GIBI Shoes Fun Day!

Last August 24, 2014, I went to the country's celebrated All Season All Occasion Shoes event, GIBI Shoes Fun Day held at the Trinoma Activity Center. 

It was filled with performances and surprises from GIBI Shoes endorsers Ella Cruz, Nadine Samonte and Xian Lim. GIBI Shoes also revealed the #MysteryGIBILady to be the newest endorser. 

The event was hosted by Chico and Delamar 
Crowd goes crazy as the charming, young, and bubbly Ella Cruz performs "I Knew You Were Trouble" to the delight of the fans. 
then three lucky fans WIGGLE WITH ELLA.  
The very beautiful trendy and chic Nadine Samonte sang for us.
Three lucky fans of Nadine also had the chance to do drama, comedy and horror scene with her. 
Jasmine Curtis revealed as the #MysteryGIBILady.  
She was so pretty yet cool and sassy to entertained three lucky fans to RAP A LA JASMINE. 
Welcome to the GIBI family Jasmine Curtis Congratulations! 
Heartthrob Xian Lim serenaded the crowd and one lucky lady received a teddy bear and hugs. 
another three fans gave their best PICK UP LINES to XIAN.

Aside from the opportunity to bond with their idol, fans also had the chance to take home prizes from GIBI shoes. 
The GIBI Shoes family with the newest member, Jasmine and start walking fashionably together. 

It was a super fun event. I'm so happy I was able to have a photo op with them and took home posters with their autographs. 

Thank you so much GIBI Shoes ♥ 

Celebrity endorsers also shared us their favorite GIBI pairs. 
 Ella's Pick ♥ 
"Hindi siya mahirap ternuhan sa damit, I love that its colorful and it is made perfect for teens" -Ella

 Teens like Ella loves fashion, loves colors and wants to feel care free most of the time and as a brand that’s been with you since grade school, GIBI understand the change towards being a teen. That’s why colorful, comfortable and hip shoes young ladies will love the style of GIBI shoes. And Ella best represents the dynamic world young and cheerful like her wants. Teens have a lot of choices from our array, be it for school, drama club requirements, wedges for weekend movie dates and party wear. 

 Nadine's Pick  
"It's sophisticated, classy, elegant and very simple" -Nadine 

Nadine as a person and an actress also symbolizes simplicity, frankness and sincerity. Just like the brand, they may offer stylish, up to date designs but not so much that one can be intimidated to wear them. In terms of looks also, Nadine can carry different styles from casual, dainty, a bit of sporty to a more sophisticated look and that entire persona, Gibi has a shoes to match with.
Xian's Pick ♥ 
"This is the very first style of GIBI shoes I wore at the pictorial so this is a very memorable pair for me." -Xian

In this partnership, Gibi and Xian intends to encourage and enlighten everyone that premium, stylish but classic pairs in genuine leather (all Gibi Men’s shoes are in genuine leather) need not be expensive. It is best to invest in a good, quality pair that will last, a pair that can be worn in several occasions and worth the buy.

Jasmine's Pick ♥ 
"Symbolizes freshness like water, its a fresh color and youthful so its perfect for me and that I can wear it with whatever I want to wear, I love that the color will just pop out."- Jasmine

As a brand, GIBI is very much like Jasmine. GIBI Shoes are stylishly wearable, simple chic, comfortable & all are of quality. Every shoes gives every wearer the confidence, certainty of quality and value for money. For someone like Jasmine who's interested to learn more, exploring the world ahead and loving life, GIBI Shoes is her perfect shoe partner. Gibi's wide array of styles can be paired with Jasmine's different looks, a pair for her every need. Cushioned comfy flats for long hours of taping, shimmery stiletto for awards nights & pumps for sophisticated get-up, pretty sandals & wedges for casual days and the list goes on. 

How about you? 
What is your favorite GIBI pair? 

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Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. OMG! Ang gaganda ng shoes talaga ng GIBI!! :) They are the best in offering trendy shoes at high quality. :) Love the endorser's pick specially yung kay Ella, that shoes is just adorable and to die for! My favorite pair would always be my black shoes from them, though hindi ko siya nagagamit sa events and for schooling lang, just wow because 3 years na sa akin yung shoes at buo pa din. <3 Nakakatuwa kasi that's the only pair na tumagal sa akin. Their price is so reasonable, and I love it! :) PS. you and Ms. Ella Cruz looks sister. Ang ganda niyo pareha Ms. Rochelle! Kakatuwa. Youre so lucky to have a chance to meet those people, and Xian Lim, gwapo forever! haha. Thank you Ms. rochelle for sharing this wonderful event! :) Take Care always!

  2. I was supposed to be there. Sayang talaga :(

  3. I saw that pink shoes that Ella picked at SM Megamall. The moment I saw it, I really really wanted it. But that time, I just bought 3 pairs of shoes already (my quota) so I needed to wait until I can buy again. I said to myself, the next time I saw it, I will definitely get it. :) I super love the color, and the material that was used. It's easy to clean, but kinda prone to scratches. But still, I love it. I super love pumps and heels pa naman as I need it. Yes, I'm vertically challenged (or short. haha)

  4. love their shoes, quality talaga, OMG! those killer shoes, pointed heels! i really do admire those ladies who keep on wearing this type of shoes, cguro sanayan lang yan, they look sexy! lucky enough for having a moment with these celebrities, for me feel ko si Nadine....


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