Sanrio Hello Kitty Town- Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park Malaysia ♥

For my second day for My trip to Singapore, I went to Hello Kitty Town, My dream Hello Kitty town in Malaysia since it was only about 45 minutes away from Singapore. 

I took the bus at Queen St. Bus Terminal. It is located beside Victoria Street Wholesale Centre and behind Church of Our Lady of Lourdes. It is nearby or walking distance to where I stayed which is Bugis Street and it only costs 2.40 SGD ( About Php 80 or $1.90) to take the bus going to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 

When going to Malaysia make sure that you bring:

• Passport
• Immigration Card 
• Camera with extra or fresh batteries
• Wet Wipes
• Hand Sanitizer
• Exact change for the bus because they won't give you change. They can give you change at the bus station but be prepared with what I experience.

MY EXPERIENCE with taking the bus:

I went down the bus to the immigration border of Malaysia and at first I was wondering why they were walking so fast going up the immigration and so I just followed them but the guy in front of me before my turn to the immigration had problems so it took me long to be my turn and when I went down to look for my bus, it already left me.  

Oh gosh, I felt scared but still luckily there were buses coming every minute and I just ask them if the destination is at Johor Bahru and that is when you need exact change because if you did not have any, they won't be able to give you change, It costs me another 1 SGD from the immigration to Johor Sentral. 

Upon arrival to Johor Sentral, I went to take another bus going to Hello Kitty Town and that bus can also take you to Legoland and it only costs 4 RM (About Php 54 or $1.50)

BUDGET TIPS: Taking the taxi is more expensive so I suggest to be practical and make sure to exchange your money to Malaysian Ringgit because they do not accept US dollars or Singapore dollars. You can find money changer at Johor Sentral.  

The bus took me exactly at Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park.
Hello Kitty Town/ Little Big Club Entrance ♥ 
It is an indoor theme park.
Ticket Prices:

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town 
Adults- RM 75.00 
Child- RM 55.00

The Little Big Club
Adults- RM 75
Child- RM 55

2 Park Pass
Adults- RM 110
Child- RM 85
My Admission ticket AKA my ticket to my Dream Hello Kitty Town ♥ 

For more information on ticket prices and opening hours: CLICK HERE
I was given a Daily Activity Card in which I need to collect Hello Kitty stamp to make sure I visit each activities the Sanrio Hello Kitty town has to offer. ♥ 

You can only enter each studio ONCE. So make sure to spend as much time as you need taking pictures.
I am a big fan of Hello Kitty, well most of the people know that and if you ask me how much I love Hello Kitty and Sanrio. 
It would be bigger than this heart. I will never grow old of Hello Kitty. 
Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Map 
Ready for Hello Kitty, Pink, Kawaii, Cuteness Overloadness 

This is almost the entire tour or what you will be seeing on the iconic Kitty House.
 Hello Kitty House Entrance Door ♥ 
 Hello Kitty Goddess ♥ 
 With the Goddess of Hello Kitty 
 Hello Kitty Sofa ♥ 
Posing at the Hello Kitty Living Room ♥ 
 Hello Kitty House Dining Room
Hello Kitty Dining Set  
 Hello Kitty Television
 I wish I could take the Hello Kitty TV home. 
 Hello Kitty Piano
 Playing Piano while sitting in a cute kitty chair  
 Hello Kitty Computer  
Hello Kitty House Office  
Hello Kitty Display Rack  
 Hello Kitty Stove 
  My Dream Kitchen
 Hello Kitty House Kitchen

 Hello Kitty House Bathroom
 Hello Kitty Bathtub 

 Cute Hello Kitty Bath Shower Gels 
Hello Kitty Bathroom Sink
 Hello Kitty House Yellow Bedroom
♥ Mimmy's Room ♥ 
 Hello Kitty Bed

 Cute Hello Kitty Paintings
Yellow Hello Kitty Dresser Mirror
Yellow Hello Kitty Cabinet
Missing my childhood days  I remember having something like these in my room.
Hello Kitty House Walk-in Closet or Also known as The Secret Closet

 Hello Kitty Bedroom
 Pink Hello Kitty Mirror Dresser
Cute Hello Kitty Decorations
 Hello Kitty suitcase and Pink cabinet.
At the exit of the Hello Kitty House there is an activity "Let's Guess The Answer".  
Hello Kitty Garden 
Heartful Forest

 It is a treasure hunt maze and I was given a lantern containing a black light. 
 As I enter, I placed the Black Lantern under the touch screen computer. I was given a series of questions and need to answer these correctly. 
 Clues are all over the place.
 DANGER! Hahaha  

