Unboxing Glamourbox Beauty SOS ♥

For the first time I decided to order Glamourbox Beauty SOS after seeing other post about unboxing with Ofra Lipstick and Rejuvalash Eyelash Growth Serum that just make me want it and with the price you pay, you definitely are getting more but this is going to be my last order.

I will NEVER order from Glamourbox again after my bad experience with missing items. I hope this doesn't happen to you. 
 So first this is the Glamourbox
You may Visit 
to view what should be in the box. 
Before opening into that box, it is these box sealed and no signs of tampering. 
 Then even if I already knew what is inside, It is still got me excited on seeing this preparation they made.
Glamourbox  Beauty SOS. 
Glamourbox Beauty SOS Curation Card
 I received some coupons 
 Kanebo Impress Advanced CT Essence
Rejuvalash Eyelash Growth Serum, Saforelle Gentle Cleansing Care and VMV Hypoallergenic Monolaurin Gel. 

Now where is my Ofra Lipstick and Avon Genics Gen-Protect SPF 15 Treatment? 

It is so disappointing because I was expecting it and so I contacted Glamourbox Team to informed them about the missing items and they are just sorry and keep insisting that they double checked the box before it was sent out but sad to say it is really not inside the box so this is just a lesson learned for me that not to order again so I will not be disappointed. 

Just beware when ordering from Glamourbox, I hope they do double checked their boxes before sending. 

I still did get more with what I paid for but I just hope there was no missing items and that I probably be subscribing every month if this did not happened. 

PRICE PAID: P595 + P80 Shipping and Handling= P675

Glamourbox resolved my problem and refunded P80 Shipping FEE.
Also sent me the missing items. 


Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Awww... that is just too bad. Hope they can see this post para they can very well see na talagang you were telling the truth.

    1. I know right, Hays parang they thought I was lying and kept telling me na talaga nilagay nila yung missing items pero wala talaga binabaliktad ko na yung box pati ung baka nastock lang pero wala talaga :-( Pero it is okay, I guess lesson learned na lang.

  2. me too =( not happy with my april 2013 box, good thing nabawi ni lipbalm yung disappointment ko http://rhaichael.blogspot.com/2013/07/im-loving-my-pixiglow-magic-tink-tint.html

    1. We still get more for what we paid for pero sobra nanghinayang ako na the reason I ordered is for the lipstick talaga :-(

  3. Aww. That's just so sad Ms. Rochelle :( I haven't had subscribed to this glamourbox thingyy and now I know what to expect. :(

    1. Yes Fati. :-( Sobra naka Sad lang. I don't really care about the Avon Genics Gen-Protect SPF 15 Treatment pero yung Ofra lipstick talaga yung gusto ko dito pero wala siya talaga and wala as in pinipilit nila nilagay nila or baka daw nakuha lang ng xend. Obvious naman walang signs of tampering :=(

  4. OMG. Sana di mangyari sakin to. New subscriber pa naman nila ako.

  5. Naku. Sana lang di mangyari sa akin to. First time ko pa naman sa kanila this upcoming December box nila.

  6. Aww :( Kahit ako Ms. Rochelle lipstick tlga una kong hahanapin and nakakasad nga kung wala sya dun. :( did they did an action to give you the missing item?

  7. tsk.tsk..That was an annoying one,,they should have it double check before sending it to their customer to avoid issues.. \i hope they can resolve it with you

  8. just wondering.. bakit kaya siningil ka ng shipping and handling fee ? hmmmm... di naman kami siningil ng shipping fee..
    I guess GB should take a closer look into this as well as sa incident mo... Nothing is fool proof even if the system is already in-place...possible pa rin na mag-occur ang mistakes...
    Nalulungkot naman ako.. Sana di na ito mangyari ulit... I dont want it to happen to me so I wouldn't want it to happen to others too..

    1. Grabe pala panloloko ginawa nila saken. Una invoice wala shipping then nagsend sila bago invoice na ignore ko yung una and that may shipping cost na P80. AKo naman wala alam binayaran ang shipping dahil sabi ko sige okay lang dahil mas malaki pa din makukuha ko pero naku mga ala kwenta :=(

  9. Nay! that is Very disappointing, i thought of subscribing on them but it seems like they can no longer handle the current subscribers. Nakakpanghinayang naman yung missing items ;(

    1. Hi Leilani yes ignore lang sila. Kunwari may ginagawa to resolve the issue pero wala na. :-( Hays sorry sobra disapointed lang ako tapos pinabayad pa ako shipping na wala naman pala dapat.

  10. grabe naman yan. hindi ba nila pwede isipin na baka nakaligtaan talaga nila yung 2 items na wala sayo. tss. di yung ganyan na pagpipilitan na nagdouble check sila.

    1. I know right. Pero para imma liar. Hahaha! :-) Grabe sobra disappointed lang sa nangyare and di naman ganun kalaki money pero yung panloloko na ginawa nila na charge pa ako shipping cost na wala pala dapat and yung hindi nila isasama yung dalawa items na sinabi nila meron. Pero really no big deal, nakalungkot lang pag naloloko :-(

  11. I know how this feels. I had the same bad experience from another company called SALADBOX. My September 2013 Saladbox never arrived. I have contacted them several times: they made empty promises of sending it and finally, gave some excuses for why my box has not arrived. This is really sad news for consumers.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Awww. its the first time I heard about an issue like this for glamourbox, I was thinking of subscribing for their boxes but i don't want scenario like this. I think I would be liking BDJ box instead.

    Can't wait to read about your reviews ^^


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