Eco-friendly, Eco-chic tableware now possible with “Bamboowares” from Melawares Product Launch Event ♥

Today, I attended an afternoon round table interview to know more of Bambooware's benefits and other features.

Cafe 1771, El Pueblo, ADB Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City. 

What is this event about? 
Melawares, the melamine-based tableware manufactured in the Philippines by CDC Manufacturing Corporation, will soon launch a new line of eco-friendly tableware products in line with its innovative approach when it comes to product development.
CDC Manufacturing Corporation introduces an affordable “green” concept in tableware for the modern home under its Melawares line as it presents today its new “Bambooware” collection.
The collection, which was presented today to the local media, boasts of a complete range of tableware products, and uses actual bamboo fibers from this wonder plant that belongs to the “grass” family, plus other organic compounds to make it 100% biodegradable. 
The environment-friendly materials and modern tableware brand undeniably remains chic, stylish and attractive to make it a truly wonderful addition to contemporary homes of today.  With vibrant colors and matte finish, this is the kind of tableware collection that homemakers can proudly show off to friends and loved ones and makes everyone’s dining experience always pleasurable.

Its brands include Melawares, the classic melamine tableware, Bestware, an affordable line of tableware products, Perfect Dining, a high-end melamine tableware brand, Urban Kitchen, the modern brand that carries food service products outside of melamine tableware like pitchers, tumblers, cutleries, gastronorm pans and many more, and Loveramics, the innovative and design-driven ceramic tableware products.
And once discarded, Bamboowares’ biodegradable composition allows it to decompose quickly in order to protect the environment, from one year or as short as 6 months if buried. It’s because the biodegradable materials of this eco-friendly collection from Melawares, the acknowledged leader in tableware, will simply mix with the soil in order to lower risks of environmental wastage.
Benefits of Bambooware:
Made from 100% safe and natural material.
Can be 100% biodegradable for the Earth
Prices are comparable to Melawares tableware
Vibrant colors; matte finish; elegant shapes
Resistant to stains and odor retention making it usable for a long time.
Manufacturing process omits less C02
Opening Remarks
Jumbled Word Game
Product Talk
Trivia Game
Closing Remarks
 I won a set of Bambooware by Melawares for answering the Trivia Game correctly. The question was to give 3 benefits of Bambooware. Yay! 
Bambooware by Melawares Loot Bag ♥ 
Yay! My Set of Bambooware by Melawares Collection 
It includes yummy Blueberry Muffins from Cafe 1771 
The Melawares’ Bambooware tableware is available exclusively at SM Homeworld at The SM Store nationwide. For more information about this innovative product line, go to

“Green” living—and dining—with Bambooware by Melawares  - See more at:

Salbacho Pizza, Spaghetti with Roasted Tomatoes and desserts from Cafe 1771 were served  

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes! Promise mas masarap uminom and kumain using it.

  2. wow. an echo friendly tableware.. cool ^_^

    1. Yes I love that it is eco friendly. Let's GO GREEN!

  3. hmm.. infairness ah! ganda.. :-)

    1. Yes Ganda talaga mas masarap pa pagkain and inumin pag yan ang gamit!

  4. I like the colors. They are cool to the eyes. These are the type of colors that I normally buy for my kitchen wares. Are they available already in malls such as SM?
    Better save on these... I have a lot of shopping to do for the new home next year...
    I need to find my piggy bank soon :D

    Thanks for the information, I am actually getting a lot of ideas lately :)

    1. Yes exclusive sa SM Home World. Affordable and prices nya actually!

  5. Ohhh I love these for our home! We use melawares din sa bahay :) Btw, love the food! Nakaka -drool :D hope to see you again sis sa next events :)

    1. Yes I would love to see you too again.
      Nice ang new line of melawares, it is indeed making the food and drink more delicious!

  6. Drool on those foodie!!!!! Now I am craving for some pasta and pizza.
    I wonder how much does those eco friendly tableware costs? I think its a nice investment for your dining area. And as Ive said, parang ansarap kumain pag ganyan ung gagamitin


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