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I always find it refreshing to make sure I have a daily intake of Sappe' Beauti Drink. I always have cravings for sweets and I am so glad it is added plus that Sappe Beauti Drink has a benefits to make you beautiful. 

This was not actually my first time to blog about Sappe' Beauti Drink, Check out my previous post here:

I been a long time drinker of Sappe' Beauti Drink ever since the first time it came out in the market here in the Philippines and always find Sappe' Beauti Drink Refreshingly delicious and contributing to make me more confident that I will be more beautiful! Lol! 

"Confidence makes people beautiful."

Beauti Drink is a functional health drink that is best described in its tagline as "A beauty you can drink". It is manufactured by Sapanan General Food in Thailand which is a company engaged in producing juice drinks for over 30 years now. Beauti Drink has recently brought in the Philippines by Gold River Management & Development Corporation, the same company who brought the fun nata de coco drink Mogu Mogu in the country. 

Currently Beauti Drink is Available in Collagen, Glutathione and Fiber. 

I been taking each flavors daily. 

Collagen for BEAUTIFUL SKIN in the Morning, Glutathione FOR WHITER SKIN in the afternoon and Fiber for A BETTER DIGESTION at night.  

Refreshing Beauty
For those the beauty conscious, there is also a Beauti Drink with collagen for smoother and noticeably glowing skin.

Beauti Drink is the perfect beverage for beauty and health conscious people who are always on the move. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could refresh yourself with a delicious and cool white grape and lime drink while taking care of your skin?
Beauti Drink with collagen, Thailand’s leading beauty drink now available in the Philippines, does exactly that.

Normally, our body can produce its own collagen. However, by the age of 20, production gradually decreases and causes the skin to lose moisture, which leads to wrinkles and dry skin.

 Beauti Drink is packed with 1,000 mg of marine collagen per bottle, a naturally occurring protein found in the body, which helps retain moisture within the epidermis and leads to smoother, glowing and youthful skin.

 Refreshing Whitening

Beauti Drink is packed with 100 mg of L-Glutathione per bottle, Works as antioxidants, to stop the process of Melanin formation and assists in the growth of new skin cells, making your skin lighter. It is rich in Vitamin C, E, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, Grape and pine bark extract. Perfect for people who faces pollution from enduring daily outdoor activities. Enrichment for the body and skin.

Refreshing Healthy

For fitness enthusiasts, there is also a Beauti Drink with fiber for a healthy digestive system and L-Carnitine, a safe and proven fat burner.

Beauti Drink is the perfect beverage for beauty and health conscious people who are always on the move. 

Both fiber and L-Carnitine are very important tools in any health conscious individual’s arsenal. It is a known fact that fiber is an essential part of our diet. Fiber, which is found in vegetables and fruits, helps the digestive system work efficiently and is known to prevent intestinal cancer. L-Carnitine on the other hand, is a recognized fat burner. It increases the use of fat as an energy source and also reduces fat mass and fatigue.

Beauti Drink with fiber and L-Carnitine combines the health benefits of both in one refreshing drink. Compared to other brands that offer these benefits, Beauti Drink gives an incredible amount of 8,000mg. Imagine the benefits of fiber to your digestion, at the same time, burn those unwanted flabs with L-Carnitine. 

Grab one now in any Mercury Drug or 7-Eleven Store and Leading Supermarkets near you!

Have a BEAUTIful day!

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THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. much for the retail price? sobra curious nako...especially the collagen drink kasi medyo nagkakaedad na:)

    1. Hi Sis uu nga ako din medyo conscious na, kase 30's na din ako, hindi na kagaya dati, prevention is the key. Inom na ng masarap, nakaganda pa. Price range Php- 35-40

  2. Naku.. need kumayod ng husto para ma-maintain ko.. hahaha. Kelangan makakita ng store na mura magbigay and buy in bulk..mahal sa 711 so I will try sa next grocery trip ko baka meron. :D

    1. Yes Winnie sa Grocery nakita ko P35 lang siya. Usually pag sa convenience stores mas mahal. Okay naman siya masarap :-)

    2. I will try ko kasya pa sa Xend Bag na ship ko sayo para matry mo din :-)

    3. goodness... hahaha... sana kumasya... napasaya mo umaga ko.. lol! I am currently at work and blog sites lang pwed ko puntahan since blocked ang social media sites sa office. nOw I can start my Monday morning with a smile... :D

  3. Thanks for this review. ngayon di ko na sya dededmahin sa convenience stores! Ganda pala ng benefits nya kitang kita naman sainyo :D i think I will pick the pink one, then yung green recommend ko sa sister ko kasi she needs more fiber. :) excited na ko magavail nito :-)

  4. Wow. I got curious tuloy of it, I like the one with collagen iand gluta..wellm it is good that it is not that cheap huh.. might try that..

  5. naiintriga talaga ako sa drink na 'to. buti nalang po nakita ko yung review about this product. :) ok naman po yung lasa nung 3? :D

  6. It seems a good alternative sa iniinom kong juice everyday since this one has a lot of benefits. I wanna try them all. I will try to get this one when i dropped by Watsons. siguro pupunuin ko ref ko nito.hihi. Thanks Ms.Rochelle for introducing this product to your readers

  7. Hi po Ms Rochelle, ung glutathione drink po parang wala sa 7 eleven. Meron po kaya sa grocery nun? Tnx

  8. Bet na bet ko, pag kaw ang endorser nito Ms Chelle! hehe.
    Hope di ko makalimutan once I drop by sa 7-11 or mercury.. Di ko pa tlaga nakita to personally.
    Beauty in a bottle ^_^ wonder how does it taste..
    can't wait to taste BEAUTY lol


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