Jolly Father's Day!

What a wonderful surprise we had this Father's Day afternoon when this huge Jolly Father's Day gift box from Jollibee was delivered to our house. 
It came with a Father's Day Card and crayons. My kids had so much fun coloring and personalizing the card for their Papa. 
 When I opened the box to take a peek of what's inside the box, I jumped in joy to see all our family's all-time favorites. 

Crispylicious and Juicylicious Chickenjoy in a bucket 
Yummy Peach Mango Pies
I love the ribbon-wrapped box with something delicious inside that they will soon-to-be launched
 Ang tunay na cheesiest, meatiest, at spaghettiest na love na love ng buong pamilya--sweet-sarap na Jolly Spaghetti in a family pan!
 I am also happy to announce to everyone that Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan will soon-to-be available in all Jollibee in Metro Manila starting July 1, 2014.
  This family sized meal is perfect for the whole family and it is good for 4-5 people.
My husband enjoyed and feel extra-special today! It's definitely a Jolly Father's Day celebration for him with the langhap-sarap and best-tasting meal that Jollibee sent him.

Thank you so much Jollibee! 

Have a Jolly Father's Day!  


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THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Wow! This our family's all time favorite too! Chicken joy, peach mango pie and Sphaghetti!

    1. Yes! Everyone I know love Jollibee :) Meron something with Jollibee that makes even the toughest person SMILE :)

  2. Perfect food for family bonding.

  3. Perfect Food for family bonding and to special occasions

  4. Hi Ms. Rochelle, we're planning to celebrate my daughter's 3rd birthday at Jollibee this coming September. I hope you can give me some insights about the preparations. Thanks! :)

  5. All are my favorites! Omg yummy! I hope available na din dito or sa lahat ang Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan.. Since bata yan na favorite spaghetti ko ee. <3

  6. most of the family yan ang favorite lalo na na jolly spaghetti,. ang sarap ng kain ng mga kids sa Jollibee, hindi man lang sila magsasawa sa mga food,.

  7. ang sweet naman ng Jollibee, complete meal for the whole family, all out smile si daddy sa blessings!

  8. Hi Ms. Rochelle! You are one of the rising blogger/vlogger. I am one of your fan na 😊 I am inspired with your bloggs and and applying some of your reviewed products and have great results. I hope you may have many more bloggs/vloggs and partnerships to come 😊 More success to come 😊 God Bless you and also your family 😊 #RochelleRiveraBLOG


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