Red Apple Lipstick in Petal Pusher Review and Swatches ♥

If I had to choose one type of makeup product that I can't live without - My answer would be "LIPSTICK".

Lipstick can make me feel more confident, beautiful and more appealing. But did you know that in the past, I was afraid of using lipstick because I was told that it is not safe and it can darkened the lips. 

Given the fact that many of us love makeup but most of us have no idea that some of our favorite products contain harsh chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients. Most commercial brands are toxic, poisonous and harmful.

Great News! Introducing  
Red Apple Lipstick 
The Safe Lipstick
Mineral Lipstick
Safe Products
Lead Free
Vitamin E Enriched
Gluten Free
Soy Free
Cruelty Free
Paraben Free
Allergen Free
Made in the USA

100% Money Back Guarantee
If you try your lipstick or lipgloss and you are dissatisfied for any reason, (which I doubt you will be dissatisfied) you can send it right back to them within 30 days of receipt and they will refund 100% of your original purchase!
You'll enjoy your simple policy: no gimmicks, no hassles and no additional fees.

WHERE I BOUGHT IT: Gift from Red Apple Lipstick  
PRICE $23.50 for 4.5g
Red Apple Lipstick in Petal Pusher
If you are looking for the hottest hot pink...and HERE it is! 
Combining all the most brilliant of bright pink hues: fuchsia, magenta and hot pink!

Bright Medium Pink with super subtle shimmer. 
Bright - bold - fun...just like ME!!
 Luscious Creamy, Blendable, Easy to apply and Moisturizing Lipstick
Safe to use
No Animal Testing
Great Quality 
Great Packaging
No dry, chapped, feathering lips
Makes lips smooth and enriched
Long lasting lipstick
 Floral and Marshmallow scent that smells yummy!
Gorgeous Bright Pink Shade
 Best Lipstick I've tried so far, I am so in love with it! 

Not available in the Philippines, but you can order safe online.
☼ International shipping cost can be a bit pricey.

OVERALL: If you ask me, definitely my favorite lipstick is now from Red Apple Lipstick. The color is gorgeous and I really felt my lips are moisturized, I am definitely saying good bye to chapped and dry lips with Red Apple Lipsticks (RAL). I can wear it longer than the average lipstick. The best part of it all is that is safe to use and I don't need to worry about the side effects of wearing lipstick. It is definitely worth the price. 

TIP: Red Apple Lipstick is the only way to end chapped lips. 

WILL I BUY THIS AGAIN? Yes, I am definitely addicted to Red Apple Lipstick products and that I have a shipment on the way. 

WILL I RECOMMEND THIS? I highly recommend it!



What do you think of Red Apple Lipstick? 
Have you tried Mineral Lipstick Before?
What do you think?

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  1. wow gluten free and paraben free. this is an ideal lippie to try!

  2. nice..a bit costly but definitely worth it... too bad I still don't hae a paypal account.. will ask hubby nalang when he goes to another training! I'll ask it as part of a pasalubong nalang para he gets to pay for it. hehehe

  3. That is nice lipstick. I can not go out either, if I am not wearing lipstick,, that is a must try one, but geehh,, pricey pala..

  4. Bet ko yung mga gantong colors kasi para sakin, nakakaputi sya ng face and kahit wala kang masyadong makeup, you can have this alone :) Thank you talaga sa nagimento ng lipstick. :D

    1. Yes thanks to Jay and Andrea Harper for inventing a good lipstick! :-)

  5. Im so jealous, hehe buti pa sayo Ms Chelle, ganda ng color pink! its not for me kahit gustong gusto ko sya, hehe. I also hate chapped lips, that's one of my problem .. So sometimes kahit anong ganda ng lipcolor sayo kung chapped naman lips mo. bawas ganda points.

    BTW, love your earrings!♥

  6. Me too. I cant go out of the house without lipstick. I love the packaging of red apple .And the color as well

  7. I am a user of Avon lipstick also in Ruby Kiss shade. I love it because it lasts long and very attractive color. I feel that I am more pretty when Im wearing it. By the way, that Avon lipstick was just my prize from Fotoku app. God Bless you po.


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