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Christmas is fast approaching. Christmas is just around the corner and forgets na naman ang diet. 

Hello na naman sa mala Santa Claus na katawan. But I decided I will try my best to stick to eating healthy, managing my weight and enrolling in a yoga class and do zumba. 
Just in time I received different variants of Walter Bread last week and it was finished in just two days. No kidding!

Thank you so much Walter Bread for sending us your delicious different variants of Walter Bread. My favorite would have to be the Whole Wheat Raisin Bread and Sugar Free Wheat Pandesal. Pero super sarap lahat! Promise! ♥ 

 My kids love it as well, I thought it was not going to be delicious since it is sugar free and it is made for weight control. Usually alam nyo naman pag sinabi pang payat na pagkain, kadalasan wala lasa or hindi masarap. I love that Walter Bread was made with high taste and high fiber na perfect sa Balik Alindog Program and Project Sexy ko. 

Mistakenly, many people still think bread is fattening. On the contrary. Walter bread can be the best fat-fighting friend in your diet. Walter Bread is naturally low in fat and can be high in fiber. You can easily eat many servings a day in place of other higher-calorie foods. As long as you don't pile on fatty spreads or fillings, bread can help you lose weight. In fact, studies have proved that people who eat 8 to 12 slices of bread day still lose weight as long as their total diet is low in calories. 

I love that eating Walter Bread has so much health benefits since it a diet rich in whole grains may also help steer you around cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, even gum disease and not to mention the pain of having to buy bigger pants.


Got a sugar problem? Sugar Free Wheat Bread is the solution! It uses isomalt, a natural sugar replacer from beet- so it still tastes great, minus the sugar! Its ideal if you have a diabetes problem. And since it's high in fiber, it's a low glycemic carboyhydrate that also lets you lose weight!
Love pandesal but not the sugar that's in it? Say hello to vitamins and minerals. It's perfect for weight management.
Another product is Walter Bread’s Double Fiber Wheat Bread with Heart Protect, which is made for those with hypertension and other coronary-related ailments. This bread is special, with two all-natural fibers: insoluble fiber from wheat and soluble fiber from apples.
In fact, after years of research by Walter Bread, consumers now appreciate the taste of wheat bread, which used to be bland or salty. Creative Bakers found a way to alter the process to come up with a less dry, less rough texture of breadusing less salt for the betterment of its consumers.  Less salt also means less chance of adding more pounds to body weight and it is more heart and kidney-friendly.
For those who don’t know, insoluble fiber plays a role in gastrointestinal and colon health, while soluble fiber contributes to heart health. Fiber from apples is also a source of sweetness in the bread and also helps keep it moist. Unlike other wheat breads available in the market, the Double Fiber Wheat Bread with Heart Protect is really soft and moist.
Hey! So you want to know more about Whole Wheat Raisin Bread? Well, it's only made of the finest grapes that make it extra tasty. And because its whole wheat, it actually lowers the level of bad cholesterol levels- that's right LDL. To top if off, it's low sodium and virtually fat free. So win win! Whole Wheat Raisin Bread is high in taste and high in health! You can't go wrong!

Looking to get your weight under control? Well, Weight Control Bread with High Fiber is for you! It's loaded with oat and vegetable fibers to keep you feeling full longer. And it's 98% fat free and has 50% less sodium so there's no guilt and it'll help you keep that weight down.

Usually I just love eating my bread with a little olive oil for a taste treat and heart health. 

Pandesal with Olive Oil. Yum!

What about you? Do you have sandwich recipes you would like to share?
What do you think of Walter Bread?


Bread making is an art and Creative Bakers Inc., maker of the Walter Bread brands, took on the business of satisfying the health needs and palates of consumers.  

With close to 30 years of providing quality breads in the market, Creative Bakers continues its commitment to offer Filipinos healthy products, especially now that more and more Filipinos have adopted a healthy lifestyle.  

In its vision statement, Walter Bread exists in the market not just to make money but more importantly, offer products that are helpful for the general well being of Filipino consumers.

According to Walter Co, president of Creative Bakers Co. Inc., “Making money is not a priority for producing these healthy breads

It’s alarming to learn that our country now has one of the highest rates of diabetes in Asia. Because of that, we realized the need to produce bread that is not only healthy but also with a taste that we can enjoy.”

Walter Bread is committed to pursuing its vision of offering a vast line of bread products as a healthy, alternative food for diabetes-free Filipinos. The company has initiated years of research and development to come up with bread products that not only taste good but also pass the high-rigidity test based on nutritional standards.

The company is now reaping the dividends of making better bread. Proof of this is the Filipino consumers’ continued support of Walter Bread’s leading brands, which translates to more profits and productivity for the company.

These loyal patrons through the years are composed of diabetics, calorie-conscious weight watchers and those with a restricted diet who now have something to munch on for breakfast and snacks without worrying about their sugar or cholesterol level, or putting on more pounds.

Among its products now on the market is Walter Bread’s bestselling whole-wheat raisin bread, which is a rich source of fiber and phytochemicals — powerful antioxidants to help arrest the spread of cancer. It is the favorite choice of diabetics whose nutritional ingredients can control their sugar level.

It is also fat-free, low in sodium content and has high dietary fiber. Frequent buyers can attest that it is tasty and sweet compared to other brands.

Very popular with diet- and figure-conscious consumers is Walter Bread’s Weight Control Bread with High Fiber.

 These individuals trying to attain or maintain slim, fit bodies can now enjoy the benefits of eating this high-fiber white bread while they are on their weight-loss program.

The Weight Control Bread with High Fiber is rich in oat and vegetable fibers that keep you feeling full longer, which is why it is perfect for those on a strict diet and exercise program. 

It is 98-percent fat-free and has 50-percent less sodium. Supporters of this bread have also said it is tastier than other high-fiber breads that taste bland.
All these healthy breads are the exclusive creations of Creative Bakers, Inc.

“We make sure that our product is better than the existing ones,” says Co. 

“It has to pass not only my own standards, but I would even have to ask friends and other people for their feedback on the products we produce, and the result is positively amazing in terms of health benefits and profit.”

It's about time that you also look GORGEOUS! 

Enjoy nutritious and great tasting bread...
Eat healthy, be sexy! 
The Healthy Bread on everyone's lips!
Eat Walter Bread

For more information about Walter the Talking Sandwich 

Available in all leading supermarkets nationwide.

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. wow. a healthy bread..Its great.

  2. bet ko dyan yung wheat raisin bread. I really love raisins on bread. and the fact that it is made of wheat, bet talaga! :)

  3. wow.. to think na iniisnab isnab ko lang yan sa grocery... now I'm gonna get that for sure on my next grocery trip... good for my mom who is a bit hypertensive and my hubby who is a bit high in cholesterol.
    I used to prepare healthy sandwiches before kasi medyo natatabangan ako sa wheat what I do is heat the bread in a grill pan and for the fillings: lettuce, century tuna, a little dressing and tomatoes / cucumber... i alternate chicken breast with tuna :)

    1. Hmmm... sarap! :-) eto suprisingly hindi siya matabang.

  4. I love making sandwiches :D gustong gusto ko dn yun WEIGHT CONTROL BREAD WITH HIGH FIBER :D Sobrang sarap nya talaga saka I'm not worried with how much I eat hehe. Usually,I love making tuna sandwiches, hmmmm bigla ko namiss.
    tamang tama, xmas season I should do club sandwiches with these bread! winner ang figure Ms Chelle!


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