Last Friday, May 30, 2014 I was invited to The "Lee Archive Tour" held at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium at the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014. 

It was hosted by Bianca Gonzalez 
Philippine Allstars Performance
It's amazing on how they move with Lee Jeans!
Lee making both comfy and cool denim in which they can move every way they want to. 

I am curious to know if you could move your Lee like the performers and models like this? 
This year is all about relaunching classic denim heritage and combining what they have been doing for 125 years with current trends and styles. 

To round off the classics and the innovations is a segment dedicated to the new. The Lee Style Army brings in a readjustment to the classic jean. Denim is deconstructed, reconstructed and reformed to create unexpected and exciting new denim silhouettes.

A 60-piece strong show. The 101+ takes off from the 101 originals and is a limited capsule designed especially for the anniversary. 

The new design elements: double layered pockets, embroidered labels, unique S-branding on the rear, and an imported Japanese fabric in a thicker 16oz finish. 

It also comes in a limited run, 1,250 pieces for the jackets and only 1,250 pairs for the jeans.
Heritage X Purposeful design. Lee 101+
Autumn-Winter got more playful with the Lee Urban Riders Series. 

Stretch Deluxe Jeans 
Drawn with a refined, streamlined, lean and clean finish, this precision in fit makes it the perfect pair for the versatile woman with taste.

Spotted: Asia's Next Top Model 2 Finalist Katarina Rodriguez ♥ I love her!

Congratulations Lee Jeans on a successful event and celebrating 125 years and counting.
Spotted: Beauty Queen Shamcey SupSup at the Lee Philippine Fashion Week.  
Bianca Gonzalez Outfit of the Night ♥ 
Top and Bottom-Lee
I love her skirt! 
Maxi Dress and Shoes- Jellybean

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Thank you Lee Jeans Philippines and Stratworks 

Stay Curious. Stay Lee 

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  1. Actually my nickname is "Li" and Lee is my 2nd fave jeans of all time (Topshop is the first, sorry!) but it is my most fave jeans during my childhood days!

  2. It has been a while since I last commented on your post. I admit that I got lazy to write but still I can't break the habit of reading your post. Rest assured of my support to rochellerivera.com whether in silence or not. :)

    Anyway, all I can say is sobrang ibang level na ang events mo Ms. Rochelle and super happy for you. Congratulations again for being the partner blogger of SM. Your logo is all over the place. Weeee!
    Plus, I have a question ikaw nag papicture kay Shamcey or sya lumapit sayo.. hehehe! I can say you are a celebrity blogger na talaga. Pa-autograph ako when I see you. :)

  3. Awesome event! Im a fan of Lee <3 love 'em ;) gandaaa lahat! Nice outfit too ms. rochelle <3

  4. Happy 125th anniversary Lee Jeans :)
    Blog: http://gcandedeir.tumblr.com/

  5. wow,. nice naman ng outfit mo ms. Rochelle,.
    Lee is my fave jeans kahit nung teenager pa ako,. ang ganda kz ng fit, pero kadalasan yung mga sale ang binibili ko kz can't afford yung ibang regular prize., :-)

  6. Sayang I dont have an invitation haha. very nice. from Jeans to Shirts to Jeans to Polo Shirts. Very innovative ;)


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