Police Eyewear Launch and Celebrates 30 years in Eyewear ♥

Last November 12, 2013 I attended the 30th Anniversary of POLICE Look Beyond Media Launch held at K-Pub Korean Restaurant, The Fort Strip, Taguig a perfect place themed with the launch of Police Eyewear K-pop collection. 

Police celebrates 30 years in eyewear
Commemorates anniversary with K-Pop Collection and brand ambassadors

2013 is a special year for Italian lifestyle brand Police as it celebrates 30 years of fashionable lifestyle accessories. Founded in 1983, Police has made a name for itself in providing cutting edge eyewear such as the iconic blue tinted mirror sunglasses. Included in Police’s line of lifestyle essentials are its roster of watches, jewelry, leather goods, perfumes and apparel, thus cementing its status as a reputable lifestyle brand.
“For 30 years, Police has maintained its tradition of producing trendy, high-quality eyewear and accessories. For its anniversary, we continue this tradition by introducing a brand new line that evokes style and attitude, two qualities that can be found in all of our products,” remarks Police Brand Manager Stefano Bozzo.

30 years of Police: a look back
Exclusive Collection by Yoshi Gohara

Bozzo shares that since the inception of Police in the early 1980’s, the brand has introduced iconic styles that crossed borders and represented generations. One of these styles, introduced in the late 1980’s, was the double profile glasses, a unique design with a square and classical shape which embellished the frontal part of the face.

The style was followed in the early 1990’s when Police introduced the rock and roll lifestyle and urban fashion to its line of eyewear.
 In 1993, Police made another splash with the introduction of the iconic blue mirrored lens. The style became a great success and continues to be popular today. 
Hollywood picked up on the Police lifestyle trend in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. 

Global brand ambassadors such as Bruce Willis, George Clooney, David Beckham and Antonio Banderas brought their own unique appeal to Police. 

The youth also became a focal point of the brand, when Police launched its Be Younique campaign in 2010.

Riding the K-Pop wave

From iconic aviators to trend-setting blue tinted eyewear, Police is continuing the trend by riding on the K-Pop wave.

 From TV dramas, Korean music, food and fashion, it’s no doubt that K-Pop is here to stay. 

Bozzo reveals that together with Police’s 30th anniversary, the brand is set to introduce the Police K-Pop line.
The line pays homage to Police Eyewear’s best-selling blue-tinted sunglasses, the S8299 model, which features a metal frame and polarized mirror lenses. The Police K-Pop Line updates the best-selling look with new colored lenses while adding a sophisticated look and feel.

Hosted by KC Montero
Tapping local talent

Following the footsteps of popular Police brand ambassadors, Police has also tapped three local talents to represent the Police lifestyle in the Philippines.
 Bozzo reveals that these three ambassadors were selected as they embody what Police is all about. 

Young, cutting edge and adored by many, 
Actor Will Devaughn, 
Actress Roxanne Barcelo 

Top male fashion blogger David Guison 
were tapped to be the new faces of Police.

“This year and for the last 30, Police has been committed in producing eyewear that isn’t just an accessory, but a lifestyle essential that transforms a person’s look and enhances facial features while protecting the eyes. It is through cutting edge eyewear that Police helps individuals showcase their unique style, no matter their personality or taste,” concludes Bozzo.

 Congratulations! Police Eyewear and Happy 30th Anniversary ♥ 


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THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Wow! Happy 30th Police Eyewear. :) Roxanne B. is so hot! :D

  2. oooohhh.. I love sunnies... unnfortunately, i often forgot to upgrade my sunnies... hubby always let me borrow his sunnies instead..lol... This is one of his favorite brands along with RB.

  3. sexy naman ni Roxanne.:) , I love the styles of these shades, perfect gift na rin kay hubby :D

  4. In above collection of designer eyewear I like number of 4, 12 and 24 these wayfarer designer Eyewear that very famous in the UK. It's very nice habit that you're not going anywhere without your sunglasses. I also like these sunglasses and after reading your post I also try to wearing sunglasses regularly when I go outside from home.

  5. Sadly, Im jealous to know who can really wear them with confidence haha.
    Like my mom, she loves it! pero ako I love it pero I think hindi tlaga bagay sa kin e Y_Y huhu.
    I think its another nice brand! how I wish to try them, hehe ! or probably gift for my mom.
    Lookin so cool and fashionable with it!


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