Shipping and FREE Contact Lens Cases. Also comes with  3 FREE Bottles of 40ml solution but they forgot to include it with my orders.

LANDLINE: (02) 624 0206
MOBILE NUMBER: 09175983456

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. As always, you look sooo beautiful♥ Ate Chelle :D
    I also love barbie like eyes and in order to achieve that, doll like lense should be worn.
    I never tried buying contact lenses online, but Im just wondering that it seems to be cheaper than those contact lenses that can be bought in mall boutiques such as EO :-/

    1. Hi Jo-an Thank you so much! :-) I tried EO lenses and it is so painful and blurry in the eyes so it was such a big waste of money and I bought that for about P500 for one pair so yes it is much cheaper to buy on trusted online seller but be very careful because there a lot of fakes and that can hurt your eyes.

    2. I see, I tried their dolly series. Yes, medyo masakit nga sa eyes. I am really worries for fake lenses, minsan nagugulat talaga ako sa sobrang mura tapos buy 1 take 1 pa. haha

      Thanks for your tips♥

  2. yeah, It really made your eyes big nga,, anyway.. I want to try to wear contact lenses too, but.. geeh.. I am scared.. and I do not know how to put it on,, and i do not go out that often naman.. ^^

    1. Hi Jocris, Yes me too at first I did not know how to put it on, no instructions was good enough to make me learned how, I even cried putting it on and removing it hahaha! but then I learned by myself and just get used to it and it was so easy for

  3. wow i love contact lenses :D bagay na bagay po sa inyu :D

  4. Nice, you look like a barbie doll. ;) hm, I don't wear lenses. Is it really safe? I want to try one. :3

    1. Thanks! I bought it for 3 for 1000
      Actually with being safe, that I cannot guarantee pero saken naman okay siya walang side effect.

  5. Tama nga po kayo Ms. Rochelle na madaya po ung pic nung model hindi po parehas yung kinalabsan nung sa inyo. Actually, hindi po ako fan ng mga contact lenses, pero sa mga nakikita ko pong gumagamit nun parang maganda tingnan cguro it depends on the designs. Maybe I'll try those pag kailangan na po talaga ng mga mata ko.

    1. Yup Flor Ann kase medyo nakakatakot din talaga gamitin. Pero minsan kase gusto ko lang to enhance the eyes.

  6. you look like a doll! although i'm not into contact lenses. but i think that those colors are really cute!

  7. I wanted to try one too in shades of light browns or grays....although still a bit hesitant coz my eyes gets easily irritated. For someone is as big as me, not too mention large, I am not sure if it will be ok for me... oh well, on a diet anyway :)
    Hope I can carry it well as you do :D

  8. Gusto ko rin sanang mag-contact lens pro may grado kasi medyo malabo na mata ko,. pero natatakot akong gumamit nyan kasi parang ang hirap ilagay at tanggalin,. tas lagi ko p nmn kinukusot mga mata ka kya ngdadalawang isip akong bumili,.
    by the way ang cute mong tignan sa contact lenses na yan,. (",)

    1. Thank you Sheryl An. Yes medyo sanayan lang talaga. Hanggang ngayon minsan hirap pa din ako maglagay. hehehe

    2. ate pdeng palagyan ng grado yan sa inio din ?

  9. Hello po ask ko lang sana kung pwedeng lagyan ng grade yang contacts na yan ? may grado po kasi ako pero gusto ko po yung 17mm yung effect niya ...

  10. Keep on writing such blogs on beauty and for all the lovely women who are into highlighting their eyes. O-Lens have brought amazing collection of colored lenses for you.


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