Taters is celebrating its 20th year anniversary with prizes, free snacks and Le Grand event

Popular entertainment food concessionaire Taters is celebrating its 20th year anniversary with a larger than life celebration. 

One of the country’s favorite snack joints will be celebrating “Le Grand 20”, an anniversary festival of grand proportions.  

The celebration includes store promos throughout the anniversary season, the anniversary festival event on August 28 at Trinoma activity center and a mall tour nationwide.

Customers will be given a ticket for every Php20 purchase at Taters which can be used to claim prizes such as gift certificates, merchandise items and free snacks via the Le Grand Treats promo.

In addition, customers who purchase at least Php100 worth of snacks throughout the month of August are given exclusive passes to the Le Grand event on August 28. 

The Le Grand event will feature a fair filled with fun games, Taters snacks and drinks, photo booths and other fun activities.  The festival will also feature a world class carnival show mixed with modern opera singing to cap off the anniversary.

To further strengthen its brand presence, a nationwide mall tour will be set in motion from the months of September to November. The Le Grand Booth will feature an augmented reality snack game people can enjoy.  Free snacks will also be served. 

From Humble Beginnings
Taters’ twentieth year anniversary serves as a tribute to the entrepreneurial drive of the Filipino.  Founded in 1994 by Annie Tanchanco, the first Taters stall was located in a cramped mall space measuring only 8.5 sq. m. “The store initially carried three products - popcorn, peanuts AND fries. At that time, there were no other branded food outlets in the cinemas, only the generic popcorn concessionaires. Taters became the first branded entertainment snack store,” explains Tanchanco.

Taters has since then included other snack items that has defined its innovative approach to the snack industry.  A wide selection of toppings and dips that go great with any order, premium New York Beef Hotdogs, and healthy choices such as Tofu chips and tuna mushroom sandwiches have raised the bar for entertainment snacking in the Philippines.

Tireless hours and sleepless nights have allowed Taters to become the premiere entertainment food provider it is today.  With 23 outlets across the country, it is still the only branded entertainment snack food establishment in the Philippines today and is further expanding its reach to other possibilities beyond cinema snacks. 

*Le Grand Treats promo runs until my birthday, September 15, 2014.  Yay! 

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  1. I love Taters! What I love the most is their nachos and fries! It's super tasty and with lots of toppings, yet it's cheap! I always crave for their nachos. :) I hope we can join the promo! I super want to attend the Le Grand event. Will buy nachos to get some free passes. :) Congrats to Taters for being in the run for 20 years. More years to come!

  2. Every time we go on a movie, taters is the first thing in my mind for pop corn and lemonade.
    They have oh so yummy sandwiches, french fries and other easy to eat food that is good for movie time. One thing I like and love about taters is that, they have good popcorn flavoring that really suits my taste buds, and once you tried it, you will definitely come back and crave for more. Their drinks are all refreshing and satisfying, and we love it so much! This is the number one food of my boyfie and I whenever we have a movie date. Hihi. <3 Anyways, more years to come to taters!! Just wow for their promos, will definitely buy and buy from them to attend the Le Grand Event! yay! Advanced happy Birthday Ms. Rochelle!!! <3

  3. our undying love for popcorn, always first on our list whenever we drop by, they got a very tasty popcorn.....mouth watering sandwiches and fries, too bad we can't go on 28, school days pa kasi....

  4. Taters is our one stop food shop when we go to movie!! I miss commenting, but too bad I am busy hehe!


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