Wacoal Perfect Fit Party ♥

I was invited to Wacoal Perfect Fit Party along with other fashion bloggers last October 26th and I am feeling so lucky and thankful to be one of them because I love Wacoal ever since my Mom gave me a bra with a brand from Wacoal when I was still in high school as my body changes, There was a lot to learned and being a  part of this party was truly a great experience that I will cherish with all the knowledge I gained. 

It was an afternoon of educational fun held at the head office of Wacoal in Makati. 

What is this event about? 
They talked about fashion and how important wearing the right intimate apparel, With this event, We definitely took home helpful tips, had a wonderful experience and a chance to review Wacoal items. ♥ 


More than a right or a privilege, having a beautiful body is part of being a woman. As your body undergoes plenty of changes over time, Wacoal is here to complement these physical transformation with pieces that are made perfectly for you every contour.
When we arrived, they first took our measurements to know our perfect size because Believe it on not, at least 80% of women wear an incorrectly sized bra! Most ladies wear a bra too large in the back or too small in the cups. It is important to look for a better fit and to know how to find your perfect bra size. 

A well-fitted bra should provide 90% of the support from the band, and the straps the remaining 10%.

They also measure our waist and hips for the perfect panty fit.

It is about finding your confidence with the right fit of bra and panty. Many of us including me are still wearing the wrong underwear. I am so grateful to learned so much from Wacoal to find the Perfect Fit.

Guests were also given free souvenir photo from their photo booth. ♥ 
We were also served with Delicious C2 Red Tea Raspberry Flavor. Refreshing!  
Sandwiches from Sweet Patti Cakes
 One of the best cupcakes I have tasted,
 from Sweet Patti Cakes as well. 
 Yummy and Cute Cupcakes ♥ 
 With my blogger sister, Jenny enjoying our cupcakes.
 Busy making our own bra designs. 
Sorry I was unable to take photos of my design. 
I am not creative or talented when it comes to art. 
But I definitely know how to admire, a great quality and designs. 

TIP: Don't be tempted to buy the wrong size or a poorer quality bra because it's cheaper. With bras you generally get what you pay for. It's better to have one bra that fits really well, than three that are uncomfortable!

Choose Wacoal for superior comfort, fit and design of intimate apparel. They offer the best fitting, most technologically advanced and highest quality bras, panties, shape wear and other intimate apparel on the market today. 

Wacoal's success is due, in large part to their talented team of designers. They understand the importance of balancing great fit and function with extraordinary beauty and unique designs. 
 Here is a sneak peek of Wacoal's undergarments.

 Wacoal team handed us each a box with our name on it and containing undergarments in our sizes to fit and to pick what we want. Yay!
We were also introduced to Pevonia Botanica and we were given a brief description as to what is the product all about. 

Pevonia is a Swiss Brand that utilize highly advanced technology to create the finest skincare products. They have extensive selection in spa treatments to address your every skin concern. .

It is an elite and eco-friendly skincare used by the most prestigious salons & spas worldwide.

Here in the Philippines, You can find their products in in The Spa, Suriya Spa, and Marriot Hotel.

Famous Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Madonna and Will Smith to named a few showed support to the brand because of it's excellent quality. 

Guests were also given a chance to take home a sample of their product for us to review and try.

To read more about Pevonia products, promotions and other skincare and wellness articles

FACEBOOK: Pevonia Botanica Philippines
INSTAGRAM: @pevoniaph
TWITTER: @pevoniaph
We also took home, Loot Bag with Wacoal's Proud Sponsors: Pevonia Botanica, Droplets of Nature, C2 Cool & Clean, Goody, Zenutrients, Mir & Ryvi.
 Catalogs, Coupons and Photo Booth Souvenir.
 My Wacoal Haul that I will review soon!  

Thank you so much Wacoal!  


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NEXT POST: I will be sharing knowledge, useful tips, The BIG NO to wearing undergarments and wearing the perfect fit that I learned from Wacoal  

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. You are so pretty Ms. Rochelle,How do you manage to still look pretty even when your juggling lots of things? sigh* hehe...

  2. That was an indeed great party.. and I guess, those loots from them will surely pretty good on you.. ^^

  3. Nice party they got for the bloggers :) lucky you to attend the event. Thanks for sharing this one :)

  4. I like the black undies :D How much kaya yan? I never tried wacoal pa.. yung dating kinuha ko na medyo expensive is Triumph. Meron ito sa mga malls however, naghahanap ako ng dealer para maka-discount. lol!

  5. I never heard about WACOAL before , but I love looking at your haul Ms. Chelle! Looks like they have nice quality undergarments.

    BTW i love your dress ^_^ you look like a barbiedoll while she was getting your vital statistics, hehe


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