“Green” living—and dining—with Bambooware by Melawares ♥

Before metal-based dining and cookware became a standard in every household, people, particularly in the countryside, used bamboo for either cooking food or as tableware.  It is less porous, contains fewer microscopic spaces that prevent bacteria growth, and is impervious to stains or intense smell caused by strong-tasting food.
 These attributes of bamboo thus became the inspiration of CDC Manufacturing Corporation, makers of quality tableware Melawares, in going organic with the introduction of its “Bambooware” collection. This new line uses fiber from this wonder product of the “grass” family plus other organic compounds to make it 100% biodegradable.
Finding out that today’s modern tableware is now eco-friendly is definitely welcome news for those who actively support the use of products that help protect the environment. Once discarded, Melawares’ Bambooware collection decomposes within a year or as short as six months when buried. Its biodegradable materials simply go back to the soil to reduce environmental waste, which is a big help especially in urban areas.

However, being biodegradable doesn’t mean that the new tableware line offers less quality or a high price. The Bambooware collection of Melaware with previous Melawares product lines in terms of quality, using only superior raw materials so users need not worry when it comes to Bambooware’s safety for everyday use. 

Starting at P60.00 for a regular 8-inch plate, this new line is indeed affordable for those looking to go green without putting a dent on their budget.

Bambooware’s aesthetic qualities will also surely make it a favorite eye-catching element of many households. The new line’s vibrant hues and matte finish will make every one’s dining experiencetruly pleasurable, one that they many can look forward to day in and day out.

CDC Manufacturing Corporation’s Marketing Manager, Chriselda Chua, said that they thought of coming up with the Bambooware line as a way of helping reduce carbon footprint and to meet the demand for affordable eco-friendly alternatives.

“This line definitely mirrors our philosophy when it comes to product development, which is centered on innovation. Filipinos nowadays are becoming more and more discerning with regard to their tableware needs so we will keep pushing on developing products that will suit their discriminating tastes,” she adds.

CDC Manufacturing Corporation is the leading manufacturer and distributor of melamine tableware, food service products, and promotional items in the Philippines. Over the last 30 years, the company developed several brands and products aimed to satisfy its diverse clients, which include retails, fast food chains, restaurants, hotels and many of the country’s biggest corporations. Currently, its products are available in 300 stores nationwide.

Its brands include Melawares, the classic melamine tableware, Bestware, an affordable line of tableware products, Perfect Dining, a high-end melamine tableware brand, Urban Kitchen, the modern brand that carries food service products outside of melamine tableware like pitchers, tumblers, cutleries, gastronorm pans and many more, and Loveramics, the innovative and design-driven ceramic tableware products.
 So go green with this innovative product line. 
The Melawares’ Bambooware tableware is available exclusively at the Homeworld department of The SM Store

For more information about this ground-breaking product line, go to www.melawares.com.

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  1. Cool tupperwares! wow, I think its really good to go green.
    It feels like every food serve on those bambooware will be really delicious♥

  2. Thumbs up for the go green tupperwares.. ^_^

  3. very innovative indeed...wish other institutions can think of something like that to save the only home we have :)


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