Lifestyle Workshop with the Martha Stewart of the South, Ms. Frieda Colet-Lim ♥

Last Friday, October 18th - I attended an Afternoon of Fun Workshop in the South in Alabang Country Club in Muntinlupa City that is perfect for Christmas. 

What is this event about? Unilab invited me to a Lifestyle Workshop with the Martha Stewart of the South, Ms. Frieda Colet-Lim As they showcase amazing business ideas and stylish, home-made gift projects for Christmas. It was an interesting to be a part of the advocacy to empower mature women to embrace their passions and live a healthy and active lifestyle, free from the effects of nerve-aging. 

Have fun & make your own Christmas Centerpiece and Gifts. Take the stress and the cost out of the festive season with these crafty tips from the expert. 
Ms. Frieda Colet-Lim showcase a step-by-step easy instructions to create your own holiday centerpiece, to create fabulous, chic and creative gifts.
You can buy supplies in the National Book Store or just things that you can recycle. You can also use a source of inspiration and a great way to get your kids involved in decorating, making presents, and more. 
 The Ribbon and decor makes a big difference on making your gift look so special. Pinecones are a beautiful way to decorate your gifts.
 Then pop them on the tree at home and show everyone just how creative you are!
Make a super-easy gift box for presents or products   
 This holiday season, if you wish to make your dining area as festive as the rest of your home, a holiday centerpiece made with food, plant, fruits and flower decorations can add grace and sophistication.  
 Showcase autumn splendor by bringing nature-inspired beauty into your home or gifts. 
No matter where you get your inspiration, start creating your own family memories.   
Photo Op with the Martha Stewart of the South, Ms Frieda Colet-Lim and Fellow Lifestyle Bloggers Camille of Soshal Network and Ging of Forty Weeks and Then Some.  
 Attendees each received Heaven for Women Sweet Bagoong and Peanut Butter.  
NEUROGEN-E Gift Packs  

Thank you so much Unilab
and Bright Idea Events Management for having me to your Lifestyle Workshop and Ms Frieda Colet-Lim for creative ideas ♥ 

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THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. How I wish I can also attend workshop, I really want to increase my creativity points!
    This would be really helpful every year in any occasion!

    I think you are less stress ngayon Ms Chelle! You look fresher , what's your new skin regimen is it the Celeteque creams from SR? :)

    1. Thank you Jo-an. Honestly madami ako try now. Pero Yes I think the big contribution is from Celeteque :-)

  2. wow I love arts and crafts! the wrapping looks good. ;)

    1. Nice to hear from you Charry. I been silently reading your blog everyday. :-)

      Yes the wrapping is so creative and that I will definitely do.

  3. A good packaging can really enhance a gift no matter what the contents are. I have been a lover of crafts and would also appreciate attending such events. All around mom n ata ako. Makeup and hairstylist ng daughter..costume maker..accessories...recycling..etc.. I never get to settle on one but at least I consider myself versatile...hahhaaha. do you have any hobby where you can incorporate your creativity? It would be fun to share ideas with another ;)

    1. Yes Winnie, Being a Mommy makes us everything. :-) I agree with that, I am actually not that creative with Arts and Crafts and the event really help me with ideas. I would love to hear ideas from you too!

  4. I am not really an artsy girl but creating decors for gifts makes me less stressed! :)


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