I did not finished the task, I just had my pictures taken but it was supposed to be when you are done, a logo will appear. This will be the same logo that you need to find inside the maze, there will be 5 additional sections inside the maze and when you solve the puzzle at each section, you will uncover one alphabet that will form your password. When you are finish collecting all 5 alphabets, you can type in the password to the check out and If you are correct you will get a certificate of completion as a reward. It is not that complicated but the instructions was confusing. 
 Oh no! Hello Kitty 
 and Dear Daniel have been kidnapped. Hahaha! 
Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Chess Game
Hello Kitty will always be my favorite STAR! 
Hello Kitty Star
I actually do wish that I accomplish the mission so I can keep the certificate as a souvenir. 
 Craft Studio 
(Not Jewellery Making) 
I made Hello Kitty craft using these beads.
 It was very easy and fun to do the Hello Kitty craft just following the sample photo.
 When I am done, the attendant iron my craft.
Took these Hello Kitty Craft as a souvenir.  
 Costume Dress Up  
They dress you up in these costumes and then take a picture of you against a green screen, 
 Various Hello Kitty background scene will be added post-production. 
Taking pictures are free but if you want to get your prints, you can purchase at the Kawaii Photo Center each comes with a cardboard frame and the soft copy can be downloaded from the website within a month.
Hello! I am Hello Kitty  
 Cookie Studio  
You will be given a Plain Hello Kitty butter cookie that you can paint. 
I made My Hello Kitty Cookie. ♥ 
(You can eat it or take it home)
 Nail Salon  
 They will give you nail stickers and nail colors for a DIY nail painting session. You can spend as much time here as you want and wait for your nails to dry.
My DIY Nail Art 
My Activity Card Stamp is complete  
I wish they will put more activities soon! 
Friendship Land
Playplace for kids.
 Cinnamoroll Cafe 
Cute Cafe
Cinnamoroll ♥ 
 Tea Cups Ride  
Riding the Hello Kitty Tea Cup  
Purrfect Stage Show  
Featuring live performances by Hello Kitty and friends.
Happy Carnival Parade  
It was held at the Parade Route & Purrfect Stage. 
Dream Come True at the Dream Photo Garden or also known as Gazebo with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel  
 Hello Kitty  
 Dear Daniel ♥ 
Hello from Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel  
Hoping they can see YOU at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town too.  

NEXT POST: Shopping Tour of Sanrio Hello Kitty Store 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. arggghhh...2nd day palang ito...ano nalang yung mga susunod pa... it is official.. I do have a bucket list.. must stop na talaga ito. better do some funding...ikinuha ko na ng passport anak ko..hahaha... funding nalang talaga.. dadalhin ko siya dyan and sa lego land :D
    hubby went to Malaysia before for a training sa Kuala Lumpur.. sayang di natuloy yung second batch, plan pa naman nya isama kami and we were supposed to do a sidetrip naman to Singapore :D

    1. Yes Go na Winnie! Ako din may mga bucket list pa din sana matupad. Masaya din talaga gawin yung mga gusto or dream naten. :-)

      Wow talaga punta din sana ako Kuala Lumpur kaso 4 hours bus pa and kulang na din sa oras. Sana makapunta din kayo I am sure your daughter will enjoy it. Ako din nga sana may daughter. Balik kami ulit dito and dalhin ko naman mga anak ko sa Little Big Club saka Legoland. I hope pag open nung Legoland Hotel.

      Sarap lang mangarap :-)

    2. Ay sis.. parang diko pa narinig yung Little Big Club... what's that ? parang amusement center for kids ba or sort of like a theme park?

  2. I have no words! Ang ganda! I was scrolling down looking for photos, I imagine myself there :D The hello kitty house kitchen looks so cute! My favorite part of the house :D I love the activities lalo na yung magdedesign ng cookiea! So cute! Lahat cute :D I also love cinnamoroll. Complete package ang place na to. Nakaktuwa. Parang bumalik ako sa pagkabata upon reading and looking at this post ;)

    1. Thanks for looking :-) Ako super nag enjoy na kahit mag isa lang ako talaga ang saya ko and para bata na kulang na lang magsisigaw ako dun dahil fan na fan ako ni Hello Kitty :-)

    2. You're welcome! by looking at your photos nagenjoy ka po tlga. I suddenly remembered all my hello kitty stuff from my mom from Japan. Hehe :D Someday I will come here! :D

  3. sooo cute.. ang lakas maka childhood.. I wish I can go there too,, hmmm I will make ipon to make my dream come true..

  4. Waaaa I love the pictures and also love getting the same experience as you did! Next year we are visiting Malaysia but still unsure if a DIY trip is better than joining a travel / touring service.

  5. OMG! so cute! magkano kaya magagastos 'pagpupunta kai dito?! ^_^

  6. This is the dream destination for every Hello Kitty fan! I can see that you had such a good time Ms. Rochelle. You look lovely by the way.. :)

  7. Wow...Super nice photos,Ms. Rochelle! I'm planning to go there next year sana matuloy at sana maisama ko ang aking baby na for sure matutuwa ng sobra dahil favorite nya c hello kitty......

  8. Wish ko din makapunta jan ng mag isa just like you did Ms.Rochelle Hello Kitty fanatic din ako eh.. :) Did you take pictures all by your self again using your tripod? galing ganda ulli ng mga pictures gaya ng sa Singapore...thanks for sharing your ultimate lakwatsa nakakainggit sobra... cute ng mga Hello Kitty happy for you!

  9. sis... was looking again at this post and checking out the place again..can't help comment , natuwa ako sa picture mo sa crafts area... lahat ng katabi mo! Sarap siguro if you were with your kids ano?. Meron naman lalaking friends si Hello KItty.. hahaha

  10. ganda......i love hello kitty too

  11. My Bbay girl is an avid fan of Hello Kitty! OMG! halos mwalan na ako ng budget kabibili ng mga items from Hello kitty,pero im happy na din,nakakatuwa kc yun ang hilig tlga nya,mag collect ng mga Hello kitty,Kya pag nakikita ko yung post mo about dito sa hello kitty naaalala ko tlga yung bunso ko..& im jealous Ms.Rochelle,sana someday maipasyal ko namn ang kids ko dito...i wish lang & i pray!...Cgurado sobra syang matutuwa!

  12. OMG! You're so lucky Ms. Rochelle, just saw this article and how I wish I could go their too.


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