Feeling like a Queen with Royal Loot from Absynthe Bath and Beauty ♥

I feel like I am in a Royalty or definitely awaken the Goddess within me with the Best Selling Royal Loot I received from Absynthe Bath and Beauty.


Every woman who is destined to be on top echoes within her the true measure of happiness and that is to have power over herself. 

This is why Ms. Aby Yap established Absynthe Bath and Beauty in order to help each woman reign with the power of her own beauty and over her life.

Prior to establishing Absynthe Bath and Beauty, Aby was selling soaps that she obtains from the Women Cooperative and Pure Emu Oil, which is directly sourced from the USA- both products were sold in her pawnshop. 

She eventually put up Absynthe Bath and Beauty in year 2008. Since then, she joined Christmas Bazaars and the Go Negosyo Women Yearly Summit, and focused on Direct Selling through word of mouth marketing. 

Utilizing the power of the Internet, Absynthe Bath and Beauty is the first Direct Selling brand that uses Social Media as its platform in spreading honest to goodness skin care products.

Backed by her desire to empower women through natural and organic skincare, Absynthe products are infused with carefully selected, innovative and unique active ingredients sourced from around the globe, and Aby finally created the company Absynthe Beautanicals Inc. 

Currently, Absynthe Bath and Beauty has over 70 distributors across the Philippines, ships directly to USA, New Zealand and Middle Eastern countries.
Absynthe Beautanicals Inc.’s advocacy is to empower women and promote their entrepreneurial skills, independence and self-sufficiency that can be achieved while working at the comforts of their own palace: their homes. 

Being more than just a brand, Absynthe Beautanicals Inc. opens its doors to women who want a fair opportunity to earn while bridging the gap between costly, commercially made, high‐end skin care line and affordable, high quality products. 

Through the promotion of all natural products that is 100% GOOD, 100% BEAUTIFUL, we promote ETHICALLY produced skin care line to help you unleash the queen within.


Absynthe skin care lines are ethically produced from natural and organic certified ingredients, pure essential oils, and bio and marine active plant extracts.

The best sellers are as follows: 
 Pure Intention Serum, 24/7 Love your Skin set, Hair Potion, Hair Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner, White Goddess Premium Emu Soap, and Beautanical Oils 100% Pure Argan Oil and 100% Pure Emu Oil.

Pure Intention Serum ♥ 
The secret to fight aging is housed in this bottle. Wake-up with absolutely beautiful and glowing skin with this powerful serum made from the super antioxidant more powerful than Vitamin E, beta carotene and Vitamin C combined called Ferulic Acid. It is also fortified with Emu Oil and Elemi Essential Oil that are known for their rejuvenating and lifting effect.

 Hair Potion ♥ 
The secret to good hair days is in the elixir of Absynthe's Hair Potion. Nourish your hair with four of nature's best oils, Argan oil, Maracuja oil, Meadowfoam oil and Avocado oil, ABSOLUTELY NO MINERAL OIL, NO SILICONE AND NO PETROLEUM BY PRODUCTS USED IN OUR HAIR POTION SERUM. Just the GOODNESS OF FOUR PRECIOUS BEAUTANICAL OILS. 

Hair Goddess Shampoo ♥ 
The secret to divine locks is Absynthe's Hair Goddess Shampoo. This crowning glory must-have is the First to have the combined lux of Emu oil and Argan oil on a gentle and natural daily cleanser. Absolutely free from harmful chemicals such as sles/sls, sulfate and paraben, your crown is safely guarded with us. 

Hair Goddess Conditioner ♥ 

Complete your royal hair treatment with Absynthe's Hair Goddess Conditioner. This formula is free from chemicals that can harm your hair and is fortified by two of the most premium oils. Argan oil and Emu oil that will surely leave your hair smooth and silky just like a goddess. 
White Goddess Premium Emu Soap ♥ 

Be a goddess. A fair skinned organic goddess, that is. Lighten the skin the right way with 5 whitening actives that do your skin only good unlike commercial whiteners that may have harmful toxic chemicals hidden in them. It has a micro peeling effect that taken out dead skin cells and skin impurities to reveal skin that is fit for a goddess. 

 100% Pure Argan Oil 
This "liquid gold" is potent source of Vitamin E and is known for its healing, conditioning and anti-aging properties. ABSOLUTELY no fillers, you are getting the largest dose of vitamin E and essential fatty acids possible and you can literally use it from head to toe. It's great for restoring hair's luster (especially color treated hair) or you can use it on your cuticles, elbows, knees, and even as a daily facial moisturizer.

100% Pure Emu Oil.
Nature's secret to beautiful skin is Absynthe Signature Emu oil. This all natural oil is rich in essential fatty acids like Omega 3,6 and 9. This PURE, UNADULTERATED and FULLY REFINED AEA. Certified oil is the answer to skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, burns, scars, stretch marks and even skin asthma. Safe to use on your baby's delicate skin. 

 Don't Bug Me
Infused with skin-loving essential oils of lavender, citronella, peppermint and lemongrass, this absolutely DEET free outdoor must-have makes the perfect insect repellent for you and your family. It helps protect your kid's delicate skin from pesky mosquitoes while leaving your skin soft and moisturized.

Complete your royal hair treatment with Absynthe's Hair Goddess Conditioner. This formula is free from chemicals that can harm your hair and is fortified by two of our most premium oils. Argan oil and Emu oil that will surely leave your hair smooth and silky just like a goddess. 

I will do a product review soon!  

Products are absolutely free from GMO, Parabens, Triclosan, Chemical Detergents such as SLS/SLES, and our exclusive formulas do not contain Petroleum by- products. 

Absynthe Bath and Beauty is the only International member of the American Emu Association in the Philippines and Asia.

Absynthe raises the bar of quality and effective beauty skin care at affordable prices, extending its vision further with the intention of empowering women by giving them a fair opportunity to earn.

For more information about Absynthe Bath ad Beauty’s products and If you want to earn money.
 Ask about Absynthe Distributor Program and be one Ambassadors and Associates and business opportunity,

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and visit official website at http://www.absynthe.com.ph

Call Absynthe Hotline at 0917-8700958

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  1. such a cool box..lakas maka Queen feeling ^_^

  2. Will wait for your review on yhis product !!! I am super interested in this product especially the emu soap and the argan oil. Argan oil has many uses and my favorite is that it can be used as facial moisturizer:) love the packaging its soooo attractive:D

    1. Thank you :-) Yes I will do it soon ♥ Can't wait to try it too. Yes the packaging really fit for a queen and goddess. :-)

  3. I love the packaging...I was in awe actually. The packaging has a certain image that is likely going to say "Dont under-estimate me. I am priceless... something like that :D

    Will be waiting for your review on these products :D and hope they are affordable since they look expensive :D

  4. Wow! I love love their packaging sis! Been wanting to try them din ahhh ! You're so lucky to try their best sellers! :D


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