Trip to Singapore 2013 Day 1 ♥

November 4, 2013- I went to Singapore for a 3 nights and 4 days vacation by myself. ♥ 

I had to travel alone and it is a mixed emotion that I felt sadness of being alone and with no one to actually take a picture of me or talk to someone but at the same time fulfilled with having my own time and budget and do what I want to do or I did not have to think of anyone with wherever I want to go or if that someone is tired or hungry because I will never get tired or hungry when it comes to touring around to different places.

 I wish I can do this for a living. To travel around the world and learn about different cultures and explore the world is something I really want to do. 

 My Flight from Manila,Philippines is at 6:00 A.M. and I arrived at 9:35 A.M. at Changi Airport. There are no time difference in Manila and Singapore since it is only about 3 hours flight. 

I immediately claimed my checked in baggage then exchange my US dollars to Singapore dollars which was converted from 100 USD to 121.00 SGD at the Airport. 

They can exchange any types of currency even Philippine Pesos so there is really no need to look for US dollars.

 I recommend getting your money exchange at Orchard Road because it is the highest exchange rate I found compared to the airport or other places around. 

From Changi Airport I went to Terminal 2 to go to Bugis St. Via MRT. 

MRT are easily accessible, affordable and reliable at Singapore. 

From the Station Changi Airport, I went down to Tanah Merah then change to another train, which is the green line going to Joo Koon then 8 stops is Bugis St. that took me only about 30 minutes to get there from the airport.
I highly recommend to get one of these EZ link cards. EZ Link card which can be purchased with some value on it at the counters at every MRT station. 

Travelling with MRT and buses in Singapore is a breeze. 

First I met up with my husband's cousin Richelle in Bugis Street and she dropped me off to the house to where I stayed in Singapore then she went back to work so I decided to go around Bugis Street first and look around and there were so many clothes, shoes, accessories, souvenirs, fruits, foods and so much stuffs that you can buy that is cheap and unique. 

I bought a dress and necklace that I wore on my first day to Singapore since the weather is very hot and humid. 

Make sure to wear your most comfortable clothing, shoes or footwear because you will be doing a lot of walking.
First I went to Merlion and as you can see in the photo, the skies are dark that it looks like it is about to rain that you should always expect whenever I go on vacation I do not know why or I will not call it a coincidence but no matter how bright the sun is or it is summer every time I go on vacation it always rains!

When finally I was about take a photo with Merlion. 

Shucks! Very heavy rainfall. 
While it was raining hard I just went passed by inside the beautiful "The Fullerton Hotel" that which by the way I took the photo before it rained and too bad that I did not have the chance to take pictures inside.

I was getting bored inside the hotel and I did not want to waste time so I went to the MRT station going to Suntec City, you can get there by alighting at Esplanade or Promenade Station in circle line of the MRT.
Suntec City is the newest fashion playground that can take you to step the vibrant shopping destination filled with your favorite fashion labels, beauty brands and enticing cuisine. 
It includes popular names like Sephora, Guess, Uniqlo, Wacoal and H&M
It is where I bought a sunglasses that matches the color of my dress. 
When it stop raining, I took the MRT alighting to Marina Bay.

OOTD: Dress and Necklace from Bugis Street and sunglasses from H&M. 

Forget about the heels! 
 Comfort is more important here and all throughout my trip I was wearing my most comfortable flip flops from Sanuk.
Louis Vuitton  
Only in my dreams ♥ 
THE SHOPPES AT MARINA BAY SANDS- Where you can find the hottest labels in luxury, runway and street style.
From Marina Bay I was walking all the way to Merlion and had picture taken with a big lotus flower display.
With the ArtScience Museum in the background. The architecture is said to be a form of reminiscent of a lotus flower.  

Hays! I was having problems with my camera settings and a lot of the photos was blurry.
I also saw kids playing soccer. I miss my kids :-(
Discover the scenic river by taking the S'pore River Experience.

I was on a budget and I did not want to spend on any rides so I just kept walking until...
Finally a picture taken with the Merlion  Yay! 
In case you are wondering who was taking my photos it was a tripod and I regret not learning how to take photos using self timer because a lot of the pictures came out blurry.   

My camera is a Nikon DSLR D5000. What settings should I need to put to do self timer to avoid blurry photos or to take great pictures. Any tips?

NEXT POST: Sanrio Hello Kitty Town- Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park Malaysia ♥  

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Wow travelling alone! Matagal ko nang pangarap yan. i want to travel Europe naman :D Pangarap ko rin magshopping sa Sephora!! :D super ganda talaga sa Singapore. Can't wait na makapunta dyan :D

    1. Hi Fati yes ang ganda sa Singapore super clean. Ako din I want to to Travel to Europe. Naku dami ko pa dream places to go. :-) ♥ Sana nga ikaw din matupad.

  2. Will ask hubby later about the settings of the camera.. He is a photography enthusiast but not a professional..Although he may have a point or two.. I just hope I remember to ask later when I go back
    I am really going to set aside a fund for this trip... Gustong gusto ko talagang pumunta ng Singapore. My officemate is actually bugging me for a trip already but I have financial priorities now.. but seeing this, I would start the funding next month dedicated for tripping only.

    sana magkaroon ng bloggers trip...what do you think? Some bloggers would meet up and do a special trip..oo nga ano...? bigla na lang nag-pop-out sa utak ko while typing my comment :D

    1. Hi Winnie sana nga makakuha ako tips kung ano ba mali ko ginawa that my photos was blurry.

      Yes Go Winnie masaya naman din talaga mag travel and magvacation sana nga talaga magkaroon ng bloggers trip, ang saya nun kase talaga siguro super dami picture taking :-)

  3. WOOOOOOOOW!~ Singapooooooore!~ Inggit much! Hihi. Sarap mag shopping pag ganyan. They have lots of places to shop! ^^

  4. Wow happy for you Ms.Rochelle, dream come true... nice picture pa din kasi while reading and looking at your pictures I wonder who's with you taking all of nice picture... effort to the max ka pala mag isa.. great job pa din kasi maganda pa din mga kuha... welcome back! ako din dream ko maglakwatsa mag isa someday.. :)

    1. Hi Mayla Thank you :-)

      Yes super sakit lang sa likod kase ang bigat nung tripod ko. Talaga heavy duty dinala ko para di mahulog. Yes may pros and cons in traveling alone pero okay naman :-)

  5. well. what can I say,, I taught someone is taking your pic.. hindi halata na tripod lang.. hihihi.. what a great days in Singa.. I wish to go there too..

  6. Oh I would love to go to Singapore! You look amazing in that floaty mint dress, love the pics :)

    - Che

  7. wish i could travel too,singapore is one of my dream destination!


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