Trip to Singapore 2013 Day 2 ♥

November 5, 2013- My second day Trip to Singapore upon arrival from Malaysia. 

I went back to Singapore taking the bus from Johor Sentral with the destination to Queen Street and it took about an hour and half because it was traffic, it was raining hard and so too bad I did not have the chance to go to Johor Premium Outlet. 

I just went to Bugis Street Junction mall ♥ 
Hello Kitty at Bread Talk, I love the kawaii collection of these purrfect delights in five different categories that include delicious donuts, cupcakes, pocket full of berries, sliced cakes and whole cakes. All bearing the trademark cute designs of this cute popular feline character.
 Cuteness Overload  
 Kawaii ♥ 
Kitty Chantilly Hippy Chic Cake.  
 I went shopping at Bugis Street, just in front of the place where I stayed in Singapore   
Bugis Street is well known for its wide selection, competitive prices and quality merchandise that cater to anyone and everyone. 

I bought so much clothes, accessories, souvenirs and chocolates at Bugis Street. 

The fruits were also so sweet and good. 
I end the night by having dinner at Bugis Street with Richelle at a Thailand Cuisine. The Calamansi Juice with Plum is so good! ♥ 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments, questions and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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 Trip to Singapore 2013 Day 1 ♥ 
 Sanrio Hello Kitty Town- Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park Malaysia ♥ 
Shopping Tour of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Store ♥ 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. and because I saw Breadtalk,, I got craved of it.. hahhaha.. and really kawaii hello kitty ..

  2. Hello Kitty madness again and again! :D Ohh me too. I wish they have it here! I would definitely fill not only my tummy but also my ig account with this cute sweets. :D I drooled on the last 3 photos. Ang sarap!:D

  3. I so envy you sis....
    pag ako nandyan... sami ko rin siguro nabili..
    weakness ko pa mandin ang saying na "minsan lang naman ito..diko na ito makikita ulit..kaya bilhin ko na!" lol!
    will definitely go there... sooonnn!!!

  4. wish ko din mag serve ng Hello Kitty ang Bread Talk dito sa atin naku baka magpanic buying ako...:)

  5. Nasilip ko yong price ng Hello Kitty bread, ang cute pero grabe ang price!Hehehe!

  6. wow!!will definitely go there... sooonnn!!!


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