Last June 14, 2014, YOSHINOYA, Japan's Famous Beef Bowl had this much-awaited event held at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City. Now on its 4th Gyudon Eating Contest Grand Finals!

The customers who purchased Gyudon Meal P199 entitled them to join the contest and dared to consume the most number of gyudon in 5 minutes, and after so many beef bowls consumed in the qualifying rounds done in Yoshinoya, the finalists face off each other for the final match. 
Yoshinoya Century Pacific, Inc. President and General Manager, Mr. Timothy James G. Yang extend a warm welcome to everyone.

Meet last year's grand winner for the media challenge, our fellow blogger, Florencio Jusay Jr. with our blogger representative for this year Ruel Umali. 
The program started with exciting activities and fun games with lots of awesome prizes. I had so much fun watching Mogu Mogu danced with the kids. 
There was games like my favorite fun part during flights of Cebu Pacific Air, Bring-Me-Game and they asked simple questions and the correct answers won some premium items. 
Lots of entertainment
Welcome Remarks by Mr. Timothy Yang, President
During the final match, all finalist compete by eating the most number of bowls in 15 minutes. 

The Top Three (3) Finalists with the most number of bowls consumed and the least weight of food left after 15 minutes are declared winners of the Yoshinoya Gyudon Eating Contest 2014. 
The Grand Champion for the Gyudon Eating Contest 2014 is Zermatt Liang Zhaoyuan (Zermatt Neo) and won P150,000 prize plus a FREE Trip to Japan courtesy of Cebu Pacific Air

Cebu Pacific, which flies two flights daily to Japan via Narita and via Nagoya every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. 
Zermatt Neo is a personal trainer in Singapore and he consumed 8 bowls of Yoshinoya Beef Gyudon. Wow! Congratulations! 

The 2nd place is Brendon Viernes and took home P50,000 while the 3rd place is Wayne Algenio and took home P25,000. 

Non-winners was each given consolation prizes of P2,000 worth of Yoshinoya gift certificates. 
How about you? How many bowls of Yoshinoya Beef Gyudon do you think you can finish in 15 minutes?

Click here to find out how many bowls of gyudon I was able to finished in 15 minutes. Yoshinoya Beef Gyudon is my favorite Japanese meal, composed of steaming white rice topped with sumptuous beef and onion stirred in a mild sweet sauce. 

I am definitely joining again next year and will try my best to do much better because I heard the prizes will get even better and bigger next year. 

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  1. i was one of the finalists and i only consumed 3.5 bowls. i need more practice, i hope i get to join again next year :-)

  2. wow!! I should have join. I love to eat! I love yoshinoya!! lol!! this is cool, kudos to yoshinoya,such a fun event.

  3. He really deserves to win after 8 bowls! I can't consume 8 bowls maybe 4 lng haha!

  4. congratz to him,. ang galing nya,.
    nako,. ako hanggang 1 bowl lang ako, hindi ko kaya ang sobrang dami,.

  5. OMG 8 bowls? That could cover three meals, lol.


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