Downy Parfum Collection presents Downy Scent Switcher!

Rainy days are surely the dullest and most boring. The feeling of “I guess I'll never see the sun again” and “I wanted to stay all day in bed.” It basically hinders people to be in their utmost self. 

Rainy days bring impressions of gloominess, laziness, and even heightened emotional feelings. How can we instantly change our mood from being gloomy to being colorful?

Downy Parfum Collection presents Downy Scent Switcher, a breakthrough technology in fabric enhancersthat allows Filipinas to experience a myriad of scentswith every rub of their clothes.

DownyScent Switcher’s four variants --- 

HAPPINESS brings a playful and breezy vibe with the freshness of fruits, creamy floral mix and a sophisticated frame of woody, powdery and musky notes, 

INNOCENCE mesmerizes the senses with its charming combination of raspberries, fresh flowers and rich &precious amber, 

PASSION delights the senses with the fruity, sweet fragrance of apple blossom, freesia and vanilla, and lastly,

MYSTIQUE evokes oriental, spicy and floral mix of grapefruit, delicate floral scents, and aromatic spices --- produces a diverse fabric perfume experience, because every time you rub the same portion of your clothes, you enjoy a switch in its scent.

P&G, through Downy Parfum Collection, continues to design delightful fragrance experiences that people can appreciate and remember. 

Downy Scent Switcher enables everyone to #instaswitchscents when they want to! 

Available now in supermarkets nationwide.

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  1. nakagamit na ako nyan, ang bango talaga. hindi masakit sa ilong yung amoy ng damit.


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