FOG City Creamery and Emperador Deluxe Fusion of Ice Cream and Brandy Launch ♥

I must say, This is really a different kind of fusion. 

When I got invited to an ice cream launch to be one of the firsts to taste the all-natural ice cream brand Fog City and to experience the successful fusion of delight and luxury in an ice cream in an event last November 28, at Focaccia Restaurant at A. Venue Mall in Makati City. 

I was so excited and I was like Yay! 

I love ice cream and to my surprise it says it was an ice cream that would make you drunk, well not really it won't really, it is not enough to make you tipsy atleast but surely it is an ice cream that made me scream of happiness. 

Though, it did surprised me that I was attending Emperador Deluxe and Fog City Bloggers Event. 

Because who would have thought that ice cream and brandy could be mixed to make a delightful and luxurious creation? 

I know I have tried chocolates and brandy but ice cream? 

This is a first and definitely not going to be my last, it is something I would love to come back and have a taste of it again. I admit that I am in love with anything containing the words ice cream and the rich flavor that implies. This ice cream delivered exactly what I have anticipated!

It is a secret on how much alcohol content the ice cream contains but I love that the taste of alcohol is not overpowering. 

I had to drive on my way home after the event but definitely I would not worry about drinking and driving. It is just enough to satisfy my cravings but again not to make me drunk ♥ 

Emperador Distillers, Inc., a company with long tradition of bringing world-class liquor products to Filipino celebrations decided to combine their expertise and create something that can be enjoyed by many partners with Fog City Creamery, a popular, one-of-a-kind artisan ice cream brand. 
This is definitely a must try for ice cream lovers and liquor connoisseurs.  
Launching Fog City's expertly made Fruit and Nuts Deluxe Ice Cream that has signature touch of Emperador Deluxe's distinct flavors of Palomino grapes toffee, almonds and honey. This perfectly complements the rich taste of different fruits and nuts and the creamy goodness of ice cream.

Emperador Deluxe is a luxurious blend that allows people to savor everyday luxury, "Mr. Edward Gador, Brand Manager for Emperador Deluxe said. "Why not have that taste of luxury in an ice cream? We are very happy to have Fog City as a partner in achieving this very unique creation!" adds Mr. Carlos Vergara, Managing Director for International Spirits.

Emperador Deluxe's golder amber liquid has been the results of carefully followed traditions that have been handed down through generations. This new imported blend from Emperador Distillers, Inc. imported from Spain allows consumers to experience a new level of luxury with its renowned taste and quality. 

In the same manner, FOG City only uses top quality ingredients as a commitment in serving only fresh, all natural and quality ice cream. 

Ms. Edy Gamboa said "More is not always better, but by using only the finest and purest ingredients, and by meticulously mixing all of these ingredients together, we can have a creation that has more depth in flavor and in taste. Having Emperador Deluxe as one of the key ingredients is a big privilege for us.
The key people to success of a great partnership with Emperador Deluxe and Fog City Creamery

Mr. Edward Gador, Brand Manager for Emperador Deluxe
Ms. Edy Gamboa, owner of Fog City Creamery
Mr. Carlos Vergara, Managing Director for International Spirits

Congratulations to Emperador Distillery Inc. and Fog City Creamery for a successful partnership. 

It's been a pleasure to be one of the first to try the Fruit and Nuts Deluxe Ice Cream.

This is definitely perfect for the Holidays Season!
Place your order now at FOG City Creamery to experience this exception ice cream.

Fruit and Nuts Deluxe
Every scoop will change the experience of eating ice cream, tasting dried apricots, pistachios, almonds and Emperador Deluxe, highlighting the delightful and luxurious ice cream FOG City and Emperador Distillers, Inc. made. 

Focaccia Restaurant
A. Venue Mall
Makati City

Call Landline (+632) 729-9403 
Mobile (0917) 883-3344

For more information on Emperador Deluxe visit

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  1. I have tried rhum and tequila filled chocolates when I went to Mexico before.. but this is a first for an ice cream..
    I am really getting curious about the taste though.. if masarap sya talaga and not overpowering..then I might just try it :D

  2. i cannot imagine the taste haha,, but i really wanna try

  3. awww..I am not fond of drinking LIQUIOR,, maybe Occasionaly drinker, but not those hard ones.. The only Liquor that I like before was Baileys.. I think that one must try.

  4. ice cream? whoa! this one is so interesting. :) great way to enjoy ice cream. hahaha pwede na ko nito siguro :D :P

  5. I don't drink eh, but I've tried a chocolate mixed with liquor or red wine ata.. so pwede din for ice cream. :) but I don't know if can eat that! haha. :D

  6. I wonder how does it tastes? haha. nakaka curious, I never heard such an idea mixing those in liquor, siguro dahil hindi naman ako party girl type, since I don't really party a lot :D
    I love the fresh face while holding the liquor Ms Chelle!


